America Can Be Saved -
Bush Must Be Impeached

By Ted Lang
The sacrifice of America's economy, international prestige, its military and its honor via the Bush administration's self-destructive lust to bolster Israel's military posture in the Middle East to assure the mutual benefit of total access and control of its oil, is becoming painfully and increasingly more obvious with the passing of each day of the Iraqi Holocaust.
The Israel-first agenda has not only sacrificed these aforementioned and formerly unique assets of American prestige, but is decimating as well all entities that align with it. The so-called corporate mainstream media Limbaugh describes as "liberal," as well as the entire Democratic Party, are rapidly falling by the wayside as a direct result of this self-destructive foreign policy, a policy supportive of the Bush family's ultimate goal: "The New World Order."
We must recognize the dangers the Bush administration's foreign policies are imposing on US, as well as the worldwide community of nations, in terms of international peace and security. And we must consider as well the rapidly degenerating impact that these policies are having upon our domestic economic health. We must recognize these negative attributes and their impact on both a national and international basis. We must act upon this agenda of national suicide, and we must act now!
To immediately address the rapidly deteriorating situation we must first overcome the worst restraint and obstruction possible: partisan politics. Loyalty to a political party as opposed to the rule of law of our land will only accelerate our national destruction. Dreams of a "new world order" are anathema to a nation whose focus and rule of law exist only to protect individual freedom and human rights. The destruction of our national sovereignty to create a new world utopia is lunacy!
We must all consider the trade-off: national supremacy offering maximum human rights and leading by example, or a national supremacy based on unlimited and unrestrained military might to foster fear and control by a one world government. Which will it be? And if political party loyalty is placed before the rule of law, then our freedoms are doomed!
Already, "[a] former Republican Party insider turned "Bush basher" thinks he has stumbled across what may be the 'smoking gun,' proving the U.S. government's official story about the WTC attacks is an 'unequivocal lie.'" This statement is quoted from in an article written by Greg Szymanski. The article offers that the former Republican Party well-placed insider, once picked by the National Committee to run for Arkansas Governor against Bill Clinton, has turned on his own party to expose the corruption of the neoconservative movement within the Bush administration.
The article documents the efforts of Ken Schwarz who now charges Bush administration complicity in 9-11. Schwarz has obtained a video tape proving that a Boeing 737 flew into the south tower of the WTC. There is corroboration in terms of recorded eyewitness testimony also obtained by CNN. And then there's the actual photo of a CFM56 engine on a sidewalk with the green and white "Murray Street" sign lying beside it. Other related photos have been shown on the Internet [] proving the engine was in fact that of one of the airliners that crashed into the WTC, and thereby also proving that the plane was a 737, not a much larger 767, and that the government lied.
Congressman John Conyers [D-Mich.] has sent a formal letter to President George Bush, along with the signatures of 89 Democratic members of Congress, demanding an explanation of a document providing the detailed minutes of a meeting wherein President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair agreed to invade Iraq long before the president approached Congress to request war powers. It was, therefore, in effect, an illegal, secret treaty because the document offered that "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around [that] policy."
On their website, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, FAIR offered commentary on the astonishing spike of this blockbuster story by the US media. The May 10th article entitled, "Smoking Gun Memo?" was followed by the sub-title, "Iraq Bombshell Goes Mostly Unreported in US Media." But hadn't FAIR been consistently put down as a "lefty" group of journalists? Hadn't the Limbaugh-Hannity crowd in fact dismissed the entire mainstream establishment media as "left-wing?" Yet here is a "left-wing" media organization turning on itself!
The article begins: "Journalists typically condemn attempts to force their colleagues to disclose anonymous sources, saying that subpoenaing reporters will discourage efforts to expose government wrongdoing. But such warnings seem like mere self-congratulation when clear evidence of wrongdoing emerges, with no anonymous sources required-- and major news outlets virtually ignore it."
In his letter to the president, Conyers says: "We write because of troubling revelations in the Sunday London Times apparently confirming that the United States and Great Britain had secretly agreed to attack Iraq in the summer of 2002, well before the invasion and before you even sought Congressional authority to engage in military action."
