Of The Dead Sea Scrolls

Note - The origin, authenticity and accuracy of these quotes in both translation and transliteration are unknown. - ed

The following, as deciphered from caves 1, 3, 4 and 7, are deemed sensitive and remain unavailable for public inspection by those who seek to control the Truth for their own devices.
These texts remain the property and jurisdiction, of the elite, who secreted them away to the four (4) major religious organizations and other various agencies as they were found beginning in 1947. Those being the Jordanian controlled Rockefeller Museum in Eastern Jerusalem, the Department of Antiquity in Israel, the American School of Oriental Research, the Rockefeller Foundation and Israeli Biblici of Archeology. Other scrolls and remnants remain in the strict possession of the Vatican and Royal Museum at Leningrad under extreme security measures.
The educated scholars, and those involved with deciphering the scrolls proclaimed the texts, "contained no valid information that would shed any additional light whatsoever on the advancement of Christianity in Jerusalem." Their claims, to this day, denounce the possibility of any intrinsic value, historically or otherwise being placed on the scrolls. And that is exactly what can be obtained from the Internet or through the Library of Congress. Parchments and fragments that are handpicked, and safe, being of no significant, intrinsic value.
In reality the scrolls reveal secrets regarding the literature of the Messianic movement in Palestine, secrets concerning The Great Flood account, spiritual visions and revelations, exciting experiences including personal accounts of those who knew and practiced the truth, revelations regarding space, contact and communication with those of other worlds and unique experiences with Angelic beings. Additional scrolls shed light on, "The unlawful execution of a certain Messianic leader in Jerusalem," which continues to cause much contention and controversy to this day.
These revelations remain too hot for the religious hierarchy and other authorities to handle and the reason behind the immense and deliberate cloak of secrecy. Why? Because such information was/is, "too powerful or complicated for the common man to understand, interpret or appreciate." It is no coincidence that these truths have become available, accessible by anyone without limitation or censorship. They are the Words of the Almighty Creator as well as in the personage of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.
From Cave #7 Scroll #1 (Section One)
"I have spoken to My Prophets because I did promise that I would not perform anything nor would I prophecy anything new unless I so informed My Prophets. Their words are not confined to any time frame that can be calculated by man because I do work in mysterious ways to bless my people. As My people, those who have been called by My Name, commune with me through prayer and meditation; they shall be the recipients of vast blessings that the world cannot contain. Yet my own words have spoken for the benefit of My Children because they have elected to do my perfect will at all times."
Section Two
"You have already heard these words in the past, however, I recite them again to you that you may remember and benefit from them. I do not speak words that they may fall upon deaf earsbut I speak words that will be heard with your Spiritual Ear and will retain those words which are designated to build you up in the Most Holy Faithnever to depart from that Faith."
"Yes, your trials will be many. But my word is sufficient to sustain you in all of your waysproviding your ways are my ways. This, again, you have already read in My Word. But, I feel that you need a reminder because many of you are still weighed in the balances and are still found wanting."
Section Three
"The time will come when man's human intelligence will cease and will look to himself in order to solve the problems of the day. This time will come when mankind will excel in intelligence just as the Words of My Prophet Daniel warned." "His knowledge shall increase and will seek to rule not only this Earth but also the moon and other heavenly bodies which I have also created. When that day comes, many of you will look upon their works with great dismay. You will see how far they have departed from My Word and from My Love."
"Think it not strange that these things must come to pass because as they come to pass it will be for a sign; a sign of my soon return. When man begins to forsake his first true love and departs from that love in order to love another, time will grow very difficult then. But those times and seasons will continue and cause those who are called upon by My Name to exceedingly prosper and succeed as your soul prospers and succeeds. This I have spoken to you with the Words of My own Mouth and it shall come to pass because it is true."
2. Additional Elements of Divine Intervention Revealed (Cave 7)
During the last days of civilization you shall witness many supernatural interchanges between spiritual people and the Divine Mind of Almighty God. There will arise a clear and distinct chain of command viewed by all who live on and in the planet Earth. These two main classes of people are comprised of those who posses God's Power and those who do not:
1. "My children, in whom I have entrusted my Spirit, will reap fortunes and riches from the totally unexpected sources. This, because the lack of such wealth has prevented you from fulfilling and performing your ministry to the fullest. I, the Lord, shall speak to those of my other children throughout this orb, and they, in direct obedience to me will communicate with you because of your faithfulness to my calling upon your life."
