The Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 74
Bond Collapse

By Sherman H. Skolnick
The TITANIC did not have enough life-boats. And you know what happened.
By September 9, 2001, the Anglo-American Aristocracy knew full well that an American financial melt-down, including a Bond Collapse, was imminent. Their creature, the privately-owned Federal Reserve, masquerading as a U.S. government agency, did not have enough life-boats, nor the inclination, to save common Americans from the torment. A world-wide meeting of economists in Moscow, the week-end before 9-11, predicted the impending collapse of Financial U.S.