What's the Point!

Jim Kirwan
So many questions, so much disarray in all things political, financial and social - and all thanks to those who have arranged our lives to suit themselves: While all that most of us seem to be able to do is to watch and wait for the next colossal disruption.
In this we have come to understand that this New World Order is most of all a many layered and an ever-descending spiral of lies. The longer this continues the more convoluted and confounding it becomes, to even remotely track, as to what still works and what has failed.
Technically we have survived massive job displacements, a continuing implosion in the balance of trade, semi-chaos in financial circles that are flirting with oblivion - and through it all there has been no willingness to alter course. In the society at large we have gone from possibly the freest nation on earth to one of the most conflicted populations on the planet. We are immersed in two wars, yet we seem to remain in complete denial of that hideous fact. The number of the dead mounts daily, both of our own, and of the others that we routinely slaughter - calling them "insurgents" - which is a complete misnomer. The definition of that term requires that there be an "authority" in place - and since we began these wars that has not been the case for those that oppose our forces. The White House solution for this "semantics problem" has been to propose US Death squads to "pacify" places where rebellion against US hegemony in any area might be building. Through it all, our own dead and wounded and their treatment by this government that put them In Harm's Way, is still SECRET, because it's bad PR to tell the truth!
There are yet deeper levels of these lies, that the above cover stories were meant to hide. One of the first real accomplishments of this administration, since they committed the attacks of 911, was to officially Capture Freedom: and with the imposition of the first Patriot Act, the official perversion of Justice also began. All of that was completed with the appointment of a National Intelligence Director (which was just another cover, because that position is a function that the president alone is responsible for). By passing the buck again, the Bush-gang has inserted yet another tar-baby between the people and those responsible for the actions of this government - against the people they took an oath to defend!
A by-product of this illegal seizure of the freedom that this nation was founded to foster - was implemented on 5-10-05 - and is called the REAL I.D. Card. This signaled the surrender of all privacy rights, and all information along with whatever rumors might be included - for anyone who reads the new ID card: so that everyone's entire life will now be a completely open book for the Outlaws to scan at the click of a keystroke.
These two things were huge losses for the American people: Losses that exceed the combined loss of pensions, health care, education, and national security: all of which continue to grow by the minute.
One has to wonder where the bouncing ball of outlaw criminality will finally come to rest in this land, where Suspicion has been loosed on every side. To the political correctness of the discredited Extreme Left, along with the vastly more vocal Extreme Right this government has now chosen to add Religious bigotry and hatred of deeply rooted differences between people - as a political potpourri-of-the-day. No society can survive such concerted attacks on all fronts - because any viable society has to be founded on common interests between and among its citizens, with a reasonable expectation that its leaders will not flagrantly lie to them about every single thing that leadership does with the money, and the national goodwill - supposedly created in all our names.
When a lawyer or a writer or a doctor is caught in an outright professional lie, there are consequences - but when a nation is taken to war based on an entire cracker-barrel filled with vile and outright lies and hundreds of thousands of people are killed because of those lies - how can there be "no consequences"? The world knows what we did - and they will not forget, it is only we who have chosen not to notice.
The longer this continues: the more bold and fearless the Outlaws have become, yet "the people" do not raise their voices. All the states are flirting with bankruptcy, the infrastructure of the nation is in shambles, and government's solution is to pack the courts with sympathetic judges who will overrule the public and increase the license for the criminals to continue their desecration of our national resources, while they intensify their drive to imprison or murder any who might even think about resisting them.
Our prisons are overflowing with "drug offenders" another by-product of the War on Drugs. That little stunt is something that several investigative journalists have paid for with their lives, when they tried to expose the truth behind the headlines. One almost unnoticed fact is that we have now allowed JUSTICE and the expectation of that concept - to be openly and flagrantly ignored - because we have nationally adopted a zero tolerance for crime, when committed by people, while we have steadfastly refused to fully prosecute the corporations that have been the true driving force behind the Outlaws for all these many decades.
We have no collective conscience anymore, no self-respect, because no outrage rises when we are "taken" yet again - all we have is our tiny selves and those precious habits that we want to keep on having - so we smugly go about our lives as if nothing has really changed. But - EVERYTHING has changed!
How much more has to be done to this population before ordinary people finally scream - ENOUGH! IF we have no freedom, no expectation of fair or just treatment in the overburdened courts of this land, where "justice" is an anachronism under glass and no longer a living-breathing thing - then what is the point?
Where is the truth being spoken in this fear-filled place that used to be called "The Home of the Free" but is now known as "The No-Longer Brave." Without freedom or privacy, or the right to own anything including the money in your own bank account (read both Patriot Acts) - then how can we continue to delude ourselves about the future - because in this scenario there is no private future for anyone who is not part of that insider's club that pulls the strings on George & his puppet staff of pretenders to prominence. Americans have begun to live their lives on their knees: Have we forgotten how to stand against injustice?
The capture of Freedom along with sending Justice back to the Dark Ages ought to be grounds for impeachment - but there is not a whisper of complaint. This note is a frontal assault upon what has happened to us - but it is by no means a surrender to anything that might yet transpire. So long as there is still nature and the quirks of everyday experience, there is a chance of survival.
We have had two Bush Wars, and we have lost both times - not directly but in every other way. We have seen our lives get smaller, more controlled in every way - Bush says that it's the" terrorists" - but it is Bush and his co-conspirators that have stolen what we had, and all of whatever we might want to be. No "terrorist" or foreign country could have done that to us! We,ve been sabotaged by tyrants inside this government, by Outlaws using treason, to steal what they could never take in any other way. Along the way we have allowed a fringe group to dictate law and behavior, in every conceivable way - in a nation that once prided itself on difference, on independent thought - and above all on freedom from censorship regardless of the source.
We are living on the backs of the rest of the world who are resisting the USA and who will continue to do that. The day will come when we will pay with our lives for this massive duplicity and denial in which we are wallowing. This is what I see, and for me there is NO POINT in having allowed these crimes to continue!



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