2. "Your eyes will be filled with tears. But, they will not be with the essence of bitterness or sorrow, rather with great joy and expectation that you never experienced before. Your earthly plans will be altered in order for you to fulfill your own true destiny on this orb."
3. "You will leap with joy, with shouts of praise and glory to my name."
4. "Your heart will come to life as you realize the Blessings which I shall heap upon you. Many of you will feel unworthy. But I say unto you, in that hour your joy shall be complete as you find and recognize your worthiness is in me."
5. "Again, as I have spoken to you in times past in my word, I shall speak to you in three distinct manners: In night dreams, in visions of the day and night and by Divine Revelation. This I have promised you and this will be my bond to you. Believe it and know it for I speak these words with my mouth."
6. "You, my children, will perform exploits in my name. These exploits will include:
(a) Healings (b) Working of miracles (c) Performing the impossible"
7. "You will ascend to positions of high authority and will rule with a strong hand of power and authority. There will be many who look upon you as a novice and inexperience. But when they see and hear of your exploits they will stand back in complete awe and amazement, amazement in which you act and speak. They will be forced to recognize that all of your Gifts have come from My Hand."
3. 8. "Also, in that day, you will enjoy Fellowship and Communion with those of my Children who dwell in the bowels of this orb. They will come forth freely and interchange information with you, which will add to your understanding of their existence. These, my other Children, will invite you to remain with them as you wish. You will enter their places of abode and you may leave their abode as freely as you wish."
9. "You will be given such powers as was first granted to those of my people who ascended the stairs of the Holy City on that warm afternoon which is called the Day of Pentecost. I will renew your Spirit and you will operate in My Spirit and with My Spirit, working together with you."
10. "With My Twin Blessings of Good Health and Prosperity you will attract many and be gifted with abilities to spread the Truth of My Kingdom."
11. "I, the Lord, will gift you with wisdom, understanding and knowledge of Universal Truth."
12. "More wisdom, understanding, knowledge and spiritual powers of creation will be heaped upon you because this I have promised you in My Word."
13. "Your voice of command, in My Name, will break the fetters and chains of the enemy. Devils, demons and those angels who have utterly lost their fist estate, those who operate their trade in darkness shall flee because of your Light."
14. "The Light, which I shall give you, is not of this world and will never be diminished by the forces of darkness. Evil deeds will be exposed and men and women who practice these evil deeds will flee from you."
15. "Rejoice, My Children, because I have made a way for you where you continuously found you were lost and uncertain. I have provided Light and Truth where there was none before. I have given you power over the elements and you will learn how to use this power for the Honor and Glory of My Name. Amen."
Also from Cave 7
1. "My Dear Children, by the time you read these words, many years will have passed since my death and resurrection. The times and seasons will be different from the times which I have spent with my disciples. You will be living in perilous days and nights. But you will be aware of my presence with you at all times because this I have already committed to you long ago."
4. 2. "My message to you is to stand fast and hold to that which has been proven to be just and true. Do not hold onto those things of this present world but rather seek first my kingdom and you will be the recipients of all that is good and Holy."
3. "These shall prove to be great days and nights of trials and tribulations. But you, my chosen ones, will rejoice because I have made a way for you were there was no way. You will find that My Words shall never return to me empty or void. You will live in total expectation that I am God of My Word. Yes, I shall keep My Word to you everyday that you live. Then, if and when you depart from your present clothing of flesh, you shall instantly be transformed to be with me for all eternity."
4. "I am presently continuing to prepare a wonderful place for you. When that place is completely prepared for you and My message of My kingdom has been carried throughout the planet, then you shall see and witness positive signs of my soon return. Keep your faith and trust in Me because I am the Lord who has promised to be at your side forever."
5. "Many will attempt to steal your crown and rob you of your joy. But they can never succeed because of My Presence with you. What you have hidden in the deep recesses of your heart can never be removed by the enemy of your soul. Maintain a strong faith in me and My Word and you shall never perish but enjoy life everlasting which I have provided you."
6. "May these words be of continuous comfort to you and to your children. Speak to them in words of joy and comfort, which have been rooted and grounded in My Holy Word. Continue to strive to perform good works among men. Allow the brightness of your own life to dispel the shadows of doubt and fear."
