Despicable Deception -
DOD Body Count Fraud

By Ted Lang
c. 2005 All Rights Reserved
Even as one is continuously numbed by the steady flow of lies, fraud, deception and misspeak emanating from the Bush administration as concerns the need for the war in Iraq, and proven as such by the recently-discovered Downing Street and related memos exposing President Bush's personal desire to bring down Saddam as the sole justification for the invasion, reports of a more sinister and despicable deception are beginning to surface.
I was told of this Bush program by an acquaintance that offered that a former Marine who had served in Vietnam had just attended the funeral of the son of a friend and called the Bill O'Reilly radio show to relate his story. Apparently, the young man had been killed in Iraq and the former Marine overheard a conversation involving some military officers who were at the funeral. What he heard disturbed him so that he called the show and O'Reilly offered that he "would look into the matter."
This latest Department of Defense outrage exposes the total callousness of the neoconservative cabal that continues to control our military under Bush. It helps to explain the heavy secrecy surrounding the news reporting and statistical accuracy of the number of our fallen and injured heroes who have been needlessly placed in harm's way.
Is there irrefutable evidence of yet another ongoing deliberate fraud and approved deceptive policy of the Bush administration? Of course not - how can there be given all the Bush-ordered secrecy, intimidation and control of the press? But please consider the deceptive phases beginning with the assertions concerning weapons of mass destruction and the backpedaling now made understandable by the Downing Street Memo. What harm would there be in not releasing true figures as regards the dead and wounded relative to this noble war?
Foremost, the harm comes in the form of the standard Bush impeachable offense, lying to the American people. Deemed impeachable by Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, it involves not only lying US into an unnecessary war, but now exacerbates that effrontery with false casualty statistics, which are almost as consequential as the initial lies that launched the war.
Bush and Sharon are pushing for an invasion of Iran and/or Syria, and deliberately low-balling the casualties would help drive the secret objective of launching a draft as well as blunting a growing public renunciation of the war in Iraq. Unquestionably, Bush administration policies and actions constitute war crimes, and are certainly impeachable. But as Karen Kwiatkowski points out, impeachment, given the Republican majority in American government today, is at best a pipedream.
But that's because, even with an increasing number of voices in the mainstream corporate media now reporting on Downing and the other memos, there is still no public outcry because of the general distrust of the "liberal" media fostered by Rush Limbaugh and FOXNews, and bolstered by the despicably untrustworthy New York Times.
The issue regarding this most recently uncovered possibility of yet another Bush administration secret operation, which consists of the deliberate plot in underreporting of body counts as discussed at that aforementioned funeral, and now cited as well on the Information Clearing House website, is a critical one as regards a potential public outrage of major magnitude. The article link is to Arianna Huffington's The Huffington Post, and writer Jim Lampley's piece entitled, "The Ultimate Deception?" links as well to the original source of his information.
Lampley offers, "A Bush-watcher website identified as is reporting under the byline of 'domestic intelligence reporter' Brian Harring that the Department of Defense is using a cynical tactic to mislead the public regarding the true death toll for American military personnel in Iraq. Harring claims he has an internal pdf. file from the DoD which establishes that nearly 9000 Americans have died in Operation Iraqi Freedom, but that the official number has been held to 1713 by designating as Iraq deaths only those who perish on Iraqi soil. The remainder, he says, are military personnel who have died en route to Germany or in German hospitals - casualties of the war, but not listed in the official death toll."
Consider how this secrecy involving casualties affected the intentions of US Senator Joseph Biden [D-Del.]. Biden related on CBS how the DoD policy of casualty secrecy prevented him from complying with a grieving military family's request for his presence at Dover Air Force Base at the time of the delivery of their son's remains in a flag-draped casket. My, how Amerika has been thoroughly Nazified!
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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