Swish! - Horrific Media Spikes
By Ted Lang
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I have yet to lose my lust for news and my constant search for the truth. Regrettably, the vast majority of news consumers in our nation believe that the truth is everywhere to be found; it is not. I am very fortunate in having found a source of news and views that is totally devoted to the truth. My previous effort directed the reader to this site.
The belief that truth is easily realized was one of the great misconceptions attributable to our Founders when Jefferson wrote in The Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident." Equal in importance as regards truth is the timing of its realization, the reputation of the source, its believability in terms of common acceptance, and the degree of importance to the public. For truth, to be of any real value, must have all these elements.
Another way to describe "importance to the public" would be to use the term "impact." Consider the impact of a known news event: 9-11. We are at war in Iraq and Afghanistan because of such impact. And yet, we now know that the reason for our invasion of these sovereign, self-governing nations was based upon a series of manufactured and fraudulently media-hyped lies.
Clearly, an operation whose central mission is the communication of news events must be cognizant of those factors relative to truth, ensuring not only the conveyance of highly relevant news events, but guaranteeing their accuracy as well. As a watchdog of government actions, truth is the press's chief weapon not only in fighting the State's fraud, waste, abuse and corruption, but most importantly, the State's lies!
Zionist domination of the media has been repeatedly proven, and this domination is evident in both the electronic and print media. The commonality of "news" reporting in all the news media, to include major leading newspapers and both network and cable TV journalism, was definitively exposed in Bernard Goldberg's two best-selling books: Bias and Arrogance. And indeed, the common thread throughout the media is its "Jewishness" as opposed to the ongoing bigger-fish-eats smaller fish corporate centralization and the dominance of The New York Times.
Repeatedly calling attention to the Jewish media will draw much negative response and as well as very nasty opposition, punctuated by such epithets as "Jew hater," "Nazi" and "anti-Semite!" And these smears will be set off by a healthy dose of expletives. No one in their right mind desires to be so assaulted, including me! But what about the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? And now, the Zionist ACLU mandates that I am no longer required to pledge myself to the truth by saying, "So help me God?"
For those who believe "liberals" are the problem, please get out of my classroom now, and stay out! "Liberal" is the term used by shills for Bush and "Christian Israel-first Fundamentalists." The term "liberal" is as much of a smoke screen as is the smear "anti-Semitism" or the term "neoconservatism." Professor Kevin MacDonald offers, "While [neoconservatists]have claimed to be simply 'conservatives' - there is nothing conservative about their goals. This is most obviously the case in foreign policy, where they are attempting to rearrange the entire Middle East in the interests of Israel." And the statement by a Jewish writer, offering that "Jews are hopelessly liberal," is almost pure nonsense! Corrected it would read: Liberals are hopelessly Jewish!
The recently invoked current smokescreen of "neoconservatism" is certainly worth revisiting, and Professor Kevin MacDonald, who has offered that communism was a product of Jewish intellectualism, does a fine job tying the present Jewish domination of our foreign policy to Israeli interests. Jewish author, Mona Charen, in her book, the title of which echoes the description coined by Bolshevik leader Lenin, "Useful Idiots," wrote that communism was never voted into power by a people, but required bloody rebellion and revolution to establish itself. She is wrong. It was adapted here in America by the Pilgrims, and after being proven as a total economic failure causing famine and the near extinction of their early settlement, the Pilgrims scuttled it for an economy based upon achievement rather than upon socialistic egalitarianism. We celebrate this liberation from socialism each Thanksgiving!
Communism is not only a product of "Jewish intellectualism" as offered by Professor MacDonald, but has only been voted into existence in one nation: Israel! And Israel cannot support itself without the massive financial support from American taxpayers. Israel wouldn't have anywhere near the military clout it has without the massive and virtually free supply of military equipment provided by US taxpayers if it weren't for the cozy military arrangements organized by Israeli citizens themselves operating within our own government!
Former Under Secretary of Defense, Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer, Dov Zakheim, quietly resigned from his top Pentagon position recently without any modicum of presentation as a major news event by the "American" Zionist press and media. Even in the Pentagon's profile of Zakheim, no mention is made of the fact that Zakheim was an ordained Jewish rabbi and a citizen of Israel! Isn't this at least a little bit outrageous?!