7. "When you read these words much prophecy will have already come to pass, however, more prophetic events will take place to assure you that I am the Lord God. I am the Lord who has permitted many things to occur in the past in order to prepare you for tomorrow. Be of good cheer. Love one another and continue to keep My Word, always."
From the Copper Scrolls Cave #3
1. "You shall never abandon your friends who have already proven themselves to be friends."
2. "You shall honor those with whom you have entered business agreements providing they are still walking in the pathways of the Truth."
3. "You shall lift up the hands of those whom you love and together make your pact with the Father that will bind you in this world and in the world to come."
5. 4. "You shall continue to honor those who have been placed in your midst as true teachers of the Light that the evil forces have tried to extinguish from the beginning."
5. "I, the Lord, will never leave you nor abandon you, not even when the trials of life surround you. You shall seek and you shall find me always standing with you as not only your God, but also as your true friend who stands with you, Always."
6. "The time will come when the power that is within me shall also permeate your entire physical body, and with that power you shall overcome all obstacles."
7. "The Lord your God is not far off but shall prove His presence in such a manner that you will witness the true light in all of your members. Your own body will vibrate with the same power as was demonstrated on the day called the Feast of Pentecost. The Fire of the Spirit will be felt by you and others will bear witness of that heavenly power, come to Earth for the purpose of fulfilling you and sustaining you against all evil that may befall you."
8. "By My Word have I spoken these things that you may know, that I am the God that never fails, that I am the God who shall never leave you nor forsake you."
9. "You shall rise above all circumstances and will be Blessed, because of my presence and my Blessings upon as well as within you."
10. "All of my words are true and no word that I have ever spoken shall fall by the wayside without bearing much fruit. I, the Lord, have spoken these things and they are Blessed and True."
11. "You shall also witness my angels and my Heavenly Messengers who will visit you in their chariots and assure you of the Gifts of God."
12. "My Heavenly Messengers will also bear you up on the wings of deliverance as I so instructed them to do."
13. "They will speak of me and my Glory and will show signs and wonders at my command. My Heavenly Messengers will also council you in the ways of the Lord and will reveal to you the wonders of the Universe, at My Command."
14. "Let your faith and confidence in me never waiver. I am with you, Always."
6. Cave #4
1. "Let the people know that my Spirit now strives with all mankind. But it shall not be this way forever."
2. "My Spirit of Life is Universal. I have many more sons and daughters who have never transgressed my perfect Law. They shall come to you. Some will visit for a short time while others will remain among you for certain times and seasons which I will appoint."
3. "My sons and daughters will spread My Word and will impart to you such knowledge that will help you in your journey through life. Heed their words and let your heart listen to their instructions because they have been sent to you, by me, to carry my words to your ears."
4. "Do not allow your discouragement to overcome you but rather rejoice in the truth that I have indeed sent help to you from the Stars."
Cave #1
Includes scrolls from the Book of Habakkuk and reveals astounding revelations regarding the end of the world,. Advent of earthquakes in places that have never seen earthquakes, storms of immense, enormous magnitudes, flood conditions wiping out lives, property, animals and means of transportation. The scrolls also reveal that there will be governmental, political and religious deception from the highest level. They further reveal the military failure of world governments to reveal the presence of outer space visitors from the skies.
Copper Scrolls Cave #3
"My lesser gods who are called by my name, who have accepted me as their God for eternity, shall have their beginnings of their Glory while still on Earth. My chosen ones are those whose names are recorded in the Book of Life and shall never be blotted out. They shall prosper in the midst of deep waters of depression. They shall be healed by the name of the Holy One. Many shall live joy which no man nor angel shall be able to utter. My chosen ones shall enjoy true fellowship, true communion with my other sons and daughters from other worlds, spheres and dwelling places. The Word of the Lord speaks through my Prophet Jeremiah and again through the mouths of my Latter day prophets and apostles. Hear these words and live circumspectly before the Lord of Hosts and you shall truly, verily prosper in all of your ways."
7. (From the Old Testament Book of Obadiah)
"Think it not strange that I say to you that I will bring you down to the Earth. It is just as easy for me to allow you to climb out of your ground as it is to command that you return to your own habitation."
"Know you not that I am not only the God of Earth but God of all other creations. My Heavenly Messengers from afar have been given charge of your comings and your goings. They act, speak, come and go at My Command. They are My Messengers, who have been given charge over you. They are those who will seek out the Children of God who are willing to pay my price and stand in the face of ridicule for My Name Sake. These, of my people, shall represent My Truth that will save the nations."
