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Release Date: July 9, 2005
Whiteswan Lake, British Columbia Grapefruit Sized Bright Light Right Overhead
Date: July 1992
Time: Evening
Hi, I have witnessed a strange phenomenon near that lake while in the nearby natural hot springs. It was a very bright light, about the size of a "grapefruit??" that appeared almost directly overhead. It then "took off" in a right hand motion across the sky after being stationary for about 2 seconds. It only took another 2 seconds for it to zoom off the horizon (high mountains). It did appear to get smaller as it rapidly moved across the sky, only slightly.
The cabins on Whiteswan are ~ facing south - southwest.
Also, the "sighting" that I am referring to occurred in ~July 1992
I believe that the area has had significant activity of this type. It may not be that the number of UFO appearances is greater than any other place, but I believe that the number of sightings is much higher as people visit the hot springs at night and watch the sky while being in a nice warm "bath". The hot springs are "natural" and flow through several rock pools before entering the ice cold Lessier River. There are no lights, no ceilings, they are in the wide open surrounded by mountains.
Thank you to Bob for the report.
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa 60 Plus White Spheres
Date: February 5, 2005
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 4
Number of objects: 60+
Shape of objects: White spheres as depicted recently over San Luis Potosi.
Full Description of event/sighting: Santiago Yturria's report on a fleet of UFOs over San Luis Potosi mirrors an exact sighting made earlier this year on February 5th 2005 in Cape Town, South Africa. My apartment overlooks Cape Town's Harbour. It was a clear afternoon with a southerly 15 knot wind. Myself and three others were relaxing on the balcony, when we observed approximately 60 white spheres slowly moving in a SE directing. At first glance they seemed to be white balloons that were the size of a pea at arms length.
However their movements did not resemble objects floating at the winds mercy. Several tacked back against the traffic as if on their own agenda. The break-away group were actually floating against the general wind direction. At about this time a friend from across the harbour phoned. I asked him could he see any objects in my direction. After climbing onto his roof he should've had a similar view from the opposite side I had. To my surprise however, all he could see was a white haze with no discernable spheres at all.
After 35 minutes all spheres travelled away from the harbour and out of view over Table Mountain. The apparent "white haze" visible from across the bay had also disappeared. These were definitely no balloons!
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
Mission Bay, San Diego, CA Oval Shaped Object Lifted Off The Water
Date: April 28, 2005
Time: 7:05 p.m.
Hi Brian,
Just dropping a line to let you know I had a sighting on Thursday, 4-28-05 at 7:05 PM.
I was sitting on the 10th floor of a high-rise and looking towards Mission Bay here in San Diego, CA waiting to take some sunset pictures. As I shifted my eyes towards the bay, an oval shaped object lifted off the water and started coming directly at me. I watched it rise , getting larger and larger as it flew directly over the building. It was absolutely silent! It took 5 seconds to traverse the 2 miles from the bay to the building. When over the building I could see a 5 sided black area on the underside shaped like a baseball plate. I also took finger measurements and calculated its size and speed. At 0.5 inches over the bay, to 5.0 inches over the building, that calculates to 176 feet in diameter.
Traveling the 2 miles in 5 seconds comes out to 1,440 MPH. The 10th floor is 100 feet above ground level, and the street is 425 feet above sea level, for a total of 525 feet. It also had to clear the microwave antenna on the roof, so it could have been at 50 feet or so above the antenna when it passed over. An awe inspiring sight. Unfortunately I couldn't get my camera ready soon enough, plus I would have missed the sighting of a lifetime. As long as it remains in my mind, that's all I care about.
Have a GREAT DAY. I'll let you know if it happens again.
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
Bella Vista Hillside South Of Vernon, B.C. Glowing White Circle
Date: July 1, 2005
Time: 10:40 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 5
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Glowing white circle.
Full Description of event/sighting: Five of us were out on the hillside to watch the fireworks when the glowing white object slowly came across the sky. It made no noise and sounds like the exact same one saw in Merritt, B.C . It was only about 350 feet off the ground from us so we could make out the shape of a disk shape. It flew very slowly and somewhat stopped at one point where it sort of "jiggled." Then continued. The whole sighting lasted about 2 minutes as we talked about it and watched it. We joked that it was here to watch the fireworks as well
Its size wasn't that big about 25 feet across. It flew almost directly over us and as it left . as it was going away you could make out the crescent shape and red lights and blue/green mixed with the white. It flew in basically a straight line from south to north. It definitely wasn't a plane or blimp or anything that I've ever seen fly before.
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
Mount Cobb, Pennsylvania Object Shines Beam Of Light Into Field
Date: July 4, 2005
Time: 11:28 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Light
Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian, At approx. 23:28 while looking out of the window at a south western direction I saw a stationary bright light oval shaped flashed a beam of light down on the opened field next to my property. Looked like a flash light turned on and off at 1000 feet. and then it disappeared. It was a clear night no moon.The sighting was about 1 minute.
Additional Information:
The object was about 1000 feet. No sound came from the object. The beam of light covered approx: 3 lots of land small part of my land about 50 feet by 50 feet, the lot next to me 250 feet by 50 feet, and the farm next to that which I couldn't tell because it's behind a line of trees which divides the land. There are cows on that land and the strange part about that is last
year after a sighting of a strange sort, a cow did disappeared and never found. The land seems to be untouched. The object was not flashing lights. The object just appeared out of nowhere and all of sudden it shot the beam of light very bright moved slightly to the west and disappeared.
