How The Zabbateans
Will Destroy Israel

By Jack Manuelian
When the Zabbatean Zionists created the modern state of Israel they also made plans for the creation of an anti-Israel "force" in the Middle East that would be used to destroy their experiment of modern Israel. The Zabbatean Zionists would be both the creators and indirect destroyers of the state of Israel. Nowadays inner Zabbatean Zionists are activating the "self-destruction" mechanism of modern Israel; their plan is to bring a Turkish muslim dictator as a ruler of Turkey, a Muslim Hitler-like destroyer, a Turkish Bin Laden who will unite the various factions in Turkey and lead them to the old glory they once knew. Presently the invisible rulers of Turkey are not real Turks but rather infiltrated secular "Turks" who are the secret followers of the anti-Mohammed and anti-Christ prophet Zabbatai Zevi, who was the founder of the Turkish Donmeh Zabbatean sect and of the Zabbataean movement in general.
In Turkey books such as Mein Kampf (of Hitler), The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and The International Jew are freely displayed and sold in kiosk stands all over Turkey. Those books are not found for sale in the bookstores of USA and Europe and someone has to look for them in underground outlets, yet in Turkey those anti-Jewish books are best-sellers and can be obtained from anywhere and at cheap prices. Not only this, but newspapers in Turkey have the total unrestricted freedom to publish any kind of anti-Semetic, anti-Jewish, and anti-Israeli articles and commentaries. A fact that made Schily, the German Interior Minister, say this past May during a press conference: "If the Turkish government does not have the necessary [antisemitism] laws, they should creat them." Schily did not say if this was one of the prerequisite for Turkey's admittance into EU.
All this in a country like Turkey that has very close military and economic relations with Israel and considers Israel to be its ally in the Middle East. However, according to Zabbatean Zionist plans, the "force" that would be able to destroy Israel has to rise now and made ready to destroy their "house-of-cards" in Palestine, which is sometime in the next ten or fifteen years when World War III is ignited in the Middle East. Israel was created just after WW II for the purpose of another great war, that of WW III; when it starts then Israel, having accomplished its mission, can be disposed of like an old rag, this according to their plans--which may come to pass or may not.
The invisible secular rulers of modern Turkey (most belonging secretly to the Donmeh Zabbatean sect) know perfectly well that the Genocide of the Armenians was real, but they are doing everything in their power to hide, deny and supress that fact. Why? because they are afraid that their cover would blow up and they are going to be discovered as belonging to the ones who planned and organized that Genocide. A Turkish nationalist columnist, Selcuk Duzgun, recently wrote: "Wherever we turn we see impure, false converts. Whichever stone you turn over [in Turkey], there is a 'Jew' under it." Needless to say, a second holocaust of the Jews is on the horizon; those who executed so well the Armenian Genocide are capable of repeating the same--this time with the Jews as their victims. The Turks did not disappoint the planners and organizerers of the Armenian Genocide, neither they will with the second holocaust of the Jews.
A secular liberal Turkish columnist, Sakir Suter, wrote in June 24, 2004 concerning the Turkish Jews: "They have an obligation to show us that they are distanced from the terror [he means the war with the Kurds] that resulted in the death of thousands in Turkey... and that the Jews are not 'plotting' against us together with the [Kurdish] elements in northern Iraq." First it was the false accusation that the Armenians were collaborating with the Russians during WW 1, and now the same accusation is being directed to the Jews as collaborators with the Kurds against Turkey. It is the same old Genocide plan that is being revamped; there is nothing new under the sun. In the same article, Sakir writes directing his speech to Jews of Israel: "We, on our part, are offering one last chance before officially and openly declaring that the Jews are our 'enemy.' ... we have reached such a juncture that... millions in Turkey are all too eager to pour out to the streets and cry out: Death to Zionism!"
This antisemitiam is becoming a serious matter in Turkey; a mass movement like 1930s Germany. In an interview published in April 4, 2005, in Turkish newspaper Vatan, Rusen Cakie asks Barry Jacobs, the American Jewish Committee's director of Strategic Studies in the Office of Government and International Affairs, "Do you think anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism are at serious levels [in Turkey]?" Jacob's answer in part: "Yes, it's very grave. In fact, this is due to the recent rise in nationalism in Turkey. We see this nationalism in the Turkish military which has a very deeply rooted relationship with the American military, in the [Turkish] government and all the [Turkish] political parties."
As to the assessment of the status of the Turkish-American relations; Jacob's answer: "The relations are going through a difficult period. It would be exaggerated to say that this is a crisis, but in the past seven or eight months there have been serious problems. The American administration is disturbed by the increase in anti-American, anti-Western, anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic [manifestations] in Turkey, especially in the media."
The Turkish Prof. Dr. Ihsan Dagi has said in an interview published on February 28, 2005, in Turkish daily Radikal that "a new alliance is being created" in Turkey, and there is "a search for a new national unity in Turkey." The Professor explains: "It is a new and broad alliance against the Jews and the Donme, who are [said to] secretly plotting not only in the world but also in Turkey, who control Turkey and who need to be stopped...In this alliance you have groups from AKP (the current ruling part), the Left, Kemalists, the Republican People's Party (the current opposition party), Alevi, a whole world of people." from nationalistic-conservative and political Islam circles to the leftist and secular circles. Nationalism and radical Islam in Turkey have found a common ground in anti-Semitism.
Abdurrahim Karakoç, a columnist at the Islamic newspaper Vakit wrote in Aug. 17, 2004: "It was Hitler yesterday, and it is Osama bin Laden today." And may I add it is a Turkish Ben Laden tomorrow ruling over Turkey. It is clear now that this coming October there is not going to be any EU accession talks with Turkey until the present constitutional crisis is somehow solved. We read in a June 4, 2005 article in Economist: "There are, indeed, disturbing signs that Mr Erdogan may be pandering to a recent upsurge in nationalism that is being fanned both by anti-Turkish sentiment in Europe and by the country's hawkish generals, whose power may be eroded by EU reforms."
Turkey eventually will move away from Europe toward nationalism and aspire to become a great power again with a close solidarity with other muslim nations. She will choose the path of Anti-Zionism and advocate the destruction of Israel, this attitude or option alone will guarantee her a leading role in the Islamic world, specially among the Arab states and those of Central Asia: Their original homeland.
This article was written recently by Jack Manuelian and it is not copy righted.



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