Congratulations Shabak

By Barry Chamish
Well done Shabak! You fine men of Israel's internal secret services outdid yourself last week. By June 26/05, you had secured your Gush Katif expulsion. By turning the brave traffic stoppages against the protesters, you took the air out of their tires. Sure, you had to play dirty and spread some oil and bent nails on the road opposite Kfar Chabad. So what if no vehicle actually ran over them. Getting the media to report 20 flat tires was as good as actually causing them.
And give your agent Itamar Ben Gvir his credit. His performance at the hotel was superb. By writing Mohammed Is A Pig so all the Arabs could see it on the wall was one of Avigdor Eskin's tried and true tricks and this time it worked better than ever. You managed to get a race riot broadcast around the world.
So what if a hundred voices, including Knesset member Arieh Eldad, go on tv and accuse Ben Gvir of ruining the anti-expulsion movement for the Shabak! The settlers will welcome him and his gang wherever he goes to destroy their lives. And the media will follow orders and make him the real spokesman for the protesters.
You guys are brilliant. And look at the timing! You raid the hotel and turn Gush Katif into a closed military zone the day before school lets out when tens of thousands of demonstrators were on the way.
And what's so great about you is you don't care if anyone knows you're behind the collapse of the protests. Heck, you even send your former chief, Ami Ayalon to the streets to hand out pro- withdrawal strips of blue cloth and meet openly with the PLO enemy.
But no one in anyone's wildest imagination would believe that you actually permitted a long interview in Makor Rishon with the man behind the ruthless skullduggery of the past Oslo decade.
Of Makor Rishon, ever since I exposed its takeover by Ronald Lauder of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), they have been most unkind to me. Two articles in the past three weeks have tried to diminish my work. And we all know, its editorial direction has not so subtly shifted away from the Conservative Right towards the government's position on most central issues. But to actually give a voice to Yitzhak Fantik, the former head of the murderous Jewish Department of the Shabak in Makor Rishon was such a gutsy stroke!
Sure, he came off as a mad dog, bragging about all the squealers and snitches he had planted throughout the religious communities of the country. So the article appears to be an expose. But you know what you're doing. This interview humanized the crimes and lies of the Shabak and justified both in the eyes of many of the toughest readership in the country.
And you are now so totally in control of the situation, you even tell all the people Fantick betrayed, imprisoned and ruined where to find him. If you're in the mood for some homemade herring, every Friday afternoon you will find Fantik preparing it at Tzakho's restaurant in Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem.
We all gotta hand it to you the way you neutralized still another threat to expose the real Rabin murder. You had a dilemma last April. A daring new site made its debut on the internet in Hebrew, chock full of documents I had gathered. It was receiving much publicity and thousands of hits a day. So you put up an alternative site within which, the Amir family confesses to everything you ordered them to. Now the effect of the original site is minimal.
A stunning achievement.
But not nearly as good as the banner ad on your site. Who would actually put an ad on a site purportedly expressing Amir's joy at having murdered Rabin? Now this was the best ever! Katomim, the supposedly pro-Gush Katif movement is the only one to do so. And that radical headline was the best: Expel Jews? Expel Arabs? Vote Now! Sure that's the key issue in the Gush Katif surrender alright.
Still; talk about controlling everything. A little detective work and we discover that the voice of the settlers, Arutz Sheva designed the ad. And since they no longer have their own radio station anymore, a new one called Radio Judea is linked to their ad!
Boy, you got 'em comin' and goin'! Makor Rishon's CFR boss Lauder and his local agent Shimon Ben Tzvi bought the religious tv station Tchelet and even a secular one, Channel Ten as the cherry on the cake. But that's not enough for you. No sirree. So how did you recruit, Nati Koffer, Amos Barnea and Shei Binyamini -- editors of a month old weekly sheet advocating what they call "Realistic Religious Zionism? In realistic terms, of course, meaning accepting the "disengagement!"
Shabak, you are the best! In just three days you turned the Israeli public around. From a majority rejecting the pullout, after a few days of staged violence, now 62% want it. You've got things so haywire, that after the hotel operation, the leaders of Gush Katif thanked the police for ridding them of the pests. You actually got the Gush Katif leaders to thank their future executioners. We shiver at the artistry behind it all. And with the Yesha Council leadership thoroughly in Establishment pockets, now there is no leadership left. We salute you in awe!
