WING - Trashing The Truth
By Jim Kirwan
On mainstream television there is a popular and insidious disease that is taking over the airwaves. It's called REALITY Television, and it's the furthest thing from reality, that could be imagined. The web is occasionally infected by a similar phenomenon that generally seeks to be called "the TRUTH tellers." These people should not be confused with their chosen topic, anymore than "REALITY" should be mistaken for things like "Survivor" or any of the other constructs that television created to replace reality with its complete fictions.

The media uses these programs as substitutes for real life; featuring their exploits as matters of great concern, and giving interviews daily with the contestants, as they fail or are kicked off each succeeding episode. This garbage "news" is substituted for anything that could be meaningful or of any value whatsoever to the American population. "The TRUTH tellers" do the same thing for the web, with an added twist. The purpose behind most of these high-tech hucksters, beyond the money to be made hawking their wares, the tapes, the films, the books which they create - is to slant, distort, or to otherwise clutter up the field of actual investigative reporting, or serious writing by those who in many cases have spent their lives trying to set various records straight.
One such case involves something called WING TV, which is the creation of Victor Thorn (Scott Makufka). My last article "A Climate of Suspicion" was a response to the "Cult of Fear." In response: I received a series of links from Lisa Guliani, who co-hosts that site. Lisa said I should read them to correct my obvious misimpressions, about "Cult of Fear." I read them and what I found was far more disturbing than what I thought was the earlier point of contention.

I learned for instance that part of their goal was to bring all the critics and writers on the web together: "Now I'm not talking about a huge centralization of power; but instead, a common unification of goals. Because, when you think about it, don't we all, in one way or another, have the same purpose in mind - to defeat the global forces which are rapidly eroding our freedoms and sovereignty? The primary difference between them and us is simple: our opponent is highly organized, and we aren't. And if we remain fragmented and isolated, I guarantee that absolutely nothing substantive will change. Is that what we want, or are we big enough to rise above ourselves and join together? This is the crux of our struggle."

Viewing WING TV, reminded me of an electronic version of The New York Post, and after reading the details in several of the attack articles - I almost laughed out loud. When you think about the work of people like Gore Vidal, or Arundhati Roy; Greg Palast, Robert Fisk, Paul Krugman, Molly Ivins, John Pilger, or Chomsky, Dreyfuss, Alexander Cockburn or Mokhiber/Weissman - any of the hundreds of really excellent writers in the world today - and all of them allowing themselves to be led around by this "dynamic-duo" without a background or even much of a future? The idea was simply ludicrous!

Amid the series of six articles, aimed at Alex Jones of Prison Planet, there was this fascinating find: "We respect Alex Jones' hard work and we're not challenging most of his information, but we do question his motives when he pushes fear-mongering and paranoia instead of direct activism."

Lisa fails to understand: Whenever anyone advocates calling for demonstrations that will route out criminality or change the behavior of any serious criminal cabal - that aspiration has to be weighed against what people are really like - as well as what "the people" can or will really do.

She alluded to what was done in the recent Orange Revolution in Ukraine: The standing crowds that took to the streets for weeks, until the presidency of that country fell. That happened, but it wasn't spontaneous it was bought and paid for by US black ops, to embarrass Vladimir Putin, and to secure more base rights for the US footprint in yet another corner of the world.

Apparently spontaneous outpourings of outrage is something that cannot happen unless there is a violent, visible and immediate danger presented - to all - and that is witnessed by the entire population, (911) - the aftermath of which can then be spun into having the public take the requisite response, as seen by those who created the event for that purpose. Short of that scale of personal violation, this country will not be roused.

All of this goes directly to Thorn's condemnation of Alex for not seeking to rally people to significant moments (911 anniversary gatherings at the site) - and that's without even considering the armed forces that would obviously come together to prevent the "occasion" from becoming a public cause. Most writers or web sites have not called for public dissent - because they know that politics is "the art of the possible."

The six articles were written after Jones refused to invite the pair to discuss their latest book on his radio program. This escalated into WING TV charging Alex Jones with censorship - because of Jones, apparent efforts to avoid the topic on his program. After reading all six articles and after writing to Guliani about their complaints, it became apparent that something pivotal was missing. Google doesn't have a lot, because there is not a lot to find.

