The Weehawken Five - The
Weakest Link Is
Now Strongest

By Ted Lang
©2004-2005 Ted Lang - All Rights Reserved
Even now, when actual, physical evidence has been produced, analyzed and evaluated as authentic, proving that President Bush lied to Congress and the American People in his constitutionally-mandated State of the Union address, and lied when he requested war powers to fight terrorism, and lied US into a totally unnecessary, illegal and immoral war, the Zionist media develops a blind eye and a deaf ear and refuses to inform the American people. This anomaly of a "free and independent press," the total, collective and united spike of the second greatest blockbuster headline news event in my lifetime, is only just that: the second greatest spiked headline in the "War on Terror."
What is the greatest headline, and undeniably so? To me, it is the incomplete story of the "Weehawken Five," the five Israeli Intelligence agents, identified as the Mossad, captured right here in my state of New Jersey. I have already expounded upon the likely hypothesis that a very labor intensive effort had to be undertaken to correctly and efficiently place and plant the massive explosives necessary for the controlled demolition of the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001. And although evidence exits that Israeli Mossad terrorists brought the buildings down, they could not have accomplished this highly sophisticated and complex feat without the humongous technical assistance, scheduling arrangements, military and radar "standowns," as well as a massive manipulation of methodologies, substitutions and falsified documents, thereby leaving a huge trail of evidence.
Why hasn't any of this evidence come to light? Why hasn't it been pursued by the "corporate mainstream media?" And so-called conservative monikers assigned to the media, such as "liberal," "leftist," or "left-wing" are now exposed as fraudulent and misdirected smears. What better opportunity exists for so-called "liberals" to get even with Republicans for impeaching Clinton than the London Sunday Times' now-exposed Bush-Blair "secret memo," which is being totally ignored by this so-called "liberal" media? And Jeff Cohen's FAIR's explanation of this outstanding media support as being attributable due to wartime loyalty just doesn't rub either. Remember those who questioned loyalty to Israel, even though "Democrat," were summarily dispatched by the media. Do the names Howard Dean and Cynthia McKinney ring a bell?
A possible explanation is that Bush is carrying out the "liberal" agenda much more effectively than Clinton did, and this is the reason for the "liberal" mainstream corporate establishment media's support of Bush and his policies. And what are Bush's most visible mainstream policies if not his so-called "War on Terrorism?" But if we find out that terrorism was the focus, how does that relate to our illegal invasion of Iraq? It has been shown that all the pretenses for attacking Iraq were false, and now there's written and documented evidence of this; hence, the only real benefactor of Bush's warmongering is the foreign state of Israel. Any action as well as inaction on the part of the media involving either the Bush administration or Israel itself, can only point to its staunch support, protection and advancement of Zionism; hence, my explanation here and forever of "The Zionist Media."
This diversion was necessary to once again assess the actions of the "Weehawken Five."
In my previous assessment, in which I defined the controlled demolition termed "9-11," there was a "weak link." And you can always count on the self-inflicted ignorance that describes those who "aren't much for conspiracy theories." Every war I ever checked out as to causative factors always discloses a cabal of at least two individuals who plotted and schemed to profit from a planned and initiated war. 9-11 and the "War on Terrorism" are no exceptions!
In my prior article, I assumed that traces of explosives found in the "moving company" van as offered by Dr. Henry Makow and investigative journalist Chris Bollyn was fact. I failed to consider that they might be weak assumptions, so I did some more digging. Not only did I find out that their assertions were factual, I came across yet more information I wasn't previously aware of!
Not only were the "Weehawken Five" guilty of "jumping up and down," and "high-fiving," and photographing the destruction and demise of WTC as well as enjoying the horrible deaths of 3,000 American citizens, but more irrefutable, hard evidence was found by police and the FBI in the terrorist's van. Marked maps, boxcutters, passports, and a large sum of hard cash were found as well. And bomb-sniffing dogs were agitated by traces of explosives in the van. The moving company turned out to be a front, and its proprietor abandoned the business shortly thereafter and fled to Israel. The full accounts of their arrest and investigation can be found here.
Additional unconfirmed information I have received offers: (1) A heightened security alert that had been in effect was lifted five days before the 9-11 attacks, according to a security employee at WTC and an article in Newsday; (2) A 36-hour power outage was put into effect in the WTC south tower just before 9-11 resulting in the elimination of security camera operations and electrically controlled locks - building "engineer types" were seen in heavy numbers during the outage; (3) Larry Silverstein, the controller of the destroyed WTC complex, admitted that he advised the New York City Fire Department of his decision to "pull" [destroy by controlled demolition] the Solomon Brothers Building [No. 7] on a PBS broadcast. The latter indicates the complex placement of demolitions had been pre-positioned in that building, requiring several days of placement and rigging activities.
Clearly, the foregoing affords the "terrorists" the opportunity to place explosive charges at WTC. This cover-up by both the government and their media is, in and of itself, further evidence of the Bush administration's complicity in this most heinous and egregious crime against humanity in centuries.
Theodore E. Lang
© THEODORE E. LANG 5/17/05 All rights reserved
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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