But your greatest achievement by far is so wearing down the will of the soon-to-be homeless, that they will not fight as dirty as you. And you know they'll have to if they are to overcome the perfidious demons that you are.
I'll fight back my way until and after the Gush Katif purge. Every criminal act committed by anyone behind the pillage of Israel will be discovered and revealed. If nothing else, history will judge them for the monsters they are.
Let's get started with a few juicy appetizers:
LAST Week's Train Wreck: No one believed the government's absurd claim that the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel in the middle of the tracks, a minute after loading two trailers with stones. He didn't. He was dead already when the train struck.
Adjacent to the crash site, Arab workers are constructing Route 6, the highway which our government will open to traffic for the upcoming Middle East trade bloc they envision. These laborers include terror spotters and saboteurs. They watched the truck driver pick up his load of detritus and cross the tracks every work day. They observed that the train tracks were unsecured after 3 PM. After that the operation was easy.
The truck was hijacked, the driver stabbed to death and put in the passenger seat. The truck was driven to the tracks, braked and the Arab escaped. The driver's body was eradicated.
The government knows this is what happened and are afraid the truth would affect the rape of Gush Katif. So it's lying to us as usual.
ONE more CFR "conservative" toes the line - This time it's William Safire who gave an inane interview to the inane Jerusalem Post. He offered such gems as, insisting that risking terror after the ruination of Gush Katif was better than giving the Arabs the satisfaction of watching Israel surrender to terror. I refuse to quote any of the idiotic interview. Not that it matters. Israelis and Jews are incapable of seeing the blatant CFR role in Israel's demise anyway.
OFRA Haza - This is a subject Israelis do understand. On June 24, Haza's sister, and attorney, Rami Tsuberi appeared on Channel's Two's program Mishal Kham with medical records proving that Ofra did not die of AIDS but was deliberately poisoned by her husband Doron Ashkenazi.
Precisely as I had written in my new book Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust. With the Hebrew edition now out, viewers everywhere must have asked how I knew.
I knew because I have good sources. Haza made the fatal error of investing $1.5 million in a film exposing the kidnappings of thousands of Yemenite children by the ruling establishment of Israel in the 1950s. She is not the only filmmaker to have paid the same price. Another filmmaker, Tzipi Talmor made a film about the missing toddlers a decade ago. She died of cancer two years later. Her sister, who aided in the project, died shortly after her of the same cancer.
A lot of powerful people in the Labor movement want the issue of the Yemenite children snuffed out forever. One, of course, is Shimon Peres and I've covered his role at great length in the past. Another is our recent State Comptroller Miriam Ben Porat. As a young Jerusalem prosecutor in the 1950s, she quashed all legal objections to the childnappings. She was rewarded with her very own stolen Yemenite daughter, who today is the aging lady's personal chauffeur.
THE AMERICAN army base - As reported in my last memo, a huge American army base is nearing completion in Israel. Reportedly, it has holding facilities for as many as 18,000 protesters.
After visiting it yesterday, I'd say way more. This base is massive. I counted ten enormous US Army issue prefab warehouses and more were going up. At the base guard post, the American flag is waving in the wind. A sign proclaims that the project manager is one Jerry Ray.
I start taking photos of the base with a cheap camera. The guard asked what I was doing. I replied, "I'm a journalist proving that a huge American military base is being constructed on Israeli soil."
"What's wrong with that?" he asked. "Who else will protect us from the Palestinians?"
"Where are the Americans?," I probed.
"What do you mean, they're everywhere here. Everyone in charge is American."
We drove away. My friend at the wheel was even more depressed than me. "It's a concentration camp," he said.
To witness Israel's loss of sovereignty, take Route 443 to the Rosh Haayin junction. Drive ten minutes until you see Rantis Junction. The sign points to Beit Arye, and Halamish. Turn right. The base is a mile away on the left side. To salute the American flag, turn left at the entrance road.
The base is located ten minutes from Ben Gurion Airport. Luckily, a new terminal opened last year, so the Americans have the spacious old terminal to store and move whatever they're planning to import once Gush Katif and the rest of the settler vermin are rid of.
My new DVD, the deadly War Against The Settlers, and Hebrew edition of Shabtai Tzvi Labor Zionism And The Holocaust are available at So are my English books: Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; Save Israel!; Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Israel Betrayed; The Last Days of Israel.



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