From Alastair Wiggins
United Kingdom
Dear Jim Kirwan,
Re: WING - Trashing The Truth
Let's take a real close look as these two big-mouthed canaries flap up a storm. First, we need to backspace a little...
It didn't take the NWO long to realize they could not control the information on the internet like a water faucet, so they decided to pollute the 'water' instead. Ergo: there are scores of intel assets from NSA, CIA, MI6 to the Mossad working on the net...and more than a few from Globalist corporate machines doing their bidding as well.
As some of you readers may remember, when the Vic and Lisa dog and pony show first appeared on the net, it was in the form of a very long 'patriotic' email screed ...a dodgy 'call to arms'...a clarion declaration to all alternative significant news sites, radio hosts and editors that their *only* hope to fight 'evil' was to band *together* under Vic and Lisa's grand new vision: the 'World Internet News Group'...WING... starring Victor Thorn! (Who the hell was 'Victor Thorn'?). And that any other course of action online in search of the truth and to fight the Globalists was foolish - if not downright suspicious.
Platformed right in the midst of this many page 'patriotic' recruitment hustle was a cleverly-constructed velvet-gloved 'request' (read: demand) that, of course, (paraphrasing) "the heroic Jeff Rense will no doubt be an essential part of 'WING'!" as would Rayelan of Rumor Mill News.
One can only imagine how Rense and Raye were as amused as this observer at the transparency of such a scam. Neither of them (I wrote and asked) had ever heard of either of these clowns before their flag-rapped email dissertation which projected (read: pressured) Rense and Rayelan's Rumor Mill News as being pivotal to WING's success in toppling the NWO.
It's known that research was done on 'Victor Thorn' and what turned up fit the profile of an intel asset like a glove. 'Victor Thorn' was an alias of a self-proclaimed 'novelist cab-driver musician' who cadged fares and sang(?) for eight long years in and around the Penn State University community. A perfect cover for anyone doing piecemeal Federal information gathering around a major university campus.
His real name was found to be Scott Makufka. A detail 'Victor' has since gone public with.
For anyone with half their wits who read 'Vic' and Lisa's call to unite under their WINGed leadership, it projected the obvious image of an an intel op... a ploy to try to grab two of the top alternative news engines, Rense and Rayelan, in one swoop - in hopes that others would follow.
What better way to control top alternative research and serious news producers than to sucker bait them into a cover organization 'for the greater good of the truth movement'? What better way to diminish and bleed off independent thought and research...strength through diversity...than to put all the horses in one corral? How dumb Vic and Lisa must have thought Rense and Rayelan and the thousands who received their email pitch announcing 'WINGs' over the world are. Wake up, Yanks, there are serious net operations going on.
I laughed...but I had to admit this mind op hustle was better than average and being mounted very well, indeed. Vic and Lisa are clearly bright, well-trained word smiths and psy-op types.
That first long email proclamation was cleverly wrapped in the US flag and country and praised Rense and Rayelan to the heavens while 'inviting' them to join the Vic and Lisa's new internet carnival.
When Rense apparently refused to take the bait, they began to, in their subsequent mass emailings (they had a huge list, of course), to ask rhetorical questions, etc: "What's wrong with Jeff Rense?" Or "We haven't heard from him and we are confused. Surely such a great American will join us." blah blah blah.
I have a modest intel background and watching all this from the UK was quite an amusing spectacle. I wasn't certain who might be pulling Vic and Lisa's strings but I had a pretty good idea.
I don't know Rense (or Rayelan) from Adam (or Eve) but it was clear he realized that any response to them whatever would/could be used against him. So, he gave them, apparently, nothing...and took that option away. And that is the best way to counter an internet intel set-up. Trust me.
Next, they predictably attacked Rense ...not much was said about Rayelan. The usual and expected 'suggestions' were floated that Rense was a fake patriot, possibly an intel agent, or an ego tripper, etc, etc, otherwise, he would certainly have joined WING on the spot to fight all the bad guys and girls on the planet.
This email attack on Rense - their first net target and similar to what they are doing to Alex Jones now - went on for several weeks as I recall. It never elicited a reply from Rense but it accomplished the opening gambit of their assignment: to acquire immediate publicity and 'credibility' as 'great Americans' trying to fight the Globalist elite.
