Notebook - Part 1

By Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom
Detailed listing, from time to time updated, of stooges and scapegoats of the Anglo-American Aristocracy. Also the re-emerging backwards -facing crowned heads of Europe, and the on-the-throne Papacy, and the secret enforcers theJesuit Black Nobility. Together with Israeli blackmailers; antagonized, sometimes falsely accused, provocateur Moslems; and conniving Persians. Interlocked with spy agency bombers and assassins and false-flag creaters, blackmailers. extortionists, and embezzlers.
In sum, an on-going detailed list of men and women of the real criminal world.
JAMES A. BAKER 3rd. Texas law firm fixer and creep. Once part of the administration of Daddy Bush and facilitator of falsely and corruptly installing George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the White House. Reportedly one of the super "bagmen" in the crucial Florida vote, necessary to capture the Presidency, in the year 2000 Election.
Baker and his team were ostensibly bribers of top level southern Florida Democrat officials, as traitors to their Party, to stop recount of the Albert Gore, Jr. vote. Used, in part, was concealed offshore loot of Coca-Cola and Mickey Mouse to corrupt the Democrat officials as well as the five Judge majority on the U.S. Supreme Court in Bush versus Gore.
THEODORE B. OLSON. From early on, Olson was an apparent fixer and cover up expert. Olson played a role after the demise in 1993 of Clinton White House deputy counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr. Olson apparently arranged and/or supplied the phony picture of a gun in the hand of Foster, tending to help Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr and the monopoly press falsely assert that Foster was a suicide when there was real proof that Foster was murdered.
At the time he was private law partner of Eugene Scalia, son of high court judge Antonin Scalia, Olson was the presenter in the U.S. Supreme Court of the Bush position in Bush versus Gore litigation. After Bush was corrujptly and arbitrarily installed in the White House and inaugurated, Olson was made Solicitor General. He twisted around litigation in the U.S. Supreme Court, resulting in Disney having their copyrights and other intellectual properties extended by some 75 years. Thus Mickey Mouse is to be enriched by many billions of dollars at the dirty hands of Theodore B. Olson, reputed "super bag man".
In the 9-11 bogus "terrorist" atack, Olson's wife, Barbara, supposedly perished in a Moslem "terrorist" controlled plane hitting the Pentagon. Astute researchers contend, however, that it was a drone or missile, not a passengered plane, that hit a side of the symbol of American Imperial might.
Olson's wife, reportedly survived and face-lifted and otherwise disguised, is concealed in Sweden. Her emergence would unravel the entire 9-11 bloodshed, falsely blamed on Moslems who had been residing on U.S. naval and other military domestic bases; the Arabs being bought and paid for patsies on behalf of the American CIA.
White House occupant Bush sent former U.S. Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV, to inquire whether Saddam Hussein was getting uranium, that is, yellow cake, from the African nation of Niger. Wilson found no such thing and said so in an opinion piece in a major newspaper.
As a reprisal, Bush reportedly released secret data showing Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, has been a deep covert CIA operative, in charge of a more than 70 person CIA penetration agent team secretly operating in Central Asia, the Mid-East, and Africa, in places not friendly to the U.S. Syndicated columnist Robert Novak fingered
Plame in a story. As a consequence, many of Plame's team, under deep cover, were assassinated. To so identify a covert CIA operative is a Federal criminal offense.
Reputed Beltway male prostitute, Jeff Gannon, had visited George W. Bush at his White House apartment some 200 times, on one-day passes, according to U.S. Secret Service records which do not show when Gannon left Bush's apartment.
Some assert that Gannon is actually Johnny Gosch, who disappeared or was kidnapped when he was twelve years old, and was put into service as a teen-age male prostitute, by way of a pedophile ring orchestrated by Daddy Bush, Omaha, Chicago, Washington, D.C.
George W. Bush apparently turned over the Valerie Plame records and details directly to Gannon who in turn made them reportedly available to or for Matt Cooper of Time Magazine and Judith Miller of the New York Times. Fearful of apparently getting involved in fingering George W. Bush himself, Ms Miller, according to some of her circle, is considering fleeing the U.S. to save her life.
Both reporters have been facing jail after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to consider their "reporter being questioned by a federal grand jury and immunity" case. Suddenly, Time Magazine's attorney in this controversy, Theodore B. Olson, relented, stating the documents and/or reporter testimony would be made available to the Special Federal Grand Jury including in Chicago.
Typical of the Bush Family, they do not pay for what they promise, whether by way of stiffing supper guests with a fifty dollar restaurant bill (by going to the washroom and disappearing) or in huge sums. Some contend that reputed "super bagman" Olson was not compensated by the Bushies for Olson's role in Bush versus Gore and the corrupting of the five-judge majority of the high court. And that Olson was reputedly not compensated for the role of his wife in 9-11 cover up of the high-level inside job, White House and mass media bogus described situation.
Some raise technical reasons that Barbara Olson could not have been in communication with her husband directly from the plane. The alleged conversation was only by Ted with a call center operator not Barbara Olson. The purported operator is apparently under instructions to say almost nothing thereaafter. Further, according to some published accounts, Ted was on the outs with his wife Barbara and would not be inclined to being talking to her from the airplane.
Will the Time Magazine testimony/records, that is Matt Cooper, directly link to George W. Bush being guilty of a federal criminal offense in outing Valerie Plame? And is this not true of the New York Times reporter, Judith Miller, as well?
TONY BLAIR. He has been British Prime Minister, a vassal and stooge of the Queen of England, Elizabeth 2nd, herself actually a member of German, not British royalty, of the House of Hanover.
For Blair's role in supporting the Bush pre-emptive attack on Iraq, Blair was promised by the Bushies some sixteen billion dollars bribe parked in a bank in the Arab Emirates.
Typical of the Bushies, when Blair's agents showed up to collect the pay-off, they were rebuffed. Blair got zero. Result? Leaking of the "Downing Street Memo" to the major London newspapers. The documents tend to prove that George W. Bush knowingly received false data from Blair as to Saddam Hussein.
Some references: as to Coca-Cola, see the series "Coca-Cola, the CIA, and the Courts", and the role of FBI and Homeland Security in covering up the corruption of the Five-Judge Majority on the U.S. Supreme Court in Bush versus Gore. <>
Without mentioning us by name, a very small portion of our project identifying the corruption of the Five-Judge Majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, in Bush versus Gore, December, 2000, is contained in the October, 2004 issue of Vanity Fair magazine, followed up by a radio interview of one of the magazine's writers on the Terri Gross program on National Public Radio.
Others raise questions about Barbara Olson, wife of Theodore B. Olson. See, "Painful Questions---An Analysis of the September 11th Attack", by Eric Hufschmid, page 108.
See the series by Skolnick as to the role of Jeff Gannon, and George W. Bush, in "Gannon Cannon",
More coming. Stay tuned.
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