Butler - No Bush

By Ted Lang
c. 2005 All Rights Reserved
As it becomes increasingly apparent that our so-called president is an incompetent, untalented cutout unable to handle real press interviews or debates without an earpiece connected to a hidden offstage handler, focus must now be redirected to the destruction being wrought on America by the criminal Bush regime and those who are actually running the secret government of the United States. Why are these secret behind-the-scenes Bush handlers and controllers doing absolutely everything possible to bring down further our once great nation?
As we examine the motives of Bush's secret controllers, we need to ask as well why was such an untalented chump selected in the first place? What credentials could possibly have motivated the rich and powerful military/industrial complex corporate interests to pick this smirking chimp so terrified of real reporters?
America's unilateral suspension of the Geneva Conventions, our illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, our intended invasions of Iran and Syria, the prison torture horrors, the skyrocketing debt to fund the wars and the corporate/military interests, the suspension of habeas corpus and the entire Bill of Rights via the USA PATRIOT Act, all translate to terror directed at the entire human race. The Bush crime family is generating terror, tyranny and despotism both here and abroad!
It is clear that the intent of the Bush terror policies is to discredit our nation's government, its people, and its military in order to create the chaos needed to justify the New World Order. Out of the planned chaos a new humanitarian socialist utopia will arise, enforced by precisely the same police state tactics now being developed by the Bush regime here in the United States. The Reich vill rise again, und dis time, no Mr. Nice Guy! This is the obvious goal of the neo-Nazi neocons; but again, why was double-crossing "Dubya" picked as the NWO's trailblazing forerunner?
It all fits neatly together when we begin looking at the background of the Bush crime family. In spite of the astonishing amount of documented information and reference material that has been made available via the Internet, the American public is still largely in the dark because of the mindless non-informative pap and disinformation promoted by the mainstream media. America's salvation is simple education, and the MSM isn't about to take on that daunting task by standing up to the Bush regime.
The Bush cabal is well aware of the strength and unlimited power of a wartime president. This represents the neocons' greatest enabling asset. The supportive military/industrial complex entities and banks that are reaping untold zillions in cash profits are testimony to the accuracy of that famous observation coined by two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, the late Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler: "War is a racket!" And those who profit from war by risking the funds, lives and limbs of others can indeed be classified as "racketeers!"
Although numerous articles and commentaries have been written about Butler, a true American hero, his greatest contribution to our nation has never been highlighted or revealed; yet now, in light of our need to better understand the Bush racketeers, Alex Jones on his <>website, Prison Planet, makes the connection. Scroll down to the video: "Keeping It In the Family: The Bushes and the Nazis."
The video is a presentation by journalist John Buchanan, who takes the viewer through the rise to power of the Bush crime family, going back to George Herbert Walker's fortune-making in World War I, to that of his son-in-law, Nazi financier Prescott Bush, the president's grandfather. Buchanan not only documents and challenges anyone to question his facts and sources, but explains how through the 1951 liquidation of Union Banking Corp., Prescott Bush cleared $1.5 million from his Nazi investments to launch the Bush empire.
But that is not the most startling revelation; what is at the height of absurdity, an anomaly so ironic that it would make O. Henry ooze with jealousy, was that the soaring Bush Nazi profits were combined with the fortunes of other elites of the then-military/industrial complex that also supported Hitler and the Nazis, and an attempt was made by this pro-Nazi cabal to establish themselves by military junta to topple FDR and install a Nazi government in America. They picked, what was in their best judgment, the ideal military leader for the junta to create a New World Order back in 1934; their choice: Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler!
Prescott Bush, the Remingtons, du Pont and J.P. Morgan, fomented a Plan for the Old American Century, which included assassinating FDR, creating concentration/slave labor camps, and installing a Nazi government after the Hitler model - a New World Order! Hitler's words for this Nazi bliss were simply, the "New Order." Obviously, Hitler's partners and financiers in war crimes, the Bush crime family, added to Hitler's words the neo-Nazi/neoconservative term: "World."
Here's Neil Smith's version in his "Occupied America" website chronology: "1934 - Coup d'etat attempt (?) by JP Morgan, du Ponts, GM people, American Legion reps., turned to Smedley Butler, former Marine Commandant who allegedly turned over information to Roosevelt. [He] was forced to resign as Commandant after he called Mussolini a Dictator." And later: "McCormack-Dickstein hearings into coup attempt confirmed it, but the report was not immediately released." [Think Warren Commission, 9-11 Commission, Commission investigating Pearl Harbor, Abu Ghraib Army investigation, etc., etc., etc.]
And later in his chrono-capsule for 1934, Smith notes: "[The] United States Chamber of Commerce issues report 'Combating Subversive Activities in the United States,' [think USA PATRIOT Act] that blueprinted a legislative and intelligence program against the political left that would last through the 1950's, maybe beyond. [The] report demanded passage of anti-subversive legislation, including a sedition law and demanded an agency within the Justice Dept. be created to deal with subversive activities. A supervisor from the 'Nazi Labor Front' rides with every shipment of the Harriman-Bush line. Further, employees of the New York offices were directly organized into the Nazi Labor Front organization. Hamburg-Amerika [Bush] provides free passage to those going to Germany for propaganda purposes [bringing demo-crazy to the volk]. The Line also subsidizes pro-Nazi newspapers [The New York Times?].
Consider the O. Henry-type irony ["The Gift of the Magi"] that beguiled Butler's exemplary service even until the end of his brilliant military career: Butler saves Amerika from Nazi fascism and even possibly saves FDR's life, and the great Fraudulent Despotic Ruler fires him for calling Mussolini exactly what he was: "a fascist!"
Hey Scotty, you still up there? Beam US all up now!!!
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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