The Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 75
Bob Woodward Coverup

By Sherman H. Skolnick
Investigating a mass media celebrity and his immediate family, can get you on the monopoly press crap list.
A case in point is Washington Post bigshot Bob Woodward and his father, who was Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Du Page county, the county just west of Chicago in Cook County.
It was the spring of 1973. I got on several radio talk shows. Talking about the sabotage of a United Air Lines plane that pancaked in a residential area just short of Chicago's Midway Airport. Among those onboard were twelve Watergate figures, including Dorothy Hunt, wife of the Watergate burglar. According to the data compiled by us. Mrs. Hunt survived the crash but was poisoned with cyanide on the ground by the FBI who were first on the scene.
She was a courier of "hush money" from the Nixon White House to arrange the silence of key witnesses, or, if necessary, to have them blackmailed or wiped out. Also, she had in her baggage kept on a seat near her for which she purchased extra tickets, several million dollars in cashier's checks and other funds traceable to Nixon. For several months in 1973, we did not publicly divulge that we had "liberated" the entire file of the National Transportation Safety Board, a federal whitewashery tied at the time and also now to the air line industry that feared the term "airplane sabotage" as being against their business.
I was rebuffed each time I tried to interest in these details Bob Woodward, the Washington Post hotshot that was pursueing the Nixon White House. Finally, about April, 1973, there was a huge meeting at the Mayfair Hotel in Washington, of alternative media folks. I was there with some of my pals.
On the stage of the gathering of more than 1300 was Bob Woodward. He paused to answer questions from some of the journalists lined up at a microphone set up in the aisle. I had a pal of mine to be first in line. Woodward was questioned as to why he and the Washington Post were covering up the sabotage of what we called the Watergate Plane crash in Chicago, which occurred one month after Nixon's November, 1972 re-election as President. My pal accused Woodward of fronting for the FBI and the CIA who wanted Mrs. Hunt, the Watergate "bag lady" to be shut up.
Woodward was surprised and not prepared to deal with the question. Plainly, he was upstaged. Many in the audience began heckling Woodward and gathered around my associate at the ballroom floor microphone. Evidently Woodward did not notice me sitting in my wheelchair in a balcony. I told another one of my pals to hurry up, and get the hotel manager to give my pal at the mike a step ladder.
So there was one of my associates, having blanked out Woodward on the stage, and my pal from the top of the step ladder, began explaining to the large audience how the plane pancaked into a residential neighborhood just short of Midway Airport. One hundred and fifty FBI agents were waiting near the airport to grab Mrs. Hunt. She and her husband had been accused of shaking down Nixon for several million dollars. The Hunts had proof that Tricky Dick was implicated in the plot to publicly execute President John F.Kennedy in Dallas, November 22, 1963 and blame it on a "lone assassin".
The FBI agents with apparent advance knowledge that the plane was sabotaged to be steered into the ground short of the airport, arrived on the scene ahead of the nearby local fire department and police that reacted to an alarm within two minutes. The FBI headquarters downtown was about ten miles away.
FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, according to a story published in the "Crimson" Harvard University newspaper, apparently had been been murdered in May, 1972, poisoned in his home a month before the Watergate break-in. Hoover's "hatchet man", Mark Felt , did all kind of dirty and blooy tricks against critics of the FBI. For example, Felt, as second in command of the FBI, and his gang, for the benefit of Bob Woodward, ostensibly arranged to falsely jail my associate who had been at the ballroom microphone fingering Bob Woodward.
Also in early 1973, our court reform group was working on unearthing a massive unpublicized fraud in a case being heard by Woodward's father, Du Page County Chief Judge Alfred Woodward. He had the Equity Funding case involving hundreds of millions of dollars defrauded from pension funds and school districts and various public and private entities.
Chief Judge Woodward had a strange background. Previously he had been with both the army AND the navy intelligence agencies. HOW was that possible? In the Equity Funding case, Chief Judge Woodward gave pay-outs from the top of the remaining money to two Watergate figures, including Nixon White House bigshot Erlichman.
