More Crop Circles
In North Carolina

From Nancy Talbott
Hi, Jeff....
More cropcircles are being reported in western North Carolina, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, all of them in hay. The first USA circle of 2005 was reported on June 12th at Green Mountain (in Yancey County) and within 2 days we had heard of another about 1 mile away "over the mountain" in an extremely remote "holler." This second formation consisted of two 20 ft.-diameter circles connected by a short path (a classic "dumbbell" pattern) which appeared to have occurred at about the same time as the one at Green Mountain, but it was destroyed before it could be photographed.
The following week BLT received an email notifying us of another formation reported, of all places, on an ad indicating the owner's willingness to sell plant samples.
The photos (above) show the center circle which was reported to have three smaller adjacent circles placed around the larger circle so as to form a triangle. These smaller circles were reported to have a "burned" area in the center of each (see photo on right).
Additionally, the Ebay report stated that extremely dramatic light phenomena had been witnessed over this field by the property owners the night the formation occurred, and that their dogs had become extremely agitated. From the photos provided the center circle looks good, but we are concerned because of the strange manner in which this formation was reported--and the fact that the property owners seem to be interested in making money from the event. We had never heard of a circle being reported on Ebay, nor of anyone trying to sell plant samples....but when we checked other listings on Ebay we found two other cases where plant samples were also being offered for money. BLT was unable to get the owner's name, or the exact location of this circle--something we also thought was odd.
At the same time a 4th circle was reported, this one near Weaverville, N.C. (north of Asheville). This one (photo below) is a simple circle, approximately 53 ft. in diameter, down at the bottom of a small ridge-line near a river. Around the tightly swirled circle there is an elliptical area of partially-flattened hay, apparently caused by a 4-wheeler whose tracks can be seen approaching the circle and going around it. A fieldworker is investigating this circle for BLT.

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It is unusual here in the US to get so many reports in one small area, and also rare to hear of crop formations near the mountains. We have been told by local witnesses, though, of quite a few aerial light displays in the area over the previous years.
Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team, Inc.



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