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Release Date: July 2, 2005
Also new to the site, a short audio clip on a witness to the Kecksburg UFO sighting. This witness was residing in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania at the time of the sighting. To find this audio report, check either my audio page or look for the report on my main page, then The Vike Report.
Dallas, Texas Daytime Sighting Of A Metal Triangular Shaped Craft
Date: Later 1970's
Time: Daytime sighting.
Basically, in the later 70's, my Mom and I were driving east on Southwestern Blvd in Dallas, Texas and I saw in the sky the UFO. It was triangular in shape. It wasn't super high in the sky because I remember I could see what looked like the bottom of the structure very clearly. There were lights in primary colors, many of them, all around the structure. If it weren't for the lights, I probably would not have seen it. And that raises a question for me ... if this was from another space system, and they didn't want to be seen, then why would they be so obvious? Not just my sighting, but so many sightings are just that, very bright and sometimes colorful in nature.
As I stared at the object, I told my Mother to look up and asked her what it was! I remember being so excited, not happy-excited but in awe-excited. It took her a few seconds to look up since she was driving. In the meantime, the structure darted to my right lightening-fast! It was so fast it almost looked like it disappeared and popped up in another spot, but it didn't disappear. I could see it move. I now am looking out my window (passenger side) and said "there it is! Did you see that?!" Mom said she couldn't see anything and didn't try to look again.
Mom was a devout Christian, as I am. But there was no room for anything that is not mentioned in the Bible. After seeing this thing, I'm more open-minded about it, still maintaining my love for my faith.
The structure starting dashing back and forth, up and down, and crossways in instantaneous movements all the while maintaining the use of those brilliant colored lights. I can't remember if they were blinking lights. I don't think they were. I believe the blinking I remember is from the pseudo-disappearing/reappearing thing it was doing.
Then, as quickly as it appeared, it zoomed off so fast it looked like it vanished into thin air.
Isn't that amazing? This happened what, 30 years ago? And it is probably my most vivid memory. To this day, I think of it constantly.
It was definitely during daylight. I'm glad it was because I was able to see the shape of the object (I'll start saying "craft" now because it's more specific ... and I just like saying it too!) instead of the lights making the shape. I remember that is wasn't just the lights that I saw, I saw actual metal. Does that make sense? Hope so.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Westcliff On Sea Near Southend Essex, U.K. Object Swinging Like A Pendulum
Date: Autumn 1992
Time: Approx: 5:00 p.m.
I've seen some strange things in the sky on six occasions.
The strangest was in autumn 92 , it was around 5:00 pm and just getting dark. I was calling on a friend, I tapped on the window and while I was waiting for my friend to come to the door I started to look at the sky as you sometimes do and straight away I noticed a very bright round light, at arms length it was the size of an English two pence. I reckon it was about 300 feet in the air and half a mile away. I could gage it because at the time I was living on a high rise the 15th floor.
When my pal came to the door I just said what do you make of this John? We were looking at it for approx 5 minutes. It was swinging a bit like a pendulum slowly and after a few swings, I saw something at the top right (1 o'clock) it appeared to latch on or maybe dissolve into the main object. Soon after it vanished.
While we where observing, I was kind of commentating on the event, was pointing out the fact that there was no noise , it was not a helicopter nor plane and couldn't have been a balloon of any kind because there was a bit of a breeze a the time and at one point I was looking at it from behind a sturdy post , to me it pivoted on a neat axis.
This occurred in Westcliff on sea near Southend Essex.
Yours sincerely.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Mobile, Alabama Strange & Unexplained Object Filmed
Date: 1995
Hi Brian,
I have been viewing the pictures on the net that capture a strange and unexplained object in the sky, which was not visible to the people on sight at the time. They are somewhat similar to something that showed up in the sky behind us in a photograph snapped of my husband and myself at the Mobile UFO Conference of '95, I believe it was.