The Chief Clerk of the Du Page Court told me, that although the file is a "public record", Chief Judge Woodward had it in his office and was so far not allowing anybody to examine the file. I rolled my wheelchair up to his office and told Chief Judge Woodward I was going to stay right there until he released the court file for me to look at. He said if I do not go away, he was going to have me arrested. I told him I would sue him for false arrest as I had a right to examine a public court record.
We nowadays have about the only copy of the court file showing how Chief Judge Woodward corruptly and arbitrarily favored two Nixon Watergate figures over and above all other claimants who got almost nothing.
In 1973, Bob Woodward apparently arranged for a Washington Post reporter, Ron Kessler, to fly into Chicago to interview me supposedly and finally about my charges that the Watergate plane crash was the result of sabotage. This was prior to the time I revealed we had the entire government file to back up our charges.
Kessler spent less than fifteen minutes talking to me and he took no notes; then he demanded my pals drive him immediately back to the airport. His two part series in the Washington Post was prominently shown in the newspaper, condemning me as a "liar" not knowing what I am talking about. In later years, Kessler wrote a book supposedly showing he is an "expert" on the FBI.
In 1973 and thereafter, Bob Woodward held several press conferences in the Chicago-area. Each time I was there. I was sitting there before the media event was to start. Woodward showed up, pointed at me and I had said not a single word up to that point, and Woodward said that either the local police or security patrol should arrest me and remove me.
I informed Woodward that if any such supposed law-man so much as touched my wheelchair to begin to grab me and roll me away, that I would sue Woodward and such police agents for false arrest. Woodward said I am not part of the regular media. I said I was an alternative media journalist, not obligated to get a so-called "press pass" from the U.S. Secret Service or the police.
The press-fakers began shouting at me, "Skolnick, will you get the hell out of here. You are holding up the press conference."
Years later, our court reform group investigated a situation involving a Chicago-area hospital of which Chief Judge Woodward was a director. Judge Woodward, and other judges, were named defendants in a federal lawsuit charging them with arranging satanic rituals against children in the Judge-directed hospital. The suit was brought by a grandmother of such a damaged child. The Chicago federal judge, however, as corrupt as State Court Chief Judge Woodward, put the case out of court without any hearing or legal formalities. (Some of the federal judges in Chicago are currently interlocked with another corrupt hospital recently causing a "pissing match" commotion between such judges and the chief federal prosecutor in Chicago who has been investigating the hospital.).
Some thirty admirals and generals considered that Richard M. Nixon together with Henry Kissinger had committed treason in the way they conducted the Viet Nam War. Apparently these military brass did not, however, want to conduct a public execution of Nixon---a political assassination---and hence, they instigated Bob Woodward of Naval Intelligence with no journalism background, to be the front for a story of Nixon's misdeeds.
A well-documented book takes Bob Woodward to task as not telling the public a complete story of how he supposedly got into the Watergate Affair. See, "Silent Coup: The Removal of A President" by Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin, St. Martin's Press, Inc., 1991. Bob Woodward's supposed story of how he got involved with Mark Felt of the FBI is likewise incomplete and dodges all kinds of necessary details. See Woodward's story, Washington Post, June 2, 2005.
Bob Woodward went to Yale University as a history major near the time that George W. Bush, likewise a supposed history major, went there. Is Woodward, like Bush, a member of the Skull and Bastards Society meeting for satanic homosexual rituals in a windowless building at Yale, called "The Tomb" ?
What recently prompted George W. Bush to permit Bob Woodward to interview Bush at length in the White House? Woodward,, a supposed author of several books, apparently has his books "ghost-written".
For more details of Bob Woodward and the rotten Washington Post, originally purchased when bankrupt during the Great Depression with funds embezzled from government bonds, see "The Late Grand Dargon of the Washington Post", scroll way down
Also, for more details of the Watergate Plane Crash, see the series, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage",
More coming. Stay tuned.
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