Mercenaries Quartered With,
Impersonating US Marines
From Rumor Mill News
I heard this today from someone I have known now for years. This person has family serving in Iraq. This serviceman apparently used an intermediary to send an e-mail to his wife. The e-mail read pretty much as I have typed below.
When my buddy told me this, I was not surprised.
His wife was surprised to recieve this e-mail, and did not know the sender, but the words sounded like her husband and she was certain by the end of it, that it was her husband. After he told me this, I sat down with him and typed up a letter we are going to send copies to local news outlets as well as VFW and FL posts.
"I am using this computer, it belongs to a friend I made over here, because I do not want to send this through the regular method. I've told you before that it was obviously read before being sent the usual way as e-mail does not take 20 to 30 hours to arrive. Several of us have noticed a group housed on the base who are hired mercenaries wearing marine uniforms. There is no 4th Expeditionary Intellegence Unit in any branch, let alone in the marines, yet these guys are wearing that patch and going out on patrols in those uniforms. Several of them carry sniper guns and several have cammo gear, and they always stay out for 24 hours.
We have been told that we did not see them and that they do not exist. They leave in a convoy and return in small groups, sometimes with prisoners, sometimes with filled body bags. These guys are not real military but are posing as such and doing who knows what. I want you to tell this to (people we know) and anyone you feel absolutely safe telling. Let people know that there are fake marines in (city removed to reduce his being discovered) a major central Iraq city. These men are civilian contractors and hired mercenaries. They are wearing a marine uniform with false identification and ranks. They have their own interpreters and guides who have never worked with any of the regular or real military units that we have seen. Our interpreters say that the interpreters these men are using are not known to them either, and do not mingle with them, rather they stay with the fake military men entirely."



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