Vegas ABC Station Drops
Invitation To Prophet Yahweh

The photo above has been widely distributed across the web
as being Prophet Yahweh, but he responded that this was not
him at all, but probably someone from another religious sect.
Some have suggested that this image has been circulated in order
to connect Prophet Yahweh with the use of large white balloons
in faking UFOs. -ed

Offical photo of Prophet Yahweh

Note - Since when does a tv news department drop a RED HOT story? Answer: When it is TOLD to. - Jeff

ABC Channel 13 Action News rescinds its invitation to film Prophet Yahweh on June 1st.

Listen to the phone call here:

"This is Steve Weekly with Channel 13 Action News. I just wanted to speak with you because I would like to rescind an invitation to do something live with you tomorrow morning. I think the story is being blown way out of proportion so I don`t think it would be too wise to do anything else concerning this story. Give me a call when you have time."




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