This article alludes to the errors of Mr. Jones in his stance on the current police state that is building in the land:

"But what else is Alex selling? How about a double dose of fear and paranoia? We hear Jones bellyaching over and over again that America is a police state. In fact, on Friday, April 28th, I heard Alex say, "America's turning into a nightmare police state ... and it's real." A nightmare police state?? Where?? He also stated, "The country is turning into a total police state and we're gonna expose it." Yes, do expose it - again. And then go one step further, Alex. Expose and PINPOINT for us the geographic location of this so-called "nightmare police state". Of course dangerous legislation is being put in place on a daily basis by our government, but Victor Thorn and I would very much like to see this POLICE STATE for ourselves, because somehow we've missed it. Maybe we're suffering from a nasty concussion caused by all the infotainment and repeated bonks on the head from Alex's hard-sell hammer. Thorn and I recently returned from a road trip halfway across the country, stopping in big cities and small towns along the way, but for some odd reason we weren't able to locate this Police State. So exactly where is it, Alex? The cities we drove through were not teeming with mace-spraying police brandishing batons or big guns. In fact, they were rather quiet and calm. There was no police state, no matter where we looked or who we spoke to. In fact, officers in Oklahoma City were actually supportive of our efforts once they realized we were trying to expose the murder of Terence Yeakey. Nobody seemed to know about this nightmare police state. So, we'd really appreciate it if Alex could be more specific as to where it is, since the "whole country" is supposedly undergoing this scary transformation. Where exactly is the police state, Alex? Or is this just another marketing tool to recruit subscribers and sell videos?"
Apparently, the dynamic-duo missed some things. The constitution has been neutralized, the Bill of Rights destroyed, the Supreme Court has committed treason, and there are only a hand full of congressional people with any integrity left - not to mention that the White House has been completely overtaken by traitors. And most of this has been in effect for quite some time. The fact that most people don't want to hear about it does not make this any less of a takeover - in fact it makes that worse.

"It's not a prison if you haven't tried the door" and most working people haven't chosen to try that door - so they can truthfully say they think there is no police state. That does not make it so. The Police State may not be apparent in rural America, but it is there in the law enforcement agencies, and in the tenor and the tone of support for the war - but it is not overt in rural America, the cities however are another matter. Here for instance is Boston, getting ready for one of the political conventions:

If we wait for this to appear in every village and hamlet - then it will definitely be too late. The handwriting is on the wall and the thugs have all they need; I doubt that they can pull it off - but they seem to think they can. If and when there is a second part to 911 - then we'll all know for certain, because once the alert condition goes to red - then they will be free of all restraints. We will be virtually at the mercy of whatever they'd like to do with us (provided of course they can actually "CONTROL" the whole country).

To some this may sound like exaggeration, or oversimplification - but that's the political situation in this country now. Citizens cannot physically attend appearances of the president, and more often than not that privilege is being extended to the friends of Bush as well. No protestors allowed, no freedom of speech - just arrest and charges for daring to speak or advocate in any way against the mantra of the traitors - and that's something brand new, but it confirms that the freedom and democracy that was here; is not here now!

Credentials do not always make the man, but there is something about how one gets into any position that has a bearing on the validity of what readers are asked to believe. At the end of the day, Alex Jones radio and websites are privately owned and Alex does have the right to censor what he chooses to promote. Thorn (Magufka) and Guliani have the right to go elsewhere to seek promotion for their book. And given this review by Jim Hoffman of the book in question, it would seem that Alex Jones made the right decision.

There is no need for REALITY TV any more than there is a need for the disinformation that cloaks itself in some weird kind of search for "TRUTH." Writers do not need to be organized to challenge corruption, criminality or treason - they seem to do that well enough as individuals - it's part of what any writer really is, an individual first and foremost. The reading public will decide what books they want to read, no matter who the advocate, or who the writer is - by whatever name he or she has chosen to take as the author. I knew absolutely nothing about WING TV before I wrote "A Climate of Suspicion" - and now - I know why I failed to find them earlier.

While it's true that everyone has the right to say what he or she thinks, this freedom protects the right that we all have to say what we think. However there is a responsibility that goes with that right - and that is what keeps the fire of freedom burning.




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