Has Been Destroyed
By Jim Kirwan
Somerset Maugham said, "If a nation values anything more than freedom it will lose its freedom - and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more - it will lose that too."
The United States of America has created a whole new world for itself. 'We' have done this by failing to pay attention to what the traitors in our midst have been doing behind closed doors; over all these long years in which the duplicitous and the arrogant have been hatching their plots, creating the pod people that they've used to create this parallel universe that is killing the world as we know it.
What began, as a government of three branches that was created to be 'Of the people, by the people and for the people' has now become something completely different! Instead of one constitution that rules us all - there is today a mystically evil shadow Constitution that seems to mean anything that the New Masters want it to mean. They've even added to the number of branches that directly affect us. There is HOMELAND Security, and now the Media to add to the ruling arms of government - so we now have five branches, each of which appears to be autonomous. All five are very busy now, furiously punching giant holes in what used to be the Constitution. And since all of this is mostly done in SECRET - the public hardly cares.
At the same time as 'The Masters' added huge numbers of government employees to the burden carried upon the backs of those who still pay taxes; the New Masters reduced the governing document to something like a "Cliff's Notes" version of what the laws actually now are. That was because too few realized what their rights really are, and what this government is NOT allowed to do to its citizens. Not knowing in this case can lead directly to many kinds of slavery, possibly detention, or to an anonymous death without notice or complaint.
What keeps most in slavish submission to this diabolical design comes under the heading of several different fears, terrors or possible insecurities. The Masters designed a very effective plan, one that goes straight to the monosyllabic world of "ME first, and me ONLY" that Ronnie Reagan brought into the world along with "Greed is Good." Whenever the attentions of the many are fixed upon money, comfort and pleasure, something as difficult as human rights, human freedom, and the courage to keep those two things alive - seems very far away indeed. With this in mind, the Privateers launched the final step in their coming out party - cutting all ties with civility, with international or domestic law in all its forms - and basically they just began spitting on anyone or anything that has the guts to object to their hostile takeover bid.
In this they've had a lot of help from the Prison System and from what used to be the US Department of Justice. Together these two coercive factions may soon merge into a single branch of government devoted to Detention, Punishment and Re-education training, for anyone who fails to be converted to the One & Only Way of this universe. This should be called the U.S. Department of Compliance. Problem is that one cannot build a society on fear, and especially not one that bases its authority on a brutal and often inhumane Prison system that ultimately will drag the entire society down to that level of degradation upon which our medieval system was formulated.
The above is about the expansion of Homeland Insecurity, but to insure that everything can continue apace without interruption, a fifth arm of the government was needed. That would be the currently successful coercion of the Media, from public watchdog over the rich and powerful - to the Master's own private lap dog that attacks any who dare to approach the truth with any real intent to get at any semblance of reality.
What has been created while we were "busy with our lives" is nothing less than a public gallows that replaced our system of laws with a new core of both government and the kind of society that this government wants to serve. This farce has been constructed on hundreds of layers of lies, millions of dead people, and trillions in lost treasure: All because of an attack that was undertaken by these same criminals at the center of power, an attack that was meant to cow the herd and silence all opposition to the new ways of the New Masters. If the goal was to bankrupt the country, to outsource most of our decent jobs, and to privatize whatever remains of what they haven't yet destroyed then this appears to have worked. No attack by a foreign invader could have caused the extent of the chaos that this administration has done to everything that was once part of life in this country - and they aren't finished yet!
Our prison system imprisons more people than any other comparable nation. Two point one million at the moment and growing by 900 inmates per week in 2004! Of this amount, roughly 10% are serving time for hard-core crimes, about 5% are innocent, and the rest of the one point seven million people should not be there. But prisons like most of the rest of this society are about profits, and profits require numbers of bodies to imprison, because each one adds to the cost, and higher costs create larger profits for that part of "The System."
Coincidently, the message of being "tough on criminals" doesn't hurt the public image of these cutthroat Bandits or their long-term goals. By warehousing people, and those who oppose them, while insisting only on punishment, with no possibility for rehabilitation - what is created can only be more and better criminals. We pay the state or the privatized prison system, huge sums of money to treat these people as they do. This was part of what we saw in Abu Ghraib and few realize that the Iraqi experience has sometimes been the same for prisoners here. Does anyone care how inhumane our prison polices have become, since they've been allowed to fester in that public darkness that invites abuse?
The sentencing structure for all crime needs to be revised. White-collar criminals that extort billions from hundreds of thousands of people should be sentenced as severely as convicted murderers. Fraudulent politicians and influence pedaling as a class of criminality is something that has escaped notice when it comes to sentencing guidelines; that oversight needs to be examined thoroughly. We could also save billions by doing away with luxury prisons for the privileged - all those convicted of heinous crimes need to do hard time alongside common murders, extortionists and the like. Finally, The Attorney General of the United States needs to become an elected office. The US Department of Justice is too important to allow that to remain an appointed position (now it's just a rubber stamp of the president - whoever that might be).
The powerful know about these discrepancies, and since they are the ones that would benefit from lax sentences, and plush accommodations - they will do nothing about changing any of that. One thing is clear - the System has been completely destroyed - and nothing short of Impeachment stands a real chance of ever bringing back anything that we have let be desecrated, beginning with all those crimes we countenanced so many decades back!
In the meantime the race continues to track and monitor every living being in this country, to find and record every known detail of all our lives. They want to replace trust with a zero tolerance for SUSPICION - Does this sound like a nation that has won the war on terror? Are we better off now than we were before this plague called Bush? And is this monitoring something that any country determined to keep its freedoms would ever do?
I sincerely doubt that!



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