Psychology Destroying The
US - Who Will Rescue It?

By Ted Twietmeyer
There are endless news stories we see almost every day. Most that still live "inside the box" become perplexed when certain news stories surface that they cannot reason out or process. This happens when 4th Reich Bush tells a bald-faced lie and one of them reaches public consciousness.
Many readers have always known that no WMDs would be found in Iraq. But the bombs were dropped and it was too late. How many people still remember the tables full of notebooks, CDs and other records Saddam produced several years ago for his Washington puppeteers? Mainstream press told the world that the mountain of pre-war Iraq war data would first be scanned by Whitehouse employees, before the general military was allowed to read it.
A common sales technique employs planting a thought in someone's mind. A master salesman puts a seed in someone's mind, then sits back and lets it germinate. Over and over we heard about Iraq and the certainty of WMD existence. The reality was Saddam - former career CIA Golden Boy puppet - was rebelling against his puppeteers, and a lesson had to be taught for the world to see. As Cheney once muttered on camera about the war, "it's about oil and always has been."
This involves asking someone to do something that is the opposite of what you want. By doing this skillfully, you can get them to rebel and by doing so, they end up giving you what you really want. Parents learn to use it on their children as an effective management tool. However, it doesn't work reliably for law enforcement. The feds tried to use it to catch a sniper by daring him to do it again. The tactic made things worse. [1] Swimmers are often taught how "pain is good." [2] All I can say to that, is tell that to a heart attack victim.
Of course, we've heard about the Peak Oil myth as well. Even though recent research has proven this to be another lie, no one in Washington is demanding oil prices be reduced. But again reverse psychology was used on the public, to make people accept the new higher gas prices.
Now we have government leaders employing psychology on a massive scale, and combining it with the Hegelian Dialectic. We are told how "war will bring peace." Even though this flies in the face of all reason, the public is buying that lie, too. It will be interesting to see just how the government will justify the DU, bio and chemical poisoning of our upcoming generation of young adults when the draft returns.
Barnett's lecture about the American Empire taking control of the world one nation at a time, is the pinnacle of madness at the helm. In his lecture on a multimedia stage last year, he told a pentagon cross-section audience on CSPAN live about the glories of war:
"...and those men and women overseas? They are NOT coming home. Not EVER."
What did the DoD audience do? Gasp? Stand up and yell at him? Challenge him?
No. Their behavior was that of perfect sheeple sucking it all in, like thirsty houseplants that haven't been watered in 3 days.
It also shows what fear of losing their jobs can do. If just ONE PERSON stood up to megalomania others would have, too.
It's time we look at the REAL EFFECTS of the current war, and the upcoming war with Iran and Syria:
* Necessitate a new draft to provide more cannon fodder for the upcoming war with Iran. We know from draft bills already on capital hill, that men AND WOMEN will all be required to serve. Ages vary in different bills, from 18 to 26 to others which are 18 to 49. And NO EXCEPTIONS. This will empty out our colleges and universities in about one semester. There will be no exceptions for college students. If you are breathing, then you will be inducted. Canada will be no refuge, either. An agreement has already been signed to prevent people moving to Canada to escape the draft. This is compelling evidence of an upcoming draft. Such an agreement is useless with an all-volunteer army.
* Dramatically shorten the lives of all soldiers. We have poisoned the land with DU anti-armor shells for tens of thousands of years to come. This is a diabolically evil form of population control for the next generation of Americans. And the generation after.
* Soldiers and other service people bring their toxic poisoning home to their families, and pass it on to them.
* Foreign troops on American streets. Bush already said he will do this almost 4 years ago...if all our armed forces are tied up overseas. Many Europeans already hate Americans, and most likely they will be the operators of the more than 200 prison camps which are already built. Why do they hate us? Among a plethora of reason, they will tell you that we 'profess' to be a free people, yet we have more people per capita in prison right now than any other country. We are the fools of the world to many nations.
