Jimmy Walter's 911
Speaking Tour In London

By Kenyon Gibson
Friday the 27 of May in London for most people meant getting ready for Bank Holiday weekend, getting out of work early being the norm. Something else, however, was to make this a special day for many Londoners. At 10 am GMT a handful of speakers took their places behind the podium at St. Stephen,s Club near St. James, Park. Assembled were Jimmy Walter, Chris Bollyn, Eric Hufschmid, William Rodriguez and Thierry Meyssan. Walter, from the US, introduced the other panellists; with the exception of Meyssan, a French citizen, they were also all from the US.
Later in the day, the same panel, with the addition of Ian Henshall assembled at Friends House in Euston for a much larger gathering, attended by hundreds of people who thought that this was well worth taking time out of their weekend to attend. Walter,s straightforward delivery again started off the proceedings, and the crowd settled in to listen. Henshall chaired the event, the only UK citizen on the panel. He was known by many in the audience, as he is involved in groups that promote civil rights in the UK; he is also the author of a book on 9/11 which is due out in the fall, to be published in London by Constable & Robinson.
Aside from some technical difficulties, which did manage at times to slow the pace, the speakers managed to connect well with the crowd. Meyssan made his points like bullets fired off in Gallic rhythm: "Lies, and again lies, were his words for what we are being told by the US government: "It is stu-pi-di-ty, he thundered, and we were reminded of Peter Sellers. Ripples of laughter came from the audience at this point, les Rosbifs appreciating the humour that their neighbour from across the Channel was able to impart to this subject, dark as it was. It is no wonder that his book sold out in twenty minutes in France.
After laughter came tears, as William Rodriguez took the mike, and, coming down from the stage, came closer to the audience to speak as no other person in history could; he was the last man out of the World Trade Centre alive, but by rights ought to have been the first. His testimony, recorded so many times already, but ignored by the US, is unimpeachable. Just before the first plane struck the tower, plowing its way into history forever, there was an explosion in the basement of the North Tower. Rodriguez went into detail about this, and then gave us what so many newspaper stories have utterly failed to do, a real account from someone who was there. His accounts were not only recorded on the day, but were also verified by many on the NYPD/NYFD who were there, some whose very lives he saved. He, like some of the firemen who were there, witnessed explosions in the building and his testimony, like that of the men on the NYFD, has been suppressed, a fact he came to realise after testifying to Congress and being awarded a national medal of honour at the White House.
Rodriguez, the janitor at the North Tower, had been entrusted with one of five master keys to the building. The other trustees of this life-saving device bailed, leaving Rodriguez with the only key and also a complete understanding of the building, as he had worked there for twenty years. His decision to go up and rescue those who were trapped was one of the high points of that day, and the fact that he stayed in even after the South Tower collapsed, knowing more-or-less that the North Tower would follow suit, was New York City at its finest. He had in fact been ordered out by the NYPD, which, given the situation, was much to be expected given his civilian status. The order to leave, however, he respectfully defied in order to carry on with helping others, including a handicapped man who had been left behind in the chaos.
Rodriguez was ordered out again, this time as the building started to fall, and only a last minute dash under a firetruck on the west side of the building saved his life. Incredibly, the truck was not crushed, and Rodriguez was pulled out to safety, an answer to his prayer that the Lord would not let his mother see him dead. Incredibly, and perhaps not because of divine intervention, but rather due to human use of explosives and other high tech devices, much of the building was pulverised and came down as powder, a fact that spared not only his life but made three building that day fall into their own footprints.
So what does the US government do with such a man? After the awards, ceremonies and pictures taken of him with President Bush et al., he ended up homeless, with his crucial testimony ignored. But on Friday night, the 27 of May 2005, he was heard. Those of us fortunate enough to be there were transported to another date in history, to that second Tuesday of September 2001 when America,s Pearl Harbor of the Twentieth Century, changed so many of our lives. We were also very curious as to why the US government does not want to make public the testimony of the man who they so honoured.
Chris Bollyn of the American Free Press also spoke. Friendly and intelligent, he has the very qualities that are so lacking in so many of today,s journalists, some of whom, it is quite evident, simply manufacture their stories for the mainstream press. He has done extensive research into the aspects of the towers, collapse, the Mossad agents caught rejoicing on 9/11 (arrested, by the way, in Bergen County, New Jersey, whose police chief got himself microchipped and wants all American to be chipped before they can buy or sell), the Pentagon disaster and the crash of the plane in Pennsylvania. His vast store of information was opened to all, much to the benefit of the public.
>From California came Eric Hufschmid, the author of Painful Deceptions. Hufschmid analysed the events from a purely scientific viewpoint, with many images on the screen to show as he spoke. Pure reason is again a force to be reckoned with, and it was evident that what he had to say, although perhaps a bit more complex in character, was well appreciated by the audience. Like David Ray Griffin, he is from Santa Barbara County, which, at least to me, is no surprise as, having spent much of my youth in that very place, know well that they are more intuitive and not so easily led as most people. It was a breath of fresh air to hear from Eric, and, though not in person, but with us via video, the aforementioned Griffin.
The night ended with a question and answer session, with many people wanting to get involved. Overall it was a success, and for those in London wishing to see more there were similar events put on the following week. On Thursday, the 2 of June, three free screening were put on at the Prince Charles Theatre in Leicester Square. At that even the Canadian journalists Barrie Zwicker conducted an opinion poll of one-hundred-and-sixty people who saw the films. It broke down as follows:
5% still believe that Osama bin Laden did the attacks as stated.
12% believe that the US government was basically incompetent.
27% believe that the US government did know, but allowed the attacks to proceed.
56% believe that the attacks were orchestrated at the highest levels of the US government.
On Friday the 3rd of June Walter again brought a panel to Friends House, presented by Susannah Yorke. All over the nation people are beginning to get tired of the lies that were told by the US press. History has a way or repeating itself, and it is only a matter of time before the British get tired of the lies about 9/11 and demand the truth, no matter how embarrassing. Hitler underestimated the character of the British when he used the Reichstag Fire trick and whoever it is in the US government that planned Operation Northwoods in 1961 also underestimated the British, when they planned to use phony hijackings and terror to bring the British in on their side. Robert McNamara, the Ambassador to the Court of St. James,, also underestimated the British when, after supporting the lie about the Vietnamese shooting at US sailors in the Gulf of Tomkin, he asked them to get involved in that mess.
The British said no. That is just not history, but it is now the reality as public outcry grows in the UK over the lies told about 9/11, the anthrax attacks and all the rest of the lies that are such an insult to us all. Soon after the first event at Friends House, one well-known MP was to publicly state, in response to a question from the Christian radio broadcaster Alex Jones about a possible staged terror attack so as to allow the US to start a war with Iran, "We need a vigilant citizenry that are wise to all the tricks that these monkeys are up to. That was George Galloway, the MP who the US Senators tried to frame with a document so badly forged as to bring lasting ridicule on themselves and their supporters.
For the 9/11 truth movement, it has been an eventful week. Jimmy Walter and the London 9/11 Sceptics, a separate group that helped with much of the behind-the-scenes work in the UK, will continue to put forward information in the future, both to the general public and Members of Parliament, a number of whom are already asking the pertinent questions and taking notes of all the lies in the official story.
The UK is not alone in asking questions about 9/11, many other countries have similar movements, and Walter has also been able to present his panel in many European countries where a similar response has been given him, including Italy, France, Germany and Holland. He has been talking about doing more in the UK this summer, and I for one would welcome him and his panellists.



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