Conyers goes on: "While various individuals have asserted this to be the case before, including Paul O'Neill, former U.S. Treasury Secretary, and Richard Clarke, a former National Security Council official, they have been previously dismissed by your Administration. However, when this story was divulged last weekend, Prime Minister Blair's representative claimed the document contained 'nothing new.' If the disclosure is accurate, it raises troubling new questions regarding the legal justifications for the war as well as the integrity of your own Administration."
Precisely how many "smoking guns" does it take for America to choke to death on the stench of fraud and cordite? The "smoking gun" Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned US about as being a "mushroom cloud" was a frighteningly prescient observation. The rest of the world, America excluded thanks to its media, is well aware of the fraudulent pretext employed by the Bush administration to illegally and unconstitutionally invade Iraq, and is very afraid of US and may indeed employ our very same preemptive military strategy with some well-placed, coordinated nukes.
And how did our media handle this blockbuster news event? Here is FAIR's evaluation: "The most widely circulated story in the mainstream press came from the Knight Ridder wire service (5/6/05), which quoted an anonymous U.S. official saying the memo was 'an absolutely accurate description of what transpired' during [head of British Intelligence Richard] Dearlove's meetings in Washington.
Few other outlets have pursued the leaked memo's key charge that the 'facts were being fixed around the policy.' The New York Times (5/2/05) offered a passing mention, and the Charleston (W.V.) Gazette (5/5/05) wrote an editorial about the memo and the Iraq War. A columnist for the Cox News Service (5/8/05) also mentioned the memo, as did Molly Ivins (, 5/10/05). Washington Post ombudsman Michael Getler (5/8/05) noted that Post readers had complained about the lack of reporting on the memo, but offered no explanation for why the paper virtually ignored the story.
In a brief segment on hot topics in the blogosphere (5/6/05), CNN correspondent Jackie Schechner reported that the memo was receiving attention on various websites, where bloggers were 'wondering why it's not getting more coverage in the U.S. media.' But acknowledging the lack of coverage hasn't prompted much CNN coverage; the network mentioned the memo in two earlier stories regarding its impact on Blair's political campaign (5/1/05, 5/2/05), and on May 7, a short CNN item reported that 90 Congressional Democrats sent a letter to the White House about the memo-- but neglected to mention the possible manipulation of intelligence that was mentioned in the memo and the Democrats' letter."
FAIR concludes its analysis offering those newspapers and their editors as being "too timid" to stand up to the ruthless and powerful Bush administration, but I'm not buying that for a minute! It's a cop out! And it should now be also crystal clear that the Limbaugh wailing song of a "liberal" media is also hogwash! We have offered our evaluation in this space, and although FAIR points out the powerful media support for the government during wartime, this motivation itself is now greatly enhanced due to the powerful Zionist influence and control of both the media and our government.
World opinion is increasingly hostile towards Israel and its Big Brother Bully - nuclear preemption directed against US is an increasing possibility. Our economy is crashing due to a devaluated money system inflated by staggering war costs. Our professional jobs are being outsourced to other nations, while our hard goods import dependency is growing at a phenomenal rate. Illegal aliens are being welcomed into the country and given free medical treatment thereby increasing horrifically the "tax eater" population. Law-abiding citizens are losing their jobs and their businesses, and will now be subject to greater police state hassles and dangers. Our Bill of Rights has been abolished.
There is a rapid road to recovery though: the immediate and highly necessary impeachment of President George Bush! The evidence is in black and white. The photo of the WTC 737 CFM56 engine is available in full color. And even more evidence is available for the asking.
The media and the Democratic Party are both becoming increasingly irrelevant. So what's the hold up "liberals?" IMPEACH BUSH NOW! During the Clinton Impeachment proceedings, frequent commentator and legal expert Jonathan Turley summed up the basic requirement to impeach a sitting president: "All that is required is that it be shown conclusively that the president lied." The Conyers letter citing the secret memo is concrete evidence that Bush not only participated in manufacturing the "intelligence," but then lied when he cited it and communicated it to the American people and the United States Congress in his constitutionally-mandated [Article II, Section 3] State of the Union message. What could be a greater act of treason, or high crimes and misdemeanors, than lying America into a war via manufactured terrorism, intelligence, threats and fear, and by secretly agreeing with a foreign power to invade third nation by lying to Congress?
© 2005 Theodore E. Lang - All rights reserved
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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