We had gone out on to the terrace for a breath of fresh air and someone offered to take our picture. None of us saw the object. It was not until we had returned home and had our film developed that I discovered it while putting the pictures into the album. I thought it was an eyelash on the picture and tried to brush it away! We sent the original photograph and the negative to Bruce Macabee, and he responded by saying that it was not conventional aircraft of any kind and was not any kind of flaw in development. He said it was clearly an object, either moving very slowly or not at all (no motion distortion), the shape of which he likened to a slightly "bent hotdog". To me it looks like the lid of a shoe box, viewed from the side.
Here is the scanned photo of the UFO that appeared in the background of the picture I snapped of my husband and myself at the '95 UFO Gulf Breeze Conference that was held in Mobile, Alabama due to the hurricane damage! The quality is not very good... less good even than the original enlargement I scanned it from. But I hope you can see it well enough to determine if it is the same sort of object as what you had on your site.
HBCC UFO Research Note: In the original photo that was sent to me, there shows the lady and husband. Owners of the photo. I cropped the photo which removed the folks from the picture, respecting their privacy.
Take your vision to the far right side of my husband's back, then follow that line of sight right up the picture to the sky behind us/him, and you will see the strange, dark, shoebox-lid shaped object in high in the sky above.
Let me know your thoughts!
Sincerely Yours,
Photos are © C.A.B. 1995
Thank you to the person for this report and for the interesting photo.
Photo can be viewed at:
Mount Shasta, California Silver Saucer & Other Sightings
Date: Vary
Time: Vary
It was a daylight sighting en route to Mt. Shasta (I live near it), which my husband saw as well... just a little silver saucer-shaped "scout ship" skipping along across the top of the mountain. We were driving on I-5 at the time, and could neither pull
over nor slow down sufficiently to get a really good look, but we both saw it. Another happened right in the night sky visible from our front yard (proof positive you don't have to "go" anywhere to have a sighting!), and which we later learned others in
our town had seen and reported over a course of two or three days.
That one was lights in the night sky in the shape of a triangle (HUGE) which moved slowly from south to north, moving at an
upward angle towards the full moon. My husband and I were sitting out front enjoying the cool evening (I believe it was June or July) and talking nostalgically of our trip to Peru, from which we had recently returned. In mid sentence (his), I interrupted with "What the hell's that??!"
My husband said, "Go get the binoculars!", and I sprinted into the house to do so. I handed them off to my husband, who had it in his sights still, and then ran next door to alert the neighbor, who I knew was interested in the subject of UFO's
and would never forgive me if I witnessed a sighting from our front yard and did not tell him...! By the time I got back, the object had disappeared.
My husband said it had gone in front of the moon (it was bigger than the full moon) and vanished, as if someone simply turned off the lights with a switch. There had never been any sound what-so-ever, and when I consider the distance it traversed across that sector of sky in the time involved, it must have been moving very fast indeed, although to our eye it looked like it was just moving in a steady, gradual pace.
In other words, it did not "flash" across the sky like a meteor. It was more like the speed or motion you view on a very high flying plane. Except of course that no plane is shaped like that (!) or of that size, and if one were, and were close enough to be seen in that way, you would most certainly HEAR it..! I believe the newspaper wrote the sightings off as having supposedly been a "stealth blimp". We talked to a few other people who saw it in different locations on different nights. They all reported the same three point triangle shaped lights and the fact that it moved in complete silence.
I had another sighting while visiting a friend who owns property outside of Prescott, AZ, in a little community known as Dewey. I was staying with her, and she and I and her boyfriend had just returned home from a night out in Phoenix.
It was about ten or eleven at night. We said our goodnights, and I went upstairs to the guest room I occupied, got ready for bed, and had just opened my eyes after saying a prayer which had included words to the effect of ".... and greetings and blessings to my sisters and brothers from other plains, planets and dimensions", something I often do. The room I occupied had windows on three sides, and because it was on the second story and there were no other houses near by, you didn't feel the need to block them with curtains or blinds. I enjoyed looking out on the night sky each night before I drifted off to
sleep, and that night I opened my eyes for one last look, and what I saw in the window frame directly across the room from my bed was a very large golden ball of light, moving silently and slowly in a straight line across the top of the hills in the distance. I watched in fascination until it moved out of the frame of the window, then jumped out of bed to run over to
it (the window) for a better view. I felt a warm, loving presence as I did so, and there was definitely a sense of "communication".