One of the highest positions in American federal government, a high-level job that you and I would never qualify for save our American citizenship, and it is staffed by an individual who has "dual citizenship." It smacks of the same arrangement orchestrated by disgraced former New Jersey Governor James McGreevey, who appointed an Israeli citizen, Golan Cipel, as head of that state's newly-formed Department of Homeland security in order to continue his homosexual relationship with him. And Cipel wasn't a dual citizen but he did once serve with Israeli intelligence.
This spike hides an account that is not only the height of governmental absurdity and Zionist media complicity, but add to it the fact that Zakheim cannot or will not account for a one trillion dollar discrepancy in the Pentagon's books!!! When I served as Chief Financial Officer for a Defense Department position, I not only had to take a loyalty oath to our government, I had to sign an annual certification letter attesting to my appropriate handling of government [taxpayer] funds as well as filing an annual financial disclosure form regarding my personal finances. How can one trillion dollars disappear without a trace? Where's the FBI?! Where's the IRS? Where's the GAO, the Government Accountability Office that found the "errors?" Where's the United States Congress, or at least the Democrats there? Where's the press, the media?
Of course, the latter entity is the key! The American people don't have the slightest idea what's going on in the Bush administration, and that's because our so-called "American" press isn't American at all; its loyalty is to the Bush administration because Bush is totally loyal to Israel! No further evidence is required of the Zionist infestation of both our media and our government other than this one particular spiked news event. Yet, there's more!
Not all Jews support Israel! And that is the case both here and in Israel itself! Recently, orthodox Jews, regrettably the minority in the Jewish community, demonstrated in front of the Israeli embassy, and the media scarcely mentioned this massive demonstration in New York City. Nor was there any mention of Jews in Israel being attacked by Zionists when protesting the desecration of Jewish cemeteries by construction operations.
The AIPAC spy scandal was barely touched by "our" Zionist media, and virtually no one in America knows anything about the Israeli attack upon our Navy's U.S.S.Liberty during the Johnson administration. And what could prove to be the blockbuster headline of the century, and possibly one of the biggest in all of American history, namely, the White House homosexual pedophile ring, will never see the light of day.
All these unfavorable-to-Israel or unfavorable-to-the-Bush administration news events have either been totally spiked, downplayed, late-timed or summarily ignored by the media in order to protect Israel and Bush's loyalty to that nation. Is the latter treason? Of course it is, but AIPAC, the Israeli lobby, puts cash in the pockets of both political parties thereby buying our government out from under US.
And the ADL smears opponents with the American badge of courage: "anti-Semite." And the Zionist-formed NOW organization denigrates the white males who founded and fought and died for this country, slurring them with such monikers as "dead white guys," or "male chauvinist pigs," or as being "sexist," as they continue to plot and assist in increasing the divorce rate, fatherless children, broken and destroyed families and the breakdown of our society's most important building block.
And to combat the USA PATRIOT Act, we must now rely on the Zionist and Communist ACLU - they are our new founding fathers?! All these things are what Zionism has given US! And how was it made possible? The media, that's how. Here's Professor MacDonald: "Jewish intellectual and political movements have typically had ready access to prestigious mainstream media channels, and this is certainly true for the neocons. The anchoring by the Washington Post of the columns of Charles Krauthammer and Robert Kagan and by the New York Times of William Safire's illustrates this. But probably more important recently has been the invariable summoning of neoconservatives to represent the 'conservative' line on the TV Networks. Is it unreasonable to suppose that this may be somewhat influenced by the famously heavy Jewish role in these operations?"
MacDonald points out that communism, a Jewish intellectual product, was okay with Jews until the inevitable happens to people who live out each day of their lives embracing lies and falsehoods: "[T]he earlier generation of American Jewish Trotskyites ignored the horrors of the Soviet Union until the emergence there of state sponsored anti-Semitism." And how did communism get a foothold in the Soviet Union, and how did Nazism in Weimar Republic Germany? Hitler's first real business transaction was to buy a newspaper. And Lenin wrote many articles in newspapers preceding the Bolshevik Revolution. And both Hitler and FDR regularly addressed their dumbed-down street rabble via radio.
Newspapers, radio, TV network and cable news, and even nightly TV entertainment, is totally supportive of Zionism via its monopolization of information. America is being brainwashed. Anything can be justified to ensure the triumph of socialist Israel over the individual freedoms of every man, woman and child in America. And the medium for that inequitable exchange, our individual freedoms, our families, our religion, and our very existence, is our foolish loyalty to "our" media, our "Eve of Destruction" in a garden once good.
Theodore E. Lang



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