Couch Patriots 5 - Everyone
Loves An Evil Dictator
By Ted Twietmeyer
Yes, It's a contradictory statement everyone loves the dictator... or is it?
All of us have seen enough. A movement to keep Bush in office by repealing the 22nd amendment? Anyone who doesn't think it was the dictator's idea, doesn't have a brain to think about it with. Sensenbrenner is the infamous puppet committee "chairman" who blatantly recognized himself to speak, uttered lame excuses and apologies and then up and walked right out of the Patriot Act hearings he was chairing. There is little doubt he was told to be part of the lunacy movement to repeal the 22nd amendment. The old expression IS TRUE - absolute power corrupts, absolutely.
Still don't think America is the frog in the proverbial pot sitting comfortably in the cold water, while the burner is full-on underneath?
And what can be more dangerous than a "president" who:
* Functions as dictator with complete control of the capitol hill
* A proud member of scull and bones - a death cult
* Produced a 1200+ page Patriot Act, a month after 9-11
* Has written almost endless executive orders to circumvent due process
* Abused control of the military which is in reality, completely at his disposal as "commander in chief."
* An ear which is the receptacle of control by his closest aides and programmers
* Has a twisted idea of waving a Bible in one hand, while every action of his other hand contradicts it
* A marionette of the NWO
* A creator of endless terror while blaming everyone else for it
* Obsessed with controlling everyone's life with tricks such as forced psychological testing
* Has most of the middle class fooled, most of the powerless lower class hates him and with most all of the upper class supporting him
* Has done absolutely nothing to create jobs in America, and everything to create them overseas
* Has nearly complete control of the press
* Complete disregard for the opinion or suffering of the people
* Brags and smiles about a hit list he keeps in his top desk drawer
* Blatantly lied to justify invading Iraq
* Responsible for killing more than 100,00 Iraqis, and almost 2,000 American soldiers and the wounding of over 20,000.
* Forced the CIA director to resign when he testified against WMD lies
* Blocked any serious investigation into 9-11, which greatly boosted his power in the 1st term in office
* Used a veiled threat in 2001 - "you're either with us, or you're with the terrorists"
* In his second term in office (and perhaps not his last) he has shown no regard for The Constitution
If the above facts are not proof of a dictatorship, then what is?
Take a man with a fixation on absolute power and self-professed dictator as far back as December 2000. Have Capitol Hill focus on minor civilian problems and issues as distractions, to be certain they never help create new jobs. Give him everything he asks for, even if now and then for a week or two democrats will have to pretend he won't get what he wants. Then give him what he wants later.
The above list also seems to clearly indicate, that when 9-11 occurred he declared martial law in secret. This is why nothing he has asked for has ever been refused. Even die-hard republicans have SLOWLY awoken to the blinding, sanitizing light of truth.
Republican AND democrat philosophy is like super-glue, which has kept middle class eyes shut tight and their ears stopped up. Now it has begun to soften as people are starting to come out of their deep sleep. EVERY citizen should be participating in waking up others. Are you?
My question that remains to be answered is this: Just HOW STUPID is the average American? How much of this crap will the American people tolerate? Will they start to worry, when one day they come to a checkpoint on the interstate and see a barbed wire area with people milling around in it trying to keep warm, when it's -20F outside? When the white trucks show up with the letters "UN" in blue, and cart their loved ones away never to be seen again? Do people have to wait that long? And can we be so arrogant as to think "that can't happen in America ?" That's what the German people thought too - when Hitler came into power by simply using existing laws.
Most Christians think they are supposed to be DOORMATS. WAKE UP! Why is the Bible often called the bloodiest book on earth? Because it really is. Most of the wars described in it were in the name of God and were fought against evil. Think the people of ancient times were doormats, too? God told His people to get up off their backsides and get to work against evil. Today, mainstream "christianity" (lower case 'c' on purpose here) have most of their members BRAINWASHED into being passive, stupid sheep.
The scripture which says "turn the other cheek" does not imply that we are to permit evil to prosper and flourish. If we permit evil to flourish, that makes us just as evil. And what of those missing Books - like "Book of The Wars of the Lord?" That title speak volumes.
Sir Francis Bacon, that highly revered philosopher was the final editor of the KJ Bible. HE had the final say as to what went into it, what did not. It wasn't God's hand as many think, it was Bacon's opinion. Too many people miss this fact. Do I believe in the Bible? Yes I do, but I'm also very aware that important parts of it are MISSING. (Bible-thumpers - please don't send me emails about this.) Perhaps one day it will be Bacon who will cry out, "get my bacon out of the fire!" for what he may have done to Biblical content.
Now you may ask, why am I going on about both dictator and the Bible? Simply because they are inter-related. The dictator professes to be a Bible-waving "Christian" yet he is completely against Biblical teaching. White house aides resigned in fear, and have already stated that Bush actually DOES wave a Bible in one hand, while ranting about demanding someone's head in the other.
