Traitors To A Tiny Nation
By Douglas Herman
Call this the Mouse That Roared Syndrome, and the Lion that meekly followed.
Now suppose your immense nation, the USA, allegedly the most powerful nation in the world, led by allegedly, freely elected leaders, determined to follow the dictates and designs of a tiny, foreign, nation state. Ridiculous right? That would indicate treason, would it not?
Suppose Bermuda or Bangladesh, or even San Bernardino County in California, dictated to the pompous US Senators in Washington that whatever policy San Berdoo designed--no matter how ridiculous, warlike, criminal or anti-social a policy--all of the USA must follow. Suppose that mythical, tiny nation of San Berdoo, only 20,000 square miles, for whatever reason, decided that America must declare war with Mexico and Panama--or even Iran.
And Washington DC acceded.
Even more ridiculous, suppose the tiny warlike nation of San Berdoo contributed no soldiers to the war with Mexico and Panama. Nor did San Berdoo spend any money. Nor did she expend any equipment. Indeed, all of the sacrifices, all of the injuries and deaths and displaced families, all of the future debt to taxpayers, would be absorbed not by San Berdoo but by others, young American men and their families with absolutely no stake in the war.
And Washington DC acceded.
Now suppose the tiny nation of San Berdoo, through a process that took years, assumed control of all the US media, television, radio, print and advertising. Nothing critical of San Berdoo could be uttered. Any criticism of foreign policy effecting San Berdoo was labeled "anti-San Berdooism." Indeed, vocal opponents of blind loyalty to San Berdo--patriotic Americans all--were blacklisted, their works never appearing in print, their voices never heard on television.
Now suppose prominent US leaders from the Left and Right, from Democrat and Republican parties, bent over backwards to placate the tiny warlike nation of San Berdoo. All the Nancy Pelosis, John McCains, all the Bushes and Cheneys, Colemans, Boltons and Powells, all the Clintons and Gores and Kerrys, all the Delays and Frists and Kennedys too, ALL the powerful political leaders of the allegedly 'free' USA, ascribed to the unquestioning loyalty to San Berdoo?
Wouldn't that indicate massive treason?
Wouldn't that indicate an abdication of the US Constitution?
Well, that is the politically 'correct' mindset of the people in Washington DC and New York City and, especially, of the American mainstream media--Traitors all--who loyally serve a foreign nation HALF the size of San Berardino County!
Douglas Herman is an amateur historian who writes regularly for Rense. Please support the Cause!


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