Recent Quakes, Violent
Weather In
Southern Hemisphere

By Harry Mason, Geologist
Earth Expansion tectonics is the most logical explanation for a variety of geological phenomenon - especially the Indonesian Arc quake upsurge. This area is actually an expansion site - like the mid Atlantic rift - involving continental rather than oceanic crust. Extra plates are created by this expansion mechanism as needed by breakup of older plates and subduction zones do NOT need to exist - nor do they exist in fact.
The reality is that *vertical* diapiric movements caused the 9.3 Richter quake AND the subsequent tsunamis. Simply put, extant "Plate Tectonic" theory involving subduction zones and a static radius Earth is BULLSHIT - it got broke decades ago but the geo-establishment are desperate to keep their Holy Cow alive - hence the ludicrous "official" explanations coming out regarding the Indon Arc events.
Here in the antipodean Southern Hemisphere we have been and are experiencing VERY odd weather over the last few weeks. Examples: Heavy rain in South Africa (Jo'Burg) during May = first time in memory. Heavy rain in Western Australia during May = unusually VERY high unseasonal and anomalous rainfall. Violent electrical storms - last Sunday we had fantastic electrical storms with cyclonic wind speeds and multiple tornadoes that created HUGE damage across Perth region (NEVER EVER SEEN BEFORE IN 175 years of EUROPEAN AUSTRALIAN MEMORY).
Last night, yet more VERY violent electrical storms and HUGE rainfall hit Fremantle - lots of damage. Last week heavy electrical storms hit Queensland delivering LOADS of hail ice plus creating lots of damage. Also last week North Island New Zealand got hit with HUGE electric rain storms that caused many landslides - declared state of emergency - an entire village slid to its doom. Whilst in Chile a few days ago dozens of young soldiers froze to death in VERY abnormal blizzards.
We also had a 4.7 Richter quake at Port Headland (North coast WA - opposite Indonesia)last week.
(Note - There is recorded eyewitness evidence of a volcanic eruption somewhere near Port Headland on OZ mainland at the time of the Krakatoa event in 1883 ..... No geological ground evidence reported but mapping up there is fairly rudimentary and only regional in nature.)
It is likely that Earth Expansion processes and our recent Violent Weather events are driven by increased electrical outflow originating from the Sun as CME's and ionic Birkland current discharges. These ionic electron flows then cascade through the Solar Capacitor space as "solar wind". The energy flow hits the Earth's Magnetosphere and compresses it violently down towards the planet before cascading via the Earth's Ionospheric capacitor to the Earth's "ground". In the process, Cyclones and Tornadoes are created in the atmosphere due to rotating electric current discharge between the Upper Ionosphere and Earth ground capacitor plates.
The compression of the Earth's Magnetosphere causes massive feedback EMF "HUM" in the Earth EM environment. Just bring a magnet close to an operating electric motor to see this on the micro scale. Such EMF energy deep within the Earth can easily trigger quakes in stressed zones etc. The electric energy inflow does not stop at Earth "ground" it continues down into the mantle and then to the core via the Earth Internal Capacitor layers.
I (and others) believe the Earth's core is an ionic plasma of simple atomic species (H, He etc) under great confining pressure and that the return current circuit from Earth to Sun is via the Vacuum Point ie. energy flows from the center of the Earth back to the center of the Sun via a mechanism akin to the Tom Bearden Vacuum Engineering concepts. Tom and others are working to score electric energy directly from the Vacuum. NB. the SUN in Electric Universe theory is a Tesla Electric Fire NOT a nuclear reaction. Also under Electrical Universe theory Black Holes are NOT necessary. Comets are plasmas developed on oppositely charged (to the Sun) rocky asteroids that light up as they enter into range of the Solar capacitor
The Vacuum is a common "ground" if you like. It links the Sun and the Earth via their core points. In fact Tom Bearden has noted that most human engineer electric circuit designs suffer from a two wire current return format that actually destroys the vacuum energy component seen in nature.
(It would appear that nature utilises this vacuum electric mechanism on a grand scale to drive and create galaxies, suns, and planets. The mechanism also leads to the creation of many planetary surface geological phenomenon. Tesla was able to duplicate part of the mechanism and send electric energy flow without wires as longitudinal HF waves from "grounded" terminal to "grounded" terminal.....)
I suspect when big enough the energy inflow from the Sun creates Earth core plasma expansionary cycles which rapidly cause surface expansion along well defined tectonic zones - eg: the Indonesia Arc - a mixture of vertical magma intrusion from the core-mantle boundary and quakes due to upwelling and splitting apart of outer crustal layers.....
Note: magma = a viscous ionic plasma of more evolved atomic species Fe Mag Si etc. = a derivative of the simpler core plasma, ie. alchemy is probably alive and well inside the Earth !!!)
Be that as it may, the 9.3 R quake, etc, ARE symptomatic of deeper longer term cycles at work. Past Earth History suggests this Earth Expansion is potentially cataclysmic and periodic = integrated overlapping long cycles of many wave lengths varying upwards from ~3,500 years, through ~12,000 years, and out to ~52 million years etc.
BUT I cannot say if this current Indonesia Arc - Southern Hemisphere scenario WILL get worse or die down. However, my suspicion, based upon the quake pattern and Indon Volcanic cycle history, is WORSE with MORE violent weather AND severe quake & volcanic explosive events.
By the way, the "WHY" on the Suns solar energy output changes is NOT fully understood BUT energy waves from Galactic Central are prime candidates for the driving force behind all of this.
Of course why Galactic Central roars is another unknown. Perhaps the Universe shudders every so often. Or, the finger of GOD has pointed our way...
Best Regards,
Harry Mason
Western Australia
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From: Yoichi Shimatsu
Sent: Saturday, 21 May 2005
To: Harry Mason
Subject: science mag
Harry, I'm interested in your readings of the Science magazine special on the tsunami. saw an article today summarizing the new issue of Science, focused on the tsunami.
Notable points about the article, as I have not yet seen the Science issue:
1. The geologists finally admit that sudden UPLIFT caused the "tsunami", which could be better classified as a sea rise.
2. But they concluded it was caused by downward pressure by Indo-Australian plate on European plate causing a springback.
3. Use of term Indo-Australian Plate in this article indicates that they seem oblivious to the splitting of the plate into two separate plates, Indian and Australian, making 13 crustal plates on planet not 12 anymore.
4. Roger Bilham of Colorado, the Englishman-turned-American, with his usual hype... is he geology's biggest con man?
5. Mentioned the huge number of temblors following the tsunami, finally.
6. No mention of the Burmese micro-plate in all this, or previous studies, or oil exploration...but this was a short article.
7. The entire plate tectonic theory is being pressed into service by twisting it beyond the breaking point (pun intended) . . . wouldn't a better explanation be the inbalance within the Earth's core, related to planetary wobble? That the "tsunami" and "quake" were merely symptomatic of deeper and longer term cycles at work?



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