Robert Fisk And The
Protocols Of Zion

Comment By Julie Abrahamson
Jeff, I stumbled over a possible Zionist mind control issue, and I thought I should send you this information.
We are very familiar with Zionist propaganda which has been carried out in our name for half a century, at least. When I read your articles about the Protocols, I did a Google search in order to get more sources about such an important subject.
You cannot imagine my surprise when I found an article by Robert Fisk (out of all people !) about the Protocols (see below). I knew that Robert Fisk has no interest whatsoever in the Internet and he would never have his own website. This particular article seems that it may have been written by someone else.
Here are my reasons:
1. I saw recently a one hour documentary on the BBC exclusively about Robert Fisk in Beirut. The documentary clearly showed and stated that: Robert Fisk never uses the Internet. Robert Fisk has never sent an email. Robert Fisk types his reports on a laptop. Robert Fisk copies his reports to a floppy disk. Robert Fisk walks to a local Photo kiosk. Robert Fisk hands his floppy to the kiosk owner who instantly emails it from his computer, free of charge...all this while the documentary camera is running.
So, how could Robert Fisk do all the research mentioned in 'his' article?
2. I also found it amazing that Robert Fisk 'article' below seems to be an exact copy of information which I have read on Zionist websites and newspapers since my childhood.
3. We must admire Mr. Fisk to have been able to memorise all this precise Zionist detailed propaganda while he is dodging bullets in Beirut!
4. How did he get all this information about Egypt...and yet he never worked there?
5. The article's writing style is clearly not his, so, who wrote it?
6. The spirit of the article is far from the subject that Robert usually writes about.
7. Does Robert Fisk know this article is being circulated in his name?
8. Was Robert forced to agree to posting this 'article' in his name?
9. Since the BBC documentary clearly indicated that Robert Fisk practically despises the internet, I did some resarch into who is behind 'his website.' To my surprise, I found that some 'hidden' people inside his newspaper created 'his website.' Not only that, but they clearly admit: "this is not Robert Fisk's official Website. He is neither connected to it in any way nor does he have an interest in it."
10. Only one sentence (the second), in my opinion, in this article may, possibly, have originated with Fisk in Beirut. WHO WROTE OR COPIED THE REST?
11. Much of the dirty gossip details are not in the writing style of Robert Fisk.
12. A great many of the details were mentioned previously, usually only in Israeli newspapers, IN HEBREW, on the Internet. Is Robert now able to read Hebrew? Since he clearly admitted that he never surfs the internet, how did he get this information?
Jeff, this was just an intellectual exercise for me and done because of my extensive familiarity with Zionist propaganda for many years. Robert Fisk is, in my opinion, the world's top journalist. He's in a league of his own. I hope you post my email, so that a proper journalist somewhere will be able to contact Robert Fisk and get his response.
I found it despicable that a respected newspaper such as The Independent, would stoop to creating such a peculiar website IN ROBERT FISK'S NAME for dissemination of Zionist propaganda, without clearly stating the names of the people who created it!
Here is the article:
Protests Rage As Egyptian TV Shows Series
Based On Infamous Anti-Semitic Text
By Robert Fisk in Beirut
The protocols of the Elders of Zion, the infamous anti-Semitic tract forged by the Tsarist secret police, floats around the Arab world like a monster. For years, you could buy an Arabic edition on the streets of Beirut (printed in Syria by one Mustafa Tlass, Minister of Defence).
Now the Egyptians have gone one worse. They are showing a 30-part series based around the vicious text - supposedly a record of rabbis meeting secretly to take over the world - on Egyptian state television throughout the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
The Americans and the Israelis, with the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, have complained bitterly to President Hosni Mubarak, demanding he ban the series. During the fasting month of Ramadan, most Arabs spend evenings at home, so Horseman Without a Horse will have a viewership in the millions. Other Arab stations have also bought the series. And the Egyptian Information Minister, Safwat al-Sherif, is claiming the show "does not contain anything which might be considered anti-Semitic".
Egyptian television is not unknown for its scandals. Just over a week ago, the station's news director, Mohamed al-Wakil, was taken to court for allegedly accepting bribes. The police claimed he was caught in the act of receiving more than $2,000 from a doctor who wanted to appear on the popular daily show Good Morning Egypt. Mr al-Wakil says he has been framed in retaliation for new freedoms he gave his newsroom.
But Horseman Without a Horse is exercising freedoms that seem to invite much deeper embarrassment for the station, not least because the principal actor and co-writer, Mohamed Sobhi, has been criticised in the past for his close relations with Saddam Hussein. Sobhi plays an Egyptian journalist who is trying to discover if the Protocols are true. He calls the series "an artistic work which only reveals the Zionist schemes to seize Palestine".
In an interview with the Egyptian weekly Rose al-Yussef, Sobhi has said that "by means of the series, I am exposing all the Protocols of the Elders of Zion that have been implemented" - 19 of the 24 protocols for "Jewish domination", the actor says.
Historians long ago dismissed the Protocols as a forgery although Arabic editions have been around since 1949. Until recently, it could be bought in the Intercontinental Hotel in Amman, and the Palestinian Hamas movement has used passages from the fraud to "prove" that Zionism will take over the world. The Egyptians did put the series before a review board but concluded, incredibly, that it was not anti-Semitic. Mr al-Sherif then blandly announced: "Our official policy is to reject any programme which contains anti-religious material. We respect all religions on an equal footing."



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