The scrolls continue to reveal the coming change of world currency that will occur without warning. Physical and Spiritual healing will continue despite the warnings of silence by established religion. The secrets of longevity, as shared by friends from other worlds, will be accepted by many people on this planet. It speaks again of visits by earthquakes and the rich, lush, vast lands of serene beauty on the inner parts of this planet, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and many others. Also terms of warning, concerning the approaching plagues and destroying millions who remain on the Earth following the mass evacuation,, which will take place within a short period of time following the turn of this century.
Scroll #3 Cave #3
"The Lord (Elohiem) instructed his Angels, both from the Morning and Evening Star, to assist Lot and his family to escape what was to befall the Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Two Chosen ones instructed Lot and his family to drape themselves in white Garments (fine linen) and run away from the cities with great haste. Then a voice came from the darkening skies from on high and the other Heavenly Messengers, also from the Morning and Evening Star who rode in their chariots of fire saying unto all of them below, "Make haste because the judgment of Almighty God is about to fall upon these cities. We are prepared to obey His Voice and point our fire-spears towards the cities of sin and destroy them according to the Divine Will of the Father. Then a white light as bright as the sun blazed behind them and the Earth did shake with a mighty roar. The elements did separate as the cities of sin were leveled to the ground. The air above the Earth was filled with destructive dust and everyone including the ani
8. "The smoke rose into the heavenlies and did cloak the ground with destruction. Thus, the messengers, from the Stars did likewise accomplish their mission as their wheels returned to the skies where they rested with others in their home which was high above the Earth."
"She who was the wife of Lot, because of her disobedience, did turn around and gaze upon the destruction. She was turned into what appeared to be the salt of the land and the deadly destructive dust that clung over the Earth did indeed cause her life to cease. The smoke and vapor from the cities rose higher and higher as the cities were laid waste in the wilderness on the plains of Zoar that morning."
Another scroll found in 1952 speaks of Ezekiel's Wheel
He was thirty years old. His birthday was the 5th of July when this event took place. Ezekiel speaking, "The Hand of the Lord is upon me (revealed). The Mighty Arm of Elohiem rose up from the river Chebar and touched my tongue. Then my eyes, then my headin the midst of the whirlwind caused by the wheel within another wheel thus emanating from the north. The living creatures were like Angels. The Beings looked like men. The wheels did touch the Earth, the fire subsided and the door of the chamber opened and the silver pathway was lowered by the Angels." The Angels beckoned to Ezekiel to come close, to place his feet onto the silver pathway and he proceeded to join together with the Angels.
They then sat and together broke bread, drank and had fellowship together. Ezekiel was then shown the future as God so directed them. As they yet spoke, the silver pathway which came down was raised in the wheel. Ezekiel marveled at the wheel and the grandeur of the Earth falling away beneath his feet.
Among the marvels of the Earth below, Ezekiel saw the grandeur of the Sun, the moon and the stars such as he never saw before. He wept aloud as the Angels of the Lord lifted their hands and their eyes and offered praise unto the Lord of Creation.
The wheels departed from the Earth high above that of the most powerful eagle. Ezekiel saw and witnessed and understood the True meaning of Divine Fellowship between man and those who have come from afar to help the sons and daughters of men.
Sleep overcame Ezekiel and when he awoke he found himself lying near the shore of the river Chebar. He witnessed and gazed upon the circle wherein the wheel had left its mark.
9. Copper Scrolls Cave #3
The Master speaking, "Do not permit your pure mind to become troubled in any form but rather allow your faith and your belief to solely rest in Almighty God. You believe whole-heartedly in Almighty God, you also believe in Me with all of your heart, mind and spirit. In our universe, which I have created, there are multitudes of places and orbs which, along with the Earth, shall be your future dwelling places."
"I have already prepared many places for you to visit and to also dwell in the future. In reality, because I Am God, I shall be with you alwayseverywhere and will always accompany you. Andwhen the time is ripe you shall know that I have already made a way for you to be transformed and then you shall dwell with me in those other places. In that manner, we shall never be apart again for I shall be with you, always."
"I have already made provisions so do not allow your pure mind, your pure heart or your spirit to become disturbed. I am well aware that the evil one and his followers have already tried and tempted you and attempted to try your faith. He is very busy and his evil activities shall increase as the time of the end shall appear."
