911 Bogus Suspect List -
Hani Hanjour Replaced
'Mosear Caned'

From Nico Haupt
Kudos for this finding to 'RedSox' aka Allan Wood, former research partner of Paul Thompson, who found this transcript today. --Nico
On the morning of September 14, 2001, at about 10:11 am according to this CNN transcript, the official list of 18 hjackers was released. This list already proved, that they made up their suspects. Later it turned into 19, but the allgeded hijackers never showed up on any flight passenger list anyway.
There is also another problem.
Flight 77, which officially wasn't listed in the BTS database, was linked to 5 suspects. However on Sep14th, the official hijacker pilot wasn't Hani Hanjour, but someone named Mosear Caned (phonetic) .
As Allan Wood pointed out today, "the phoentic spellings in the CNN transcript are a bit rough -- but they do match what was later released -- except "Mosear Caned" does not sound anything like "Hani Hanjour" !!
Why was this "Caned" guy replaced by Hanjour?



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