Space Debris, Meteor
Or What?

From MS Gumelar
Sunday, 26 June 2005 at 17.50 pm was MS Gumelar's lucky day. In Graha Yasa Asri, Indonesia, his daughter called him outside saying something was falling from the sky. He, along with many neighbors, watched a magnificent ball of fire with an immense tail entering the atmosphere. Gumelar went inside, got his camcorder and began recording. He notes that it made absolutely no sound whatsoever, and as far as he could discern, it didn't crash into the earth. He monitored the television for reports, but nothing was said.
He sent the following Windows Media clip to for all to see. Notice the enormous size of the object at the very end of the clip, as the burning object passes behind Gumelar's rooftop in the foreground.
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