I watched for probably 30 seconds before it quietly winked out. I "felt" in my heart of hearts that it contained consciousness, and that it somehow related to the closing words of my prayer. My friend was very nonchalant about it when I went down and tapped on her door to tell her what I'd seen. There are many sightings in her neck of the woods, and they are quite common-place, so it's no big deal to the residents! I felt singularly blessed, however, and as though "someone or something"
had responded to my greeting...!
In any case, there have been one or two others (sightings), but I will fill you in on those some other time. As far as dates, the enormous triangle shaped craft we saw from our front yard was in 1997. The glowing golden orb I saw in AZ was in March or April of '98, and the daylight "bent hot dog" sighting in Mobile at the UFO Conference (it was supposed to be the Gulf
Breeze Conference, but a hurricane at the section of beach and hotels where it had been scheduled to be held, so the conference people had to shift everything over to Mobile in a two week time span...!) was I believe in '95.
I hope the information I've shared is of some interest to you.
Best Wishes,
Thank you to the witness for the very interesting reports. As I mentioned briefly to this person, I wonder if there might be more going on that she is aware of. Possible !
Bournemouth, Dorset, England Egg Shaped Object Flying Silently
Date: Around October of 2003
Time: Between 9:00 - 9:30 p.m.
I have been fascinated by the subject of UFOs since I was a small child, I'm 24 now. Around October time of 2003, I happened to have a sighting. It was probably around 9:00 -9:30 pm. I was walking back from the shops to the block of flats where I lived with my mother at the time, when an egg shaped object flew above me. It moved without sound, point forwards, with a tail of light (maybe as long as the craft itself), south-east-south over the road and disappeared above the flats where I lived. There are a number of variables that make this sighting hard to describe. Its speed, I suppose, could be comparable to the speed of a jet plane when viewed from the ground, namely very slow but if this thing was flying at the same height as a plane then it was about the size of a football field.
You see the problem. If I make a guess at size, speed, or altitude then all other factors have to change accordingly. Added to this is the fact that it happened two years ago and it was a clear night (no clouds = no frame of reference). If I had to guess though I would say it was moving at around ten miles an hour and was the size of a school bus, maybe 75 feet high. My second problem is in actually describing the object itself. As I have already said it was egg shaped flying silently point forwards with a tail of light following behind it. It was the way it was lit that is hard to describe. It was seemingly lit from within, white/orange and white/yellow but it was not transparent. Maybe a better description would be than it seemed to be superheated.
Its my opinion that most of us, even those who want to believe are completely grounded in reality and not really well equipped to deal with events dubbed paranormal. I don't mean to say that we panic but that we have a hard time with acceptance. Maybe that's just me. As a result I have spent the last two years half doubting what I saw. You have to wonder how many people experience such things yet don't report them out of just such skepticism or fear of ridicule. Luckily I have faced no ridicule but I have faced incredulity from the people I have told. I can't blame them for this, I doubted myself after all.
This morning came like a wakeup call. What I saw was no conventional aircraft, it was not swamp gas, Venus, or streetlight reflecting of duck buts and pardon the expression, but if that was a comet or meteor then we would all be goofed right now.
What I saw was something else.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Terrace, British Columbia Silvery Disk
Date: June 8, 2005
Time: 9:20 p.m.
I saw a silvery disk appearing on the 8th of this month at 21.20 pm. I was reading on my porch, facing NW, when I witnessed something out of the corner of my eye and looked up. In a distance of +- 50 meters, I could see a silvery disk hovering around 40 meters above the ground. The object did look like polished steel, because it was reflecting the trees and area below like a mirror. The lower half of the same was more bulgy ( wider ) and four rings were clearly visible. The lower right of the disk had some markings or writing in light red. It remained stationary for a few seconds and flew of to the south, and when I looked on the other side of my trailer there was only clear sky.
