The Netherlands Votes
NO To European Superstate
Future Wars By US/NATO/EU Army Without UN Mandate

By Henk Ruyssenaars
THE NETHERLANDS - The Dutch will vote NO in the referendum on the EU treaty. It's even thought that using electronic 'rigging' techniques - because there's no 'paper trail' from the voting machines - has become 'to dangerous'. One of the TV polls last night showed too big a difference: by a sixty-five percent NO votes, and 25% YES votes.* The angry NO vote by the fed-up Dutch is based on bad experiences of the past years with the growing 'Superstate', which speak for themselves: they were promised a 'Great Europe without Borders' - with the freedom to travel anywhere 'without needing a passport anymore'.
The reality is, that we now in the Netherlands live in an 'Apartheid-state', where we can get fined when we leave our house without an ID card. ''On average a little more than 100 fines a day were issued to people who could not produce identification in January. Since a new law came into effect on News Year's Day [2005] obliging everyone above the age of 14 to carry ID, authorities have issued 3,300 fines, news agency Novum reported. The fines amount to EUR 50 and EUR 25 for those aged 14 or 15.'' - Url.:
The often malignant and corrupt 'politicians' in Brussels promised 'One Big Europe', with - as one of the advantages - the 'Euro' as the new currency. They were warned that 'live might become up to a half percent more expensive'. In reality more dutch middle class people are going bankrupt than ever, with a fast growing number of people complaining that 'prices have doubled' and their economy is in shambles.
People will vote NO too, because the same gangsters that wrecked their economy, now again are shoving a 439 pages fine print 'blank check' under their noses, urging them to sign again. Threatening with everything negative possible from staggering unemployment figures to 'black outs', and even in a TV message with the Holocaust, done by the despicable dutch neocons conservative party VVD. ('Vereniging Van Dieven') - Url.:
The neocon Dutch government's investigation of the complaints - with their own 'commissions' of course - never found any fault. 'People are not clever enough' - as was said by Dutch ministers - 'to understand the exchange rates.' Apparently they themselves don't either: according to high ranking financial specialists, the Dutch Guilder currency was 'sold out' ten percent below it's net worth, enlarging the economical disaster for the taxpayers and enriching 'The Banks of London'. An investigation by the Dutch weekly HP/De Tijd - published exactly two years ago, under the cover title "The Euro Disaster" - confirmed by comparing the cost of living 'before' and 'after' the introduction of the Euro, that the overall cost of living at least had gone up with forty-nine-dot-one percent (49.1%).
No wonder the Dutch are (finally) sharpening their knives, and the people working for the multinationals 'managing' Holland - day and night drowned the country in a tsunami of lies; a false ticker tape parade of YES! EU-propaganda. Paid by the taxpayers of course, who are apparently seeing through the country-wide fog of lies. But even in the official brochures the word 'taxes' is left out; to avoid making people think about who's paying the crook's bills. The Dutch seem not to be willing to accept anymore that Holland is #6 of the richest countries in the world, while they - after Sweden - pay the highest taxes in the world, getting less and less in return, of the 6 months a year they 'tax-work' for the 'government'. A poll published two weeks ago, showed nineteen percent (19) favorable towards the neocon 'government' with an overwhelming eighty-one (81) percent dumping PM Balkenende and his hypocritical 'christian' neocons.
The many reasons why the new 'Treaty for a European Constitution' is very undemocratic and dangerous to peoples lives and well being, is very well shown in this excellent summing up - - with all the important points why nobody ever should sign this blank check.
It has however nothing to do with 'left' or 'right': humanity is divided in the groups 'givers' and 'takers'. The US/Israeli 'neocons' are the worst exponents of the 'takers'. Victims of their 'War of Terror' are all the 'givers'. The 'no opinion' ignorant people too, because they're paying without understanding, or being able to comprehend the scheme.
There is a series of top secret agreements between the European Union Council, the United States, Israel and different defense forces and intelligence services, which the EU voters - and many times not even their members of parliament - are allowed to see or hear about. But pay for the secret militarization and infringements on their 'freedoms' the misled taxpayer must.
Anthony Coughlan, the Secretary of the 'EU Research and Information Centre' writes in his excellent article* on the NO to the EU, about the militarization of the EU, as part of the US neocon Empire, it is understood. "It militarizes the EU", Coughlan rightfully writes: "The Constitution points to the end of the formal military neutrality of Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Malta by replacing the 'Nice Treaty' provision that the progressive framing of a common defense policy "MIGHT lead to a common defense, SHOULD the European Council so decide" with the provision in the Constitution that it "WILL lead to a common defense, WHEN the European Council, acting unanimously, so decides "(Art.I-41).
That decision is clearly only a matter of time. The same Article requires all Member States "to make civilian and military capabilities available to the Union for the implementation of the common security and defense policy"
Article I-16 gives the EU the power to conduct a common foreign and security policy covering "all areas of foreign policy and all questions relating to the Union's security, including the progressive framing of a common defense policy that might lead to a common defense". The same Article places Member Statesunder an explicit constitutional obligation to refrain from following an independent foreign policy if that clashes with the EU one: "Member States shall actively and unreservedly support the Union's common foreign and security policy in a spirit of loyalty and mutual solidarity and shall comply with the Union's action in this area. They shall refrain from action contrary to the Union's interests or likely to impair its effectiveness." [ ]
Tony Bunyan, editor of the excellent 'Statewatch', in an earlier comment: "This is another instance of secret policy making. European and national parliaments should be consulted and the texts made public so that there can be a debate as to their content and consequences. Putting these agreements in place is not just about exchanging classified documents, it is also about the construction of a security regime for future cooperation on defense, foreign policy and justice and home affairs between the EU, non-EU states and international organizations. It is about tying in the acceding states and others into the aims and objectives of the EU-NATO-USA politico military axis." [ ]
With other words: the EU army, with it's 'Rapid Deployment Forces', the US SSB, ('Special CIA Forces' 'Rendering' - and NATO troops - all under American so called NATO command in reality - will be able to fight wars without asking again for a UN resolution or a mandate of the Security Council of the United Nations.
UN-BBC-Annan" the Iraq war is illegal - Url.:
The Neocon Dream come true: their 'European Province' of the US Empire striking at will and 'covering' legal or illegal actions without any United Nations approval nor limits. Thanks to everyday's 'home made laws' - like the EU Treaty must become - there will - according to the neocons - be No More Warcriminals!
The Dutch have a proverb: 'the brutal people have
half the world, and try to get the rest.'
That's a very good reason to say NO!
Henk Ruyssenaars
Why All People Should Oppose the EU 'Constitution' - Url.:
Dutch voters poised to reject Constitution - Latest from Expatica Amsterdam - Url.:
* A poll yesterday night by State TV's 'Twee Vandaag' (Program 'Two Today') - showed a 40 percent gap between the two sides: 65 percent opposed and 25 percent in favour of the treaty/'constitution'. That survey involved 17,000 people, 78 percent of whom said they were definitely going to vote in the referendum.
WARNING: the EU web pages do *not* have the final text of the Treaty (29.10.2004), they only have the pages of the *draft* treaty (18.07.2003). - Final Act - III.A.30 - of the Treaty to Establish a Constitution for Europe - Url.:
Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands
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