UFO Circling Volcano
Popo On Webcam

From Nathan
Take a look at the enclosed snaps I "just" recorded, of what is definitely a ufo.
I was watching the CENAPRED volcano cam, and recorded all images as fast as the page would refresh.
The sequence therefore is literally seconds apart. You will see the image begins with pic 1 and each fram is timestamped and recorded by CENAPRED so this can be referenced for corroboration.
I have just seen a ufo thru an online camera, filming a volcano, live!
Click Here to load animated Gif of 15 frames captured (1.7 MB)
Dominic H. Janusz

There are many references on the web to UFO's caught by the CENAPRED volcano cam, which caught my interest, so I started leaving the volcano cam up on my screen when I'm wasn't using the computer for anything else.
One day while the volcano cam was quietly refreshing in the background, I watched as somebody bumped the camera, and its view swung downward to reveal that the camera is actually inside a small building, sitting about 3 feet back from a plain glass window, which looks out at the volcano.
Having watched and scrutinized the same general "UFO flight" as posted on your site many times, I have concluded that the black ones are simply flies walking on the glass.
This, however, does not explain the white orbs that occasionally appear :)
Dominic H. Janusz



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