Hope your doing fine and when are you coming this way?
Thank you to the eyewitness for their report.
Facing West Towards Whitby, Ontario White Star-like Object
Date: June 25, 2005
Time: 10:40 p.m.
On Saturday, June 25, 2005 at 10:40 p.m., I stepped outside facing west, towards Whitby, Ontario. I witnessed from my position, 500-1000 yards away, a small perfectly round white star moving object, from south to north. This object was seen for 5-7 seconds, at a altitude of only about 200-500 feet. The size appeared, like that of a basketball. As I lost sight of this horizontal bright ball of light, as neighboring homes blocked it's flight path. I unsteadily ran to the backyard (north) to catch more of this object, and saw nothing more of it, gone. There was no sound at all that I heard, therefore not motorized. The speed would be between 200-500 MPH or more.Now after this,I was not ready to take my eye away from the sky.Further in observation, after 10 minutes, a soft tone white round light moving very high in the sky.
This light was flying south to north as high as a jet above my position. What amazed me, after watching it for 30 seconds, it just faded out. Again,I heard no jet sound of this higher object and was traveling slow like a Cessna. At that point,one wonders if the two are connected.I know that the higher object could be that of a jet. I'm still very stumped of the first closer object, as it was in "fact" really strange. Could you please let me know if anyone else in the area reported this sighting to you. Also one thing to note, that on Saturday, a plane crashed in northeastern Oshawa and the pilot unfortunately, was killed.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Phoenix, Arizona Sky Harbor UFO Sighting
Date: June 27, 2005
Time: Evening
My wife thought she heard thunder this evening so we went outside to make sure everything was picked up that could blow away in a monsoon. I walked around the front of the house to look for t-'storms when I saw something that looked like another plane on approach to Phoenix Sky Harbor. I sighted two lights in a position in the sky where we normally see a lot of air traffic, but these lights didn't appear to move. They were spaced fairly far apart for a commercial aircraft to be that close and appear still, so I called my wife over to take a look. After a couple minutes it was obvious that it wasn't a conventional aircraft. I went inside to get my camera and binoculars. I took several pictures as it moved slowly off to the west and eventually below the roofline of the neighboring homes. Through the binoculars it looked like I was seeing the side of a triangular shaped object as appeared slightly darker against a twilight sky. The most notable thing about my photos is that some showed a red light at the closest side of the object and some showed a green light in that position. Please email me for the pictures, if they are of interest to you. Thanks,
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Terrace, British Columbia Brilliant Object Change's It's Appearance
Date: June 28, 2005
Time: 1:51 a.m.
Hi Brian,
I was sitting outside listening to music, when I suddenly did witness a huge white light in a natural break in the tree canopy to the west. Sure enough the object changing it's appearance to white, grayish, and invisible flew right into my vision, means clear sky, within +- 20 seconds. This did happen at least 15 times, truly amazing to watch - felt like I was back in the 70's and 80's. The object, roughly 1 kilometer high, did disappear as brilliant white over the Telkwa Pass. Incredible to witness how only thought does trigger a strong reaction with them. Time 01:47 to 1:51 am, at my place looking to the south and the sky was clear with a few clouds.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Abbotsford, British Columbia Strange Round Object
Date: June 30, 2005
Time: 12:45 a.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Round, like a margarine container.
Full Description of event/sighting: I can't believe I'm doing this, or even if I believe it but here goes.
Late last night I was watching TV (South Park and the Simpson's) and decided that half way through the second show it was time for bed which meant one more cigarette, I grabbed my CD player and my pack of Benson & Hedges and went out on the patio. While I was sitting out there something caught my eye from the apartment building across the parking lot.