"His own angels whom I have cast out of the Heavenlies, down to Earth, are busy attempting to, in every way, to destroy your faith. But youmy children shall be assisted by My Angels and other Heavenly Messengers, who will reveal themselves in chariots of fire. They will bring you a message that will cause you to be encircled with My Holy Flame of Fire that will cause much discomfort to the enemy. They shall also minister to you and protect you because I have assigned them to do so with the word of my mouth. I have spoken thus."
"Now I shall leave you for but a brief season. Meanwhile, My Spirit shall accompany you always. You will never be comfortless. Even so I am with you alwayseven unto the time of the end. My love shall embrace you as never before. For I am the Lord that changes not and I shall keep My word."
Also from the Copper Scrolls
"You have not chosen me for I have chosen you. My other children, not of this orb, have also been appointed to perform certain tasks directly touching you. They are not to be worshipped or revered above that which you worship me. They have responsibilities and duties that they perform solely because they love me. You are cautioned not to be overzealous in your communications with My Angels. You are warned that they possess great powers with which they have been created. These powers shall be shared with you and who are called by My name."
10. "Even so, I am the God who watches all and sees all. Always be mindful that you never walk alone, even though you dwell among a sinful and perverse generation."
"Let hidden (inner) eyes be opened to these truths that shall not be hidden from you."
From the same scrolls about the Temptation of Christ
Lucifer saying to the Master, "Look to me to be your deliverer and savior. If you find that you are too weak, lean on me and I shall bear you up on eagle's wings when you fall from the top of this mountain. If then, you be Christ that you claim, leap from this mountaintop and prove to me that you are the Great One, the Master of the Universe." Jesus said, "You do not have the right nor the power to even tempt me to leap from this mountaintop. Nevertheless, you shall not succeed in tempting me." Then Lucifer said, "Command then, that the stones be turned into bread because I discern that you are very hungry." Jesus answered, "Even though I may be hungry I would not seek relief from you, because you are a liar and a thief and a deceiver of my people. Depart from my presence before I strike you from the living."
It was at that moment that a bright light lit up the clouds and started to descend to the place where Jesus stood. The bright light then took the form of a chariot of fire. Jesus did walk upon the silver bridge and departed from the mountain from within the belly of the chariot, which shone brighter than the sun. Lucifer, then, was forced to cover his eyes and run into the blackness of the cave high atop the mountain lest he be consumed by the brightness of the chariot of fire that shone brighter than noonday sun.
These are the writings and words of the beloved disciple, John, whom Jesus loved and blessed.
Michael Vedder
Aside from the scholarly analysis (which I will leave to the scholars), there are a number of rather glaring inconsistencies in this.
If useful, feel free to publish them. As follows:
1) In general, one does not mix actual quotes from scripture with new expressions unless internal consistency demands. Cases in point are the decisions to include the books of James and Jude to the New Testament Cannon, which consist almost entirely of new expressions, yet mesh perfectly with the rest of generally accepted textual "flavor". The quotes in this article strain any sentient reader's gullibility.
2) Even given an extraordinarily bad job of translating, the resultant range of thought expressed is reminiscent of late 90's political thought, and certainly nowhere near as broad or deep as we are accustomed to enjoying from ancient literature.
(Now to actual quotes)
3) "I have spoken to My Prophets because I did promise that I would not perform anything nor would I prophecy anything new unless I so informed My Prophets. [Jesus, if the true speaker, would have allocated promises and prophecy to God not himself, his own role notwithstanding.] Their words are not confined to any time frame [The Western habit of conceptualizing "time" was not extant in Jesus' culture] that can be calculated by man because I do work in mysterious ways to bless my people. [Jesus never flippantly used universal expressions such as "my people"; all universals are attributed to God, as a completely separate role; nor did he ever use vagaries such as "mysterious ways"] As My people, those who have been called by My Name, commune with me through prayer and meditation; [Jesus only ever spoke of communion with God, not himself, through prayer; his connection to "his own" is through the 'Holy Spirit' and experience] they shall be the recipients of vast blessings that the world cannot contain. [Another wrenching vagary] Yet my own words have spoken for the benefit of My Children because they have elected to do my perfect will at all times." [One does not 'elect' to do the will of Christ or God, one simply does it. This is a late 80's consociation of Christian philosophy].
That was the first paragraph. Need I go on ?
I appreciate the range of information on your site. This does not suit.
Peace and Truth



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