Jeff Willes UFO Experience
A DVD Review

Jeff Willes
Phoenix, Arizona
Review by James Neff
Jeff Willes' newest DVD, "UFO Experience," (90 Min. DVD) delivers with some outstanding UFO footage, the likes of which we've come to expect from Jeff's undaunting diligence with camera and skywatching over Phoenix, Arizona.
One of the first and perhaps the most exciting shots is like a rapid repeat of the Phoenix lights event, only at dusk, with the sun just barely setting west, we see five very bright, burning lights appearing and disappearing across the sky in succession. It's hard to tell if we're seeing five individual craft or one very large one putting on a light show -- it could even be one craft bobbing in and out of the dark clouds. Either way, it's a stunning piece of footage, and on the DVD you can hear Jeff remark that is was exactly what 'Josh' had caught on tape in Cave City, AZ just a few days prior, the mpeg of which we received through Brian Vike, which can be seen here. Jeff happened to catch his in the daylight, however, making it all the more striking.
Once again Jeff catches a glorious, highly reflective silver saucer with domed top turned on edge traversing the sky, as seen in his UFO Over Phoenix 2 tape (1 and 2 now available in DVD). He replays the two side by side for comparison. It's definitely the same craft. Whereas in the first sighting, the UFO moves very quickly behind a house and then off into the distant stratosphere as a speck, this time it seems to lazily drift across a clear blue sky allowing Jeff several good zooms.
Jeff also captures a series of morphic UFOs which are truly confounding. Anyone who has seen his previous tapes (UFOs Over Phoenix 1 and 2) are familiar with these bright, white, globular interlopers that seem to expand and contract, sometimes forming themselves into distinct cylinders, and other times apparently breaking up into almost ghostly remnants only to reform again. Phoenix has no lack of these UFOs it seems, and Jeff manages to videotape quite a number of them. One thing about Jeff's footage that impresses is the sheer altitude at which these objects are moving. Jeff's videocamera has an excellent, clear-focus zoom that brings these specks to the naked eye into full view.
Out of this category of UFO you will also see several that are giving off a rainbow of colors that do not appear to be artifacts of the videocamera. One craft is a fiery red menace, while another looks to be composed of sheer light, dancing with purple, white and pink light, stretched out like a flattened spider -- truly inexplicable.
I highly recommend Jeff Willes' UFO Experience DVD for collectors, the curious and true students of the UFO. Jeff is living proof that if one puts enough time and patience into sky watching, one will definitely prove Steven Spielberg dead wrong (who recently stated that more UFOs were photographed in the 60s and 70s and he thought it was strange that today, with so many cameras and camcorders, we're not seeing even more UFOs. Well.. we ARE, Steven. Get a clue! Call Jeff Willes!). The production value of Jeff Willes' UFO Experience DVD is top notch and very professional. You'll love it.



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