Amazing UFO Fleets
Over Mexico

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By Santiago Yturria
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Dear Jeff,
No other country in the world has been fortunate enough to have so many reports about UFO 'fleet' or 'cluster' sightings like Mexico.
Since October 27, 1992, when Ulises Trujillo videotaped a rare formation in the sky that took Mexican ufologists by surprise, this unique and disconcerting type of sighting has been reported and documented on video by many people through the years.
The documented evidence presents an extremely difficult phenomena to understand...a challenge to Ufology and to common sense. Yet the phenomena is real and is occurring over an entire nation... witnessed by thousands of people for more than a decade - many of whom have contributed to recording and writing episodes of this fascinating ufo story.
The term UFO ''fleet' is not new and certainly did not originate in Mexico. In July 12, 1952, a group of unknown flying objects was witnessed and filmed in 16 mm by Delbert C. Newhouse in Tremonton, Utha. A year before on Aug. 25, 1951 at 9:10 PM, Dr. W. I. Robinson from Lubbock, Texas witnessed along with two colleagues a formation of 18 luminous objects and took some photos. This UFO formation was known as the Lubbock Lights.
These two sightings along with others were subsequently described as 'UFO fleets.' So this unique type of multiple UFO sightings has been around for quite some time, reported all over the world and documented in films, photos and videos. Mexico is distinguished by being the country with the most UFO fleet sightings documented on video.
The Mexican experience in witnessing this rare phenomena has increased in the past three years for undetermined reasons, adding even more suspense to this mystery.
It seems that in some way the increase in the number and appearences of these formations suggests an effort to awaken awareness among Mexicans to these craft and their controllers...who seem to be looking for interaction.
The mystery is certainly challenging and the questions only multiply.
However, these unique spectacles in the skies over Mexico continue being fascinating for the people who simply react with excitement and amazement to the strange appearance of these clusters of OVNIs...UFOs.
These are some of the most remarkable UFO fleet videos taken during the Great Mexican UFO Wave, some of them recent, images that describe accurately the actual Mexican experience of a reality that challenges our knowledge to the maximum.
Santiago Yturria



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