It looked like someone had thrown a Becel margarine container over the next building with what looked like tin foil around it (the object was way bigger than a margarine container, but same shape), it was shining and when I looked at it about 2 seconds later it slowed down and looked like it was gliding. I had headphones on at full blast so I don't know if anyone was out there at the same time or not. The object got out of view after almost a minute and I didn't think anything of it. I just finished my cigarette and went inside and that is when the strangest thing happened, when my CD players batteries die it let's out this really loud beep telling me the batteries are low. But the player just shut itself off, I would hit play again and see if it had just missed the beep, but it wouldn't turn back on at all.
Then about 10 minutes ago I went back outside with the same CD player, same CD to have a cigarette forgetting about what had happened until the CD started to play perfectly normal and then I remembered the night before. And the batteries were almost full and everything worked fine.
I honestly don't know what to think or if it was anything at all, if someone had thrown a really large container there is no way they could have thrown it over the building across the parking lot (about 3 car lengths from sidewalk to sidewalk, not to mention the sidewalks themselves and the slope of the roofs).
The CD player is fine so I don't know what it could have been. Please let me know.
Additional Information:
Well as far as I can think of is it was heading from south east to north west. It definitely looked as though it was maneuvering on it's own, it wasn't spinning just kind of soaring, there was no wind, I know this because I was on the top floor balcony and had no trouble lighting a cigarette without blocking the flame from any wind. It was calm out. I didn't stay long after I saw it, I finished my cigarette and went back inside, it was after midnight so the sun wasn't out, it had set a few hours before. It looked like it was lit. A dim light, nothing that I know of would have been illuminating the sides of it, but it had the look of being lit from the inside with a dim light, nothing that I thought overly odd at the time. before I put on my head phones and even after they were off I didn't hear anyone speaking or laughing or even a car driving by.
My place is right by the highway. I had an odd feeling when I went inside before I turned off the lights was that I was being watched, I didn't pay attention to the cats in the house because one sleeps in the guest bedroom and the one in the master bedroom was under the bed I'm supposing because she is usually at the window.
Unfortunately I thought it would be an uneventful smoke break and took out my CD player with me instead of my book, that way I didn't have to have the porch light on and possibly disturb a neighbor.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Merritt, British Columbia Approximately 100 People Watch Unusual Light
Date: July 01, 2005
Time: Approx 10:30 p.m.
Hi Brian, The reason for this email so late in the evening is because we saw something seriously weird in the night sky tonight while we were watching the fireworks. My family and I plus about 100 other people always sit on this grassy hill when it's fireworks time and tonight while the small ones were popping away, I heard someone say "What's the light up there" saw we all looked but nobody had a clue it certainly wasn't part of the show that's for sure because it was way up there and just a single bright roundish light almost overtop of us and then headed off south. I would say that by the time it was over us and flew out of our visual sight was about 30 seconds. I haven't a clue what it was but all it looked like was a planes light when it's coming at you but this was flying away from us and I've never heard of a plane having one of those bright headlights on the back of it needless to say this was very strange and I wasn't the only one who watched it. Anyway I'm off to bed I just wanted to tell you what everyone saw in the night sky tonight around 10:30.
Thanks again.
Additional Information:
#1- No sound noticed but could have been because of the fireworks
#2- The color was just like a large white plane light when it's flying towards you but this was flying away and had no other lights ie: red/blue/green
#3- The light traveled on a straight path. At first it didn't seem to move to fast but by the time my wife saw it, the light had flown out of sight within 30 seconds
#4- The night was crystal clear.
This all started when I heard someone say "That bright star looks like it's moving" and that's when I looked up and saw it. I was outside the car when I poked my head inside to tell my wife (name removed) to look at this light which she did but she wasn't to interested in it. I don't know the names of other's Brian, I'm sorry to say because they were just a bunch of people sitting in one area to watch the fireworks but I did witness several people looking up watching it. As soon as I leave here I'm going to write the local paper and have them print an article so I can get other people to call me and then if I get that info I'll forward it straight to you okay. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help and I wish something more had happened but it was just a very strange bright light fly through the night sky..
Have a great weekend Brian.,
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Brian Vike, Director
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