Tyranny, senseless killing in America and abroad, and more war to obtain more power is as far from Biblical teaching as it gets. And the dictator according to Rice's office more than a year ago, was consulting a television evangelist to see if his "administration" is fulfilling prophecy. Is it any wonder other countries in the world label America, as the Biblical Babylon? Is it possible there isn't one sin left that America hasn't committed? If it really is Babylon, we're all in for a world of hurt...
The entire premise of the president's office as envisioned by America's founding fathers, was that an HONEST MAN would occupy the Whitehouse. At that time we HAD a government that feared the people, not people living in fear of government tyranny.
So who is to blame here for what might be the most powerful dictatorship the world has ever seen? Some quickly blame the people for failing to act. Others blame the government. There is an answer to this, we can see by examining how citizens have developed the mindset they have now.
Consider the sheep in the pasture. What do they know? They graze, walk around within the confines of the pasture and get a free haircut now and then. Perhaps an injection now and then. This is all they know, and that now and then some of them leave the pasture and are never seen again. They don't know that one day that they too, will become someone's dinner.
To summarize, sheep only have LIMITED knowledge of what life really is. And no knowledge at all of "behind the scenes" operations.
Before the internet existed and you could read material like this, EVERYTHING you and I knew about came from controlled books, newspapers, periodicals, controlled movies, radio and the media. That was all there was. Period.
For most of the past two centuries America has existed, only a handful of people working in secret knew that every bit of information you and I had read was controlled. Ever read the credits on early sound movies from the mid 1900's? There was always a small but readable seal with the words "Approved..Certificate No....." down in the corner of the screen for just a few seconds. THAT was the stamp of controlled approval. And it existed decades before a public rating system.
Think you'll always be able read articles like this? Don't bother to save links to articles like this. Save them to CDs or print them out. A time IS COMING when the internet WILL licensed and tightly controlled, and articles with even 1/10 the acidity of this one will never seen the light of day. Did anyone ever think the day would come when you couldn't buy an LP record anymore?
The internet has allowed the "sheeple" to finally escape the pasture and see the operations of what goes on behind the scenes. Much like going backstage at a theater and seeing the magic that goes into a production. You can be assured that without the internet, not one word about the truth of 9-11 would have EVER been available.
The final question is this - now that the sheeple KNOW without any doubt at all they are being CONTROLLED, what will they do with the knowledge? Is it too late? I'll readily admit that until a few years back, I too was one of those "sheeple."
Will this knowledge and awakening cause the dictator to institute another attack? Requiring rescue workers to wear radiation suits to pull burned bodies out - perhaps 2 miles away from ground zero? You can be assured that those checkpoints on highways WILL pop up overnight.
Each morning that the House meets on Capitol Hill, it begins with a prayer and saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag under God. Do these well-meaning people who publicly show their belief in God on CSPAN, actually realize just evil they are up against? If so, then why don't they use their power to start turning the wheels of justice to stop it? Or is it because they secretly know we are already under martial law and they are part of the biggest theatrical performance in history?
But there is a ray of hope. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) today read a motion in the House about Sensenbrenner's failure to hold a proper hearing of the Patriot Act.
Nadler stated this morning how Sensenbrenner:
* Violated Rules 11, 17
* Ignored points of order
* Refused to recognize Nadler and others
* Improper adjournment
* Refused to hold an additional day of hearings
* Had Microphones turned off and electronic transmissions
Nadler has asked for the House to condemn how the hearings were conducted. The question is - will it help?
My opinion on everything taking place today and why so few people stand up for truth is this: The average middle class couple is only concerned with earning a comfortable living, keeping their 3,000+ sq.ft. home with a three car garage, little Johnny winning in football (and destroying his knee joints for life,) little Mary in her ballet lessons and being certain there are no weeds in the lawn. Hence, the need for two or even three jobs to pay for it all. Slaves to the almighty dollar.
All this equally applies to most of the middle class, whether they work as civilians or in government jobs. The same jobs that ultimately have been wrecking your lifestyle and that company you gave your heart and soul for, which is now gone. Social engineering jobs that some of these people have, will destroy their own lives, too. But they don't WANT to even think about this, because they are all driven by huge egos. Greed keeps them going - to earn more money everyday that isn't even real money to being with. And, to invest in a stock market that will ultimately one day, will take every cent they have put into it and cost them their comfortable jobs.
Yet with sickening self-centeredness and real hypocrisy, they call themselves "Americans." What these same people don't realize, is that social engineering already underway is aimed at WIPING OUT THEIR LIFESTYLE. It's a part the UN agenda to "re-distribute the wealth of the world."
Then one day, little Johnny AND little Mary will be all grown up and drafted into another pointless war. They will be sent overseas to fight it for big oil, then sent back home to die with DU poisoning. Let's see how passive these same people are then. When it's far too late to change anything.
Regardless, this is SUPPOSED to be a Country OF the People. Not a country of the government nor a people subservient to a dictator. As a citizen who knows the real truth and traitorous actions behind the scenes - what will YOU do with the information?
Perhaps the old anti-drug slogan has the answer:
Just say NO, and teach others to do the same.
Ted Twietmeyer



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