First Crop Circles
In US In 2005

From Nancy Talbott
Location: Green Mountain, North Carolina (Yancey County)
Date Occurred: Saturday night, June 11, 2005
Date Found: Sunday AM, June 12, 2005
Crop: Hay, 3-1/2' - 4' tall, mature
Dimensions: A perfect 176'-diameter circle, w/precisely located center swirl (88' from center to edges, measured along 12 radii)
Details: Farmer had been planting tobacco in a lower section of this field until 8:30 pm Saturday and, when he left, no circle was present. The following morning was "Decoration Day," a day when local residents routinely visit their cemetery to tidy it up and place fresh flowers on the graves. Residents arriving at the cemetery discovered the circle across the road from the cemetery, up near the crest of the ridge above the tobacco field. Farmer and first visitors to the circle report no tracks or footprints leading into, or near, and state that the lay of the crop was very tight to the ground.
Photo (below) by Steve Hardin was taken on Monday, 6/13/05, from the road that runs between the tobacco field and the cemetery.
There are no houses immediately adjacent to the field and, so far, we have no reports of EM interference or unusual animal behavior occurring that Saturday night. This is the first crop circle reported to BLT in this area of the Blue Ridge section of the Appalachian Highlands (Yancey County has the highest average elevation in N.C.). Because the hay was mature, the farmer has now cut the field.
On Sunday (6/12) a local resident drove by the field at about 7-7:30 pm; it was close to dusk and storm clouds were gathering in the distance, but it was not raining and examination of his digital photos seems to indicate that the flash on his camera did not discharge. Multiple small semi-transparent "orbs" and a few brighter and more opaque light balls appeared on several of his photographs. If, in fact, the flash on his camera did NOT go off (look at the bottom of the photo for any evidence of more light on the weeds in the forefront), then these "orbs" cannot be explained as moisture droplets in the air close to the lens reflecting the light from the flash. Photo below by Marc Witson:
BLT thanks The Crop Circle Connector, Steve Hardin, Marvin, Robbie & Matthew Rnefro, Marc Witson, Normn Gagnon and Chris Bohn for help with this report.
Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team, Inc.
ph: 617/492-0415
Update From Nancy Talbott
Hi, Jeff....One additional piece of info:
June 19 - Update on "orb" photo in the BLT Green Mt., NC crop circle report: a friend who has PHOTOSHOP has looked at the "orb" photo included in the original BLT report and says that she can determine that the flash DID go off. If this is so (the photographer doesn't know for certain whether it did, or did not, go off) then the "orbs" are much more likely to be caused by small water droplets in the air close to the lens of the camera, which are then reflecting the light from the flash.
Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team, Inc.



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