Again, watching all of this was amusing because it came right out of Net Intel Ops 101; all completely predictable drivel. Vic and his lady pal, of course, had shown up online 'out of the blue' with a web site, and were already posting some credible 'alternative' news...which is how internet agents and assets always establish their names and notoriety.
Not terribly long after, and almost on cue (and utterly predictable), came Vic and Lisa announcing their own internet radio show.
And then, even more predictably, they announced the 'Victor Thorn Net TV Show' This was so spot-on by-the-book, I was actually chortling out loud...primarily because no one seemed able to figure these two clowns out.
Now, fast-forward to their recent 'attacks' on American broadcaster Art NWO Bell.... amused me no end...another obvious device: a phoney, salacious attack on one of their own Globalist bretheren to further build their notoriety in the alternative news community. ('Wow...Vic and Lisa attacked...gasp...Art Bell! Only the greatest of true patriots would dare to take on Clear Channel's king of late night radio!")
If Bell had been so attacked by Alex Jones, he would have gone ballistic. But, as you may have noticed, hardly a peep came from Arthur himself.
And now we see the truly volcanic libeling and smearing of Alex Jones...the powerhouse lightning rod of anti-Globalist research...true fire and brimstone in the anti-NWO truth movement. The attack is, again, as predictable as it is despicable.
Let's not forget...Vic and Lisa's antics are a perfect overlay of the NWO Intel Net Ops handbook...
Chapter One of the internet intel assest/agent's handbook:
"Use your extensive list of activists/journalists that you were supplied with, or personally gathered, and immediately call for an alliance with the biggest names in the targeted field."
"Secure as many of these key alternative news sources as possible and bring them under your banner, one way or another. They can be influenced and controlled much easier as a group rather than in their current independent news and information power centers."
"If you are unsuccessful in baiting them to join you, begin to selectively attack them...using gross libel and smear tactics and suggest in print that they are intel agents or are motivated by greed and ego."
"The results of the attacks are enormous: instant amounts of free publicity and notoriety for your operation. Net wars with the targets are win-win for us."
"Remember: ANY responses from the targets will only build your notoriety and reputation."
"NEGATIVE responses from a target should be immediately quoted out of context, distorted and turned around and used to impeach and impugn the patriotism of the target."
"POSITIVE responses from the target give you instant leverage...and the bonus perception that you are on the same plane - that you are nearly *equals* with the target in the minds of those following your efforts."
"Remember - ANY response from the target is a WIN."
(etc, etc)
Chapter Two, of course, would direct such newly-spawned net agents to begin to book themselves on radio talk shows as quickly as possible...and then to start their own radio shows shortly thereafter.
That's a quick review of how the Vic and Lisa dog and pony information-gathering and internet disinfo charade began.
Lisa, of course, is the she-male bull. Slick and clever, she's the enforcer. Knows how to play word and head games very well. She loves to beat up on people (especially men) in print she is doing with Alex Jones now ...and then offer an 'olive branch' if they bow down in ideological subservience or, at least acknowledge that 'Lic and Visa' are fellow truth seekers (!)
To me, their antics mirror a high-level intel internet psy-op - an effort to neutralize and diminish the strength of your alternative US news movement by destroying its strength-through-diversity which has made it so strong in the states.
That's my tuppence on the matter. Be on guard, cousins. There are traitors in your midst!
From Richard Long
I, too, am suspicious of WingTV's motives and now think they may be a psy op.
Take Art Bell's infamous Pop Mechanics 911 show. Just before Art was to bring Ben Chertoff on he took a few supposed unscreened calls. The last call before Chertoff came on was a familiar voice, it was unmistakably Wing's Lisa Guliani.
I waited for Art to identify the caller as Lisa Guliani of Wing TV who had been dogging him for weeks, but Art never did. At first, I thought maybe I was wrong and it wasn't Lisa Guliani but someone who sounded similar.
My instincts were correct though, when it was confirmed the next Monday by Lisa that she indeed did get through that night to ask Art her questions. Was Art aware that it was Lisa from WingTV calling? That is still unclear.
My question is, if Art Bell did not set up the phone-in by Lisa Guliani, how did she become one of the few unscreened callers on one of America's top syndicated radio shows? Are we to believe that it was pure luck that her call got through? Was that moment the 'tell' Wing TV has 'outside' help?
Rich Long Toronto Ont Canada



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