When The Cops
Are The Crooks
Staged bombings terrorize everyone while
the real perps keep getting richer...

By John Kaminski
How long are we going to permit this vicious tomfoolery to continue?
Every time there's an embarrassing incident, a charge of official malfeasance, or some nasty revelation to cover up, the powers that be stage a terrorist incident - randomly throw away the lives of an arbitrary number of innocents - and then blame some fantasy enemy as an excuse to further ratchet up the corrupt oppression of ordinary people.
Notice how the accused perpetrators are never caught - often, as with 9/11, never even adequately identified - or if they are, they turn out to be some brainwashed patsy like John Hinckley or Timothy McVeigh, both of them (and all the assassin-type villains who have been publicly caught and liquidated since JFK's public murder) obviously incapable of carrying out the demonic deeds they are so sensationalistically accused of - without some serious assistance.
The London bombings remind me of the Madrid, Istanbul, and Bali bombings. No one is ever caught. Stereotypically rabid Arabs are blamed. And innocent people everywhere suffer the consequences.
When are we going to put together the pieces and see that this worldwide terror threat that is so ballyhooed in the totally corrupt establishment press is nothing more than stage-managed chaos designed to further consolidate the profit-making power of the super-rich, that all these senseless murders are nothing more than anecdotal sacrifices to the financial plans of the capitalist titans who control most of the world and covet the rest of it?
Will we ever realize what this awful game really is?
We've had plenty of chances, a half-century's worth, at least.
And we've flubbed every single one. We've failed to halt this demonic progression of corporate totalitarianism every time. And as a direct result, each new calculated terror gambit has been a little bit worse.
Yes, plenty of people do see what this demented game is, but they are not the powerful people. It remains the eternal shame of the American people that not a single person in the U.S. representative form of government has had the courage to even acknowledge that serious questions exist about the government-sponsored massacres on 9/11 in New York City or on 4/19 in Oklahoma City.
Oh sure, a few trendy liberals have dipped their toes in the water and mentioned in a barely audible murmur that maybe the Iraq war - which is surely the most cruel and irresponsible action the U.S. government has ever taken (in a long, sorry list of reckless actions taken that have used hollow lies as their justification) - is not quite on the up and up, but even those timid would-be patriots have received no support from the mindlocked corporate media.
And as a result, people are afraid to speak out, for fear of losing their jobs, or even their families, or - in the cases of someone like Paul Wellstone or Hunter S. Thompson - their lives.
So what I want to know is how long we are all going to cower in fear, and continue to make believe that the big U.S. newspapers and TV networks are telling the truth, when it should be clear (IMHO) that they are lying - just like their president and Congress - about just about everything?
It should be clear by now that if we continue to do this, they're going to pick us off, one by one.
But who will have the courage to stand up and say - Hey, wait a minute! This is our own government doing these things to us at the behest of the influential people who control them. How else could Halliburton keep getting all those contracts as judges' heads snap in the opposite direction whenever the subject is mentioned? How else could all those pharmaceutical companies get senators to legislate them immunity for putting poisons in their medicines that create millions of vegetative children?
How much longer are we going to tolerate this egregious level of corruption? Surely we must realize that everything we thought we held dear has already been destroyed by this kind of behavior. I mean, does everybody still secretly harbor the fantasy they will turn into Kenneth Lay and suddenly be able to bilk the public out of hundreds of millions of dollars and then escape because they are protected by their contributions to the Republican National Committee? Is that the new American dream?
I was thinking about these things one recent day as I was riding the train into New York City and perusing its formidable skyline, which of course is now forever missing those two tall square edged towers that used to be the symbol of American fortitude. They are still there, in my mind, ghost towers in the sad shadow of memory, exuding horrifying memories of smoke and dust and little stick figures forever falling into the uncaring abyss of time.
And I was thinking about why they weren't there anymore, those two tall towers, and remembering some of the things I'd said about that over these past three years, and maybe I was reviewing how I should go on talking about them as the train rattled down the the tracks toward Secaucus.
I have among other things said that the entire Congress and thousands of people who work for the federal government should be indicted as accomplices to mass murder and treason for abetting all the horrible things that the American government has done to the rest of the world - not to even mention its own people - over these past few years, and I began to think about that.
I've been one to advocate not voting at all because the process has become so corrupted, and I've insisted that in order to fix what is wrong with America and the world the whole rotten system has to come down. Ship everyone in Congress to Guantanamo and let all those innocent Arabs and Afghanis go home to their families where they belong.
