"Full Fathom Five"
"Full fathom five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes;"

Jim Kirwan
This is the fifth year of the Millennium, and five is the number for major change. What was created to enslave us continues to evolve, but this diseased concept must now die.
The version of the country that we live in now was not born on the Fourth of July, but was finalized on 12-12-2000, with the appointment of an Outlaw to run what used to be this country. And the road back was obliterated on 5-10-05, with the Real ID card.
We conquered this land outright when we crushed the native population that we first plundered, then sickened and finally slaughtered by the millions. Under "Manifest Destiny" we stole this land fair and square, - some two hundred and twenty-four years before the Pirates stole it from us in 2000. That native population had no particular flag, but we, made one in the 1700's that has continued to grow in the number and type of its stars. The people who adopted that flag celebrate the Fourth of July as a day to remember. The thugs who now run this place however, have no interest in symbols, in history, in laws or compacts with anyone that lives here now: or in flags except perhaps for their Jolly Roger.
There is a way to clarify that Iraq is nothing more than a continuation of the massacre of the original people who once lived here. During the sacrilege we called Manifest Destiny, "Indians" were called Prairie Niggers, while in Iraq Muslims today are referred to as Sand Niggers. For the indoctrinated this is obvious: there is no difference.
Since the Fourth of July is a national day of celebration for a country that no longer exists those who celebrate "The Fourth" need to be carefully monitored, for their patriotic zeal. If any person flies a US Flag on the fourth, that was not made in the USA, then that person is a member in good standing of the New World Order, a society that actually makes their American flags in China. Citizens of the old country ought to check the nationality of the flags being flown, just to determine who is what? It would be great if the owners of this false flag, could be fined $5,000 each, and sentenced to 90 days for misleading others about which nation they are actually loyal to. But realistically, this is only information gathering - just to be able to tell the players in this New World Order from the rest of us.
The New World Order is not new, its roots have been attempting to strangle the United States almost from its inception: Neither does the NWO represent any kind of order, it stands for CHAOS. These people have specialized in secret associations, cloak & dagger politics, and general chaos whenever and wherever that solely benefits them - since at least the 1800's. They were called Robber Barons then, and most believed that they had been relegated to the trash heap of history - long ago.
How wrong we were: this collection of the less-than-human among us, has been secretly continuing to-grow-and-grab in the shadows of traditional life, since the days of the Cult of the Cave Bear, now they have once more stolen that which they could never obtain in any other way. One is tempted to say "They,re BACK!" but in truth they never left, like cockroaches they only multiplied in the darkness, once society stopped watching their every move. The history of all of this is stupefying!
The depth of the problem gets even more fascinating when one discovers how much was removed from this young nation's capability to use our own resources to remain competitive. Had the country not bought into the lies about Hemp: fuel, plastics, cotton, fabric, paper, and medicine would all have had a very different future. And almost none of the mega-corporations that exist now would be part of life today. Jobs would exist Pollution would me minimal, and the world would have been a very different place!
We have been living in a deadly but semi-secret illusion since at least the mid-eighteen hundreds. The people who call themselves Americans now, have been disenfranchised, just as surely as were the native populations - those who called this land by many names and for whom it was their home for millennia - until the Pilgrims came to take their way of life, as well as to bring death to most of them.
The New World Order is expanding once again. Having brought tyranny and chaos to this country and to our way of life; now their sights are set upon the rest of the world. The NWO seeks to reduce the world's population by two-thirds (by 4 billion people), in order to create the "perfect world" they are envisioning. Soon they will begin to exterminate us, just as we exterminated so many millions before we became too comfortable to retain what we took. It's a natural cycle summed up easily: "We reap what we have sown," whether from the barrels of our guns, or by contracts with a pen. The US has a huge number of decent hardworking people, and the nation has added greatly to the annuls of human endeavor, but horrific acts have also been done in our names!
What have the Outlaws done, since they planted their flag in the heart of the USA? It's been four and half years since THEY took over and what do we have to show for all that time, on top of the deaths of so many people both here and abroad?
Just as in Vietnam, the War in Iraq was not an accident or a freak of nature it was directly created well before 911; we even have the same failed Secretary of Offense - Rumsfeld! The unilateral presidential decisions that started this war - must never be forgotten - because all that the blood, will stain the hands of the Outlaws, forever!
"And with the total number of soldiers dead, wounded and who deserted standing at over 26,000... and with over 150,000 Iraqis dead... and with wars approaching in Iran, Syria and North Korea, we can no longer afford to go on with life as "normal" and must now collectively and peacefully intervene into history."
Media, Speech and Religion here are now all controlled; privacy, property rights, family rights, medical rights are non-existent. Our borders are uncontrolled, our police have been militarized and we are being taxed beyond belief, while our jobs are being outsourced and our educational system destroyed. We no longer have recourse in the courts; we have intolerable national and international debt and now we have a national ID card. Finally, our government officers answer to global and foreign interests and to the CORPORATOCRACY, to which they have mortgaged both their souls and ours. One could say, that there is not much left for them to steal - but that would be wrong. Here's something light; a variation of which will no doubt be "coming soon"!
This Fourth of July you might want to think about these things while you work your way through the baby-back ribs. We have had a semi-long run as a nation, but those days are coming to a close. The New USA has sown the winds with dreams of Empire and it's time to see what the whirlwind will bring to all of us. If the Outlaws get their way there will still not be room on the Stars & Stripes for all the conquered nations they plan to annex. So one way or another the Flag will soon be meaningless as well.
When you see "old glory" snapping in the breeze, remember what it stood for once, and remind yourself of all those people who saw those colors coming, yet did not live to celebrate! People on all sides of this problem have tried and have failed to stop this nightmare. And so many died trying to keep the dream alive, yet it appears that this idea that our forefathers thought they lived was doomed. even before the First World War began. We live today in an illusion of the worst kind - it's a hologram made from a nationally unconscious "image" and if we ever come to understand what this realty actually is; then this country would collapse.
The truth can sometimes be very difficult to bear - but the truth is - that since we no longer choose to live by those principles that we said we stood for: flag or no flag - this nation is no longer ours!



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