One more detail I forgot to mention was a few minutes later I saw a rod looking object, it's color was bright green outside my window, about 12 feet above the ground I saw it at eye level. It was about 16 inches long and as wide as a pencil. Seemed to have come from the sky and we heard something hit the ground. My sons were with me at the time.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Las Vegas, Nevada Objects Pulsing And Morphing
Date: July 5, 2005
Time: Between 3:00 pm & 4:00 pm
Location of Sighting: Above my home in the sky.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 6
Shape of objects: Morphing.
Full Description of event/sighting: Hello Brian, Well it looks like the those morphing objects are back again! I have been keeping an eye to the sky & yesterday it paid off.
I went out into my backyard to do some gardening and saw the first one, it appeared as a bright white light against the blue sky as usual. It was pulsing & morphing at the same time & this sighting was at 3:00 pm and lasted less than 5 min. The next sighting was at 3:09 pm and it consisted of two objects & they looked like the first one. One was underneath the other one, then it moved away to the west & the other one moved to the north. This sighting lasted less than 5 min. The next one was at 3:16 pm and it moved from east to west in about 20 seconds again above the house. Then at 3:40 pm another one came from the same direction moving even faster again only visible for seconds.The last one was at 3:57 pm and was the brightest & lowest in altitude. It stayed stationary long enough for me to get my video camera and film it. I was visible for only minutes but you can clearly see it morphing. I played it back on my 60" TV and many different shapes were visible. I would like for you to see the film and get your opinion. Thanks again for the work you do!
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
Kelseyville, California Orange/Amber Lights Making Sporadic Movements
Date: July 5, 2005
Time: From 9:30 to about 10:30.
Location of Sighting: Going west on Highway 20 towards Clearlake Oaks.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: As far as I could tell flat with orangish amber lights.
Full Description of event/sighting: Hello Brian.
I was driving home with my boyfriend going west on highway 20 and I saw this very bright looking star, it caught my attention because of its brightness. I would get a good look at it every now and then, when a hill wasn't in the way or tree's and when I got another look at it I noticed a amber colored star smaller than the first coming out from the bottom of the first one!! Then I couldn't see it again for awhile because of all the hills and mountains. Then as we got to the 20-53 junction close to Clearlake Oaks, I had full view of one and I couldn't really tell what kind of shape it was still, but it was very bright amber color and looked to be heading south to me.
We turned on 53 and we were heading to lower lake and I tried to look back and see it some more. But the nice person behind us had there brights on us and it made it hard for me to see much, and plus there were lots of tree's. We got to lower lake and then turned on interstate 29 and as we got to the top of this bend were you can see the valley bellow, I saw two of them , they looked like they were over Clearlake the city, not the lake itself, not quite sure and I could tell that they were flat looking, and they were flashing amber lights and some red as well.
Then I couldn't see anything after that, for about 10 minutes. Then we turned off of 29 onto red hills road and as we got to the top of another bend where I had a better view, and at this point I was quite excited from what I saw 10 minutes prior. I took my seat belt off made my boyfriend stop. I stood up out of the sun roof to look, all I could see was just one of them and from my distance from the UFO. It looked like a bright star again but amber in color and was doing all these sporadic movements. When I saw them both on 29, they were pretty low, I'm guessing about 900- 1000 feet maybe a bit higher, but I'm just guessing. More people had to of seen this besides me, there is no way we could have been the only ones! My evening was very interesting, its strange I haven't seen not one UFO in a long, long while and bam, there you have it. Well take care, keep up the great work as always.
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
Kelseyville, California Flashing Bright Colored Lights
Date: July 9, 2005
Time: 2:00 a.m till 2:30ish
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Looked like a star.
Full Description of event/sighting: Brian, Well this time I was watching a movie with my boyfriend when I noticed a bright star like object. It was flashing bright orange, blue, white and red lights. It looked like it was pretty far away, I'm guessing 30 or so miles. It was pretty far up too, I'm not sure how far though. Me and my boyfriend watched this thing for about a half hour and I remembered I had my disposable camera, so I went and got it and snapped a shot as best I could,I hope it turns out ok. And about not even 40 seconds of snapping the picture. It was gone, just like that. It freaked me out, it even freaked my boyfriend out too, we were feeling pretty un easy about that, since I flashed my camera and then it just vanished. I'll get the film developed as soon as I can to see how that came out :) oh yea, earlier my brother told me he and his best friend seen a UFO while they were in Lakeport watching a movie at the drive in. Alot of activity going on here!
Additional Information:
Well I can tell you it was very low in the horizon when we first were watching it. Then it started to go upward then stopped again, kind of moved to the right side then back every minute or so too after going up a ways. I have no idea how far up it was, altitude wise, but seemed pretty low to start out with then got higher. Probably about as high as a commercial plane when seen coming from that direction. The UFO was in the south west horizon from my position, I don't which way it was going it just sort of stayed stationary and went up and moved around a bit and blinked alot of colors. As for the weather conditions last night it was pretty clear a few wispy clouds, I seen a kind of haze, probably fog in the horizon of were the object was, but the UFO was right above it when I noticed it. That's about it as far as I can remember.
Best regards.
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
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