* Like Iraq, Iran and other countries we "conquer" will remain an uncontrollable drain on manpower and economic resources. Even Barnett stated that ongoing control of countries conquered is problematic, and no solution to it exists. Yet he continued to promote the idea of invading most countries to "bring them into the core." He even included Africa and South America. The plan is madness, because it would take millions of soldiers and trillions of dollars which we don't have, and never will. A large part of America is rapidly becoming senior citizens as people live longer than in past years. I'm sure something will be done about that, too.
* War is a massive drain on the economy and manpower. It is also a traitorous act when war is begun based on lies and false pretenses. WW2 had the entire American public behind it. No such long-term support really exists today for ANY war America starts. Support our troops bumper stickers is one thing. Supporting a 100 year war is entirely different.
This war and those that follow will bring America economically and emotionally to her knees. We were told by Bush in 2001 that "this war on terrorism will be a 100 year war." And the "axis of evil" countries labeled as terrorist countries, were all named: Iran, Syria, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan [3] Iraq is just a staging area, and was thrown in for good measure.
These wars will destroy an entire generation of young adults. We have at the same time, the extra slap in the face from the government by free trade and constant plant closings. There is little doubt as others have observed as well, that Bush is out to destroy America to raise a 4th Reich. This is a subject I've written about before. Bush is employing extremely sophisticated mind control and psychological techniques to achieve his Reich - which now includes a firm denial by his administration that they never have spoken about WMDs before. This went right over the heads of the public like a hot wind on a summer day.
The recent Bilderberger meeting will bring on a rash of increased NWO activity. We will see major shifts in hardliner statement in other countries. Perhaps even UN Agenda 21 [4] implementation to control ALL of the world's water will be stepped up another notch.
I must comment on the obvious parallels to the meteoric rise of the 3rd Reich. In those days, public communications were far more limited than what we have today. The European people had no clue what was coming their way, and how their lives would rapidly become ones of fear and REAL terror. The old adage is very true, that "those who don't learn from history's mistakes are condemned to repeat them." This will be the fate of all of America because of the mass public blindness to NWO efforts. The security "Czars" we now have, are strongly reminiscent of the roles of Goebbels and Gehring in Hitler's short-lived empire...but potentially far more deadly.
But who will come to the rescue of brainwashed and bankrupt America? Is there a country on earth that will come to OUR aid, despite how for the past 100 years we spent trillions helping the rest of the world?
* Russia. The cold war is re-igniting. Putin has already restored the old soviet insignias on the tanks and uniforms. Capitalism was a disaster in a country where alcoholism is rampant. [5] The Russian people will gladly embrace a life where the state takes care of them like children again.
* China. Did anyone forget about their "Long March" missile? It's an ICBM designed to reach the USA. In eastern China, there are miles of weapons manufacturing plants. Are the Chinese doing this to fill up warehouses, because they have nothing else to do? Thanks to Wal-Mart, China has already almost destroyed the US.
* European Union. Why would they free us from our government's tyranny? Bush and recently re-elected PM Tony Blair are related to the House of Windsor. Since the Euro-union follows the lead of UK leadership, it's quite unlikely they will help us.
* France. We hear they have sympathy for our plight. But they are all talk and no action, and part of the EU anyway.
* Canada. This one is interesting. If you haven't been to Canada, you should go. About 80% of their population lives close to the American border. Their television programs are loaded mainly with American television series and other NWO propaganda. They are as brainwashed as the American public is, if perhaps not more so. Since their economy is VERY heavily linked to ours, going to war with the USA is the last thing they would ever want to do. Canada's military might last one day. Visualize a Canadian soldier on horseback, attacking a 40 ton Abrahms tank...
The USA "rescued" Europe from the staged, death grip of the Third Reich. But it is safe to say that NO ONE will come to the aid of the American people. The result will be the end of America. Period. The only way to stop all this madness from happening is to stand up NOW and just say NO.
"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
- Mark Twain, 1904 [5]
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