Lil' Kim Perjured - How
About Colin Powell?

By Douglas Herman
Lil Kim, (4 feet 10 inches) notorious rap singer, lied to protect her posse. Colin Powell, notorious UN testifier, lied to protect his posse. Little Kim claimed she didn't know. Secretary of State Colin Powell claimed he didn't know.
The dimuitive rapper, protege' of Notorious B.I.G, is heading to jail for lying. 366 days. Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Powell, protege of Notorious Big Dick Cheney, Buddy of "Big Rummie" Rumsfeld and sidekick of "Wolfman" Wolfowitz, might be lapping up the luxury of his cushy retirement. No jail cell in his jive-ass future for lying. Indeed lies are standard operating procedure for the gangsta rappers surrounding the White House.
What-the-hell, only about 120,000 people have reportedly been killed so far, for the combined Perjuries of Powell, the whoppers of Wolfowitz, the Frauds of Rumsfeld, the Chicaneries of Cheney and Bombastic Bullshit of Bush. By comparison, Lil' Kim caused NO ONE to die. One man was reportedly hurt in the shootout between rival possees.
Too bad Kimberley Jones---Lil' Kim--didn't spin her lies around a political agenda and wrap it in patriotic slogans and religious allusions. The raunchy songstress should have surrounded herself with a posse of greedy Teflon Neocons. Nothing seems to scratch those guys and nothing ever will. Whenever they get in trouble, they simply spawn more posse members--judges, generals, commentators, and pompous religious leaders to get them off the hook.
Maybe if Lil' Kim spent less time honing her booty busting ryhmes and shaking her breasts, and more time figuring out how to take over whole countries, like Neocon Sista, Condi Rice, she wouldn't be risking jail time.
But who the hell cares about some sleazy Black rap singer? Or should I say, Who the hell cares about equal justice for equal crimes? Obviously, not the appropriately named Judge Lynch. After all, Black rap singers aren't polite, white, and less than forthright. Of course, don't be surprised if the average Black soldier overseas, spreading "democracy," sees through the racial overtones. When Lil' Kim lies and goes to jail, what about the con jobs who lied an entire nation into war and sent them overseas?
No matter what you may think of Hip Hop or Rap music, or think of Lil Kim, this travesty of justice is just another Neo-Con job.
Douglas Herman writes regularly for Rense and is the author of the recent novel, The Guns of Dallas available online or autographed copies may be purchased directly from the author at



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