But then I started to think about what the system really is - people who rely on their government for their disability checks in order to breathe and eat for another day; millions of government employees at all levels who raise families on their paychecks, worry about medical bills, and try to get their kids into college; millions of other who wouldn't even live more than a few days should the whole system suddenly crash.
And yet, there it was, staring me in the face, right where the ghost towers stood. The system that made all these people's lives (including mine) so palatable, so enjoyable, so viable, was the same system that invented (with the help of Israeli intelligence, British bankers and the Muslim brotherhood) the al-Qaeda terror concept, and under the tutelage of the Mossad, MI-5, and the CIA, was setting off all these bombs all over the world and blaming them on fantasy Arabs so that sad amputees could get on buses in Queens and news vendors could hawk the venomous, hate-crime-advocating New York Post on oily street corners in Manhattan and thereby feed their families and find a little joy in their mundane little lives, which were really not that different from mine.
And I thought (as I have so many times), what a warped deal this whole thing is. Do we really have to kill so many, and lie so often, to get so little, even though we need every bit of it?
So then I turned off my mind and turned back to my cuddly companion and thought how lucky I was to be in this time and space, healthy and happy if a little overcritical and introspective.
Later I would think that we are each one of us all alone in this world, and that if we didn't insist on being honest and not killing people we didn't have to kill, would the world fall apart because of that? In other words, is all this dramatic killing necessary to enable we Americans to live the bounteous lives we have become accustomed to?
And if it is necessary - if George W. Bush is really right about the way the world is - is this any kind of world I would want to be a part of? I don't think so. And yet, as a sometimes thoughtless American, I take part in the bounty, I reap the dividends of (relative) affluence and amusements that America affords me, and that everyone in the world continues to covet.
So in that sense, I share in the responsibility for the trauma America's war machine wreaks around the world.
So if forced to make a choice, which one would I choose? The powers that be are continuing to blow up innocent people to make America a soft and sweet place to live. Could it be such a place without the carnage? Without the lies?
Is our dalliance with Super Bowls and Xanax directly dependent on murdering people of color who happen to be sitting on oil we desire?
Is why most of us don't say anything about what our government does to innocent bystanders because we are deep down the same kind of people as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and can look the other way when somebody has to be eliminated in order to provide us with our creature comforts?
If we are that kind of person, then we shouldn't be upset about 9/11, about our government's killing 3,000 of our own citizens, or about blowing up a few people in London, because it needed to be done so we could play our iPods in peace.
But if we are not that kind of person, isn't it about time we realized that the 9/11 massacre - just like the London bombing - is something that will inevitably happen to us, because we have tolerated violence in the name of profit for more than 200 years, and we have profited mightily from it. Did you really think we could live our whole lives without paying for what we have done to the world?
You who are reading this right now - pretend, just for argument's sake, you are an American. What do you think is a fair price you should pay for what you have done to the world?
And when the cops are really the crooks, who will you turn to for help, that one fine day, when the bomb the power elite put there to convince the public the enemy is nearby, is ticking on YOUR bus?
John Kaminski is an internet essayist whose stories have been seen on hundreds of websites around the world. They have been collected into two anthologies titled "America's Autopsy Report" and "The Perfect Enemy" and are for sale on his website,, as is the booklet "The Day America Died," written for those who still believe the government's false story of what happened on September 11, 2001.
Alton Raines
Kaminski, there's one word for you. A fool. One doesn't have to embrace the immoral, illegal war of the Bush administration (or prior administrations, for that matter) or cow tow to any party line, liberal or conservative, to be educated enough on the simple reality that radical pseudo-islam (I won't insult Islam by calling the terrorists Islamic or Muslims) exists and wants you and me dead. Wants your family and my family dead. Wants everyone who does not fit into their narrow view of a 'proper' Muslim (the Shariah Law) dead, even those who declare themselves Muslims; and that this mentality has existed for centuries and is not the sole product or a reaction to the Bush administration, nor even the U.S. as a nation... "The Great Satan." Before us, it was someone else!
It's a dangerous viewpoint to perpetually label every terrorist act as coming from some secret, sinister star-chamber of western bad guys who are just making it look like "rabid Arabs" did it. Sorry, but rabid, bloodthirsty, psychotic, religiously depraved Arabs DO exist, are organized and are killing innocent people from Palestine to Indonesia to London in the name of Allah in full blown commitment to Jihad and this reality has to be dealt with. This isn't something the Bush admin invented or dreamed up. Anyone can purchase their literature and you can even go to certain mosques right here in America, and following the prayers, listen to the Imam encourage death to all "infidels," be they men, women or children -- they don't believe there are any "innocents" in holy war. And if you don't think this is a reality, you've either got a screw loose or your playing a political blame-game and human lives really mean nothing to you. Just because the present administration(s) are using radical pseudo-islam to further their agenda does not mean radical pseudo-islam does not exist and that it is not a real threat.
The corruptions of the present western administrations are no excuse for ignoring the reality of pseudo-muslims who kill even their own. They are actively training children from day one to embrace death as the worthy and righteous means to an end, to view all who are outside of their cultic sect as infidels worthy of this death and have adequate funding from many in the Saudi kingdom for hundreds of thousands of cells worldwide to carry out their terroristic agenda. But you would have us ignorantly believe its all the masquerade of Tony Blair and George Bush, the TRUE evil geniuses, and their hinchmen. How f**king ridiculous can you be? These guys can barely pull off a sloppy invasion of Iraq without it going sour on them!
Further, you seem to feel 911 was morally justified for all the "evil" we god-awful westerners have committed against the whole world. Well, that tells me everything I need to know about you. I hope it tells a lot of other people, too -- I hope they read your words VERY carefully.
The lies of the radical left are just as nauseating to me as the lies of the radical right. Who ARMED Iraq? It wasn't the US by a long shot, though that's spouted like it was holy writ from the radical left continually -- take a look at who orchestrated and funded and armed Iraq... (
And I have to really wonder, who is my 'real' enemy? A group of religiously distorted Jihadists who have been brainwashed into thinking as they do (on threat of eternal hellfire for dissent), or people like you who are so politically twisted and transparent that you'd side with the devil before ever admitting the political opposition ever did anything right, much less stop this laughable mantra of the "fantasy enemy" as you call it. You are fueling a future conflagration and I think you probably know it and desire its wretched smoke. Your twisted hatred for America isn't coming from rationale or logic or even evidence. Amazing what living in the lap of freedom can produce in a person. Our wrong doings and evils are ours, we own them, we're responsible for them and they need to be exposed. We need to pay for our evils and errors -- absolutely. But to hear it from you, we're the only evil on earth, and radical pseudo-Islam doesn't even exist and has no designs against us... and nothing in our way of life is worth preserving or fighting for at all... We have nothing to fear from them, only from our own big-bad corporate and government Ubermen who are the TRUE enemy and who are REALLY planting all those car bombs worldwide. I'm sorry, you're just plain nuts.
Radical pseudo-Islam and its hatred for the 'decadent' west pre-existed Bush, pre-existed the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and has been slowly developing in power for many, many, many years. When one of them rolls into a harbor here in the States with a suitcase nuke, you'll likely be the first idiot blaming anyone but the terrorists who did it. Sadly, they'd take your head off just as quickly as they would any other "godless western infidel."
Wayne Reed
Raines, there is one word for you - IDIOT. Of course there is a radical pseudo-islam dedicated to bringing disaster and destruction to this nation because if you had the slightest awareness of the extent of human suffering, this, in your words, "immoral, illegal war of the Bush administration," has foisted on the Iraqi people, not to mention the numerous previous times this has been done to others of this world by the United States, you would begin to realize that someone needs to stand up and denounce the pure evil that underscores those very dastardly acts. Do you really think this radical group would have the world's support if they simply wanted us dead because we, as a Christian nation, do not adhere to their religious concepts? Do you think that General Smedley Butler would have felt ashamed of his career if he hadn't finally realized that he was nothing but a dupe for the powerful who care nothing about nations, religions, nor people? Do you really think the American people are innocent in all this as they send their sons and daughters to kill and to die in a far away land for a trumpted up charge of terrorism when there is more than ample evidence that the very terrorism blamed for the Iraqi war II was obviously planned and executed by people within our own government?
I disagree that it is "a dangerous viewpoint to perpetually label every terrorist act as coming from some secret, sinister star-chamber of western bad guys" because if you were to look seriously at motives and suppressed evidence and not just blindly follow what you are programmed to follow, meaning main stream media shunning nearly everything that isn't previously approved by their bosses, then you might understand why it appears to you that Mr. Kaminski is a fool. He is anything but a fool. He represents the conscience you should have.
Certainly radical pseudo-islam exists just like radical pseudo-christianity exists. Both groups are responsible for innumerable deaths and human suffering and if you knew anything about history, you would also be aware of that.
I have personally witnessed corruption at the highest levels of all branches of this government and the corruption I am referring to is not a new phenomenon. It has been going on since this country was founded. Now look what has happened. The American people has docilely stood by while, in effect, their freedoms and rights have been stripped from them. In fact, personal property, the very cornerstone of capitalism and the American way of life no longer exists but at the whim of controllers!
Also, very nice of you to include a link to who supplied weaponry to Iraq. Do you know what Iraq received from Russia, China, and France? Let me tell you---antiquated weapons at best with a few modern, at that time, planes thrown in. But who supplied Iraq with weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION? It was the United States who did that. That is why the US government used that as an excuse to invade that nation only to find those weapons, that had not been used by Saddam against Iran and his own people, had been destroyed. So don't speak in half-truths Raines and stop calling people names. Don't attribute your own lack of conscience to others who obviously have one.
Pain and suffering are a large part of the human condition but to force those things on others for ulterior motives is an abomination and we need people like Mr. Kaminski that have a conscience to stand up and point out what is obvious so that anyone who has a modicum of awareness and courage why and what is happening to them and the society they live in.
I hope that your head is not one of those to be taken off since you apparently feel that is what is about to happen to most of this society, but if the ax man should approach you, I hope you have time to reflect on why.
From Kevin
Hi Jeff,
I hope you post this as a comment to the comment from Alton Raines re: John Kaminski's latest post.
I think this guy (Alton) is the deluded one. Who does he think created and fostered the growth radical Islamism? (and funded it!)
The same people who have control of the money in this world are the same sick crowd that has been trying (with & without some success over the centuries) to take over the world for several centuries or even millennia. If he can't see through the lies and deceptions, then he will suffer the fate of most of humanity for not being AWARE enough to see the truth.
As far as I am concerned, John is a very intelligent and thoughtful citizen. He is a thinking human being whereas Raines is decidedly not. He has bought into the illusion of Jihad. The radicals have been created and funded in order to deflect suspicion away from themselves. If I wanted to do something illegal and horrific, I would not do it myself. I would hire, buy, brainwash someone else to do it. Then when people start looking for the criminals that did it they would not be pointing fingers at me. Simple concept here, dude (Alton).
These crooks come from a whole different stock of humans. They have forsaken the true Creator and endeavor to become THE CREATOR in place of the original. They want to create the Kingdom of GOD on Earth when Christ said my Kingdom is NOT of Earth but of Spirit. Hence the hellbent drive for materialism, greed, and chaos.
Alton needs a good wake up call ... like a big cartoon hammer falling on his head.
Kevin Smith

Alton Raines
Yah, I'M the idiot. But at least I'm not spreading absolute crap around as fact. And that is what Kaminski does because he knows so many of you have your minds made up already and won't go fact check ANYTHING.
The London bombings remind me of the Madrid, Istanbul, and Bali bombings. ****No one is ever caught.**** Stereotypically rabid Arabs are blamed. And innocent people everywhere suffer the consequences.
MADRID BOMBING More than 100 people have been detained and about 20 remain in prison awaiting trial.
Indonesian courts have convicted 35 Islamic militants for the Bali bombings and sentenced three of them to death.
php/Prosecutor_seeks_l ife_sentences_in_Istanbul_bombing_trial
Ankara - The prosecution Monday called for life sentences on four Turkish nationals suspected of involvement in a series of bombings in Istanbul in November 2003 that left over 60 people dead.

And Kevin, Jihad is no illusion. I dunno who suckered you into that one, but you're clearly not educating yourself on what is going on in radical Islam, even here in the states. I suspect you, like the others, have your mind made up and don't even bother to check into it. There are tens of thousands of Muslims in America and Europe who are being trained to give themselves, mind, body and soul to absolute Jihad -- death to all infidels. As one young Muslim man said on a very revealing documentary on LINK international television: "The Muslim loves death." To die for Allah is the highest possible calling. Muslim children are buying video CDs and DVDs that glorify the exploits of the terrorists, from bombings to beheadings the way our kids buy Playstation and Xbox games. The moderate Muslim is powerless against this growing cult of mass death, hinged on the promise of a better world minus Western decadence and a vision of Islamic Superpower controlling the world. Do we have any complicity in this? Sure we do -- it is evident that by our invasion of Iraq and friendship with Apartheid Israel, we only shove these people closer and closer to the brink. And that's just the tip of the iceberg of the problem. But that does not make radical Islamic Jihad a fairy tale to be ignored. Only a fool would do that. Unfortunately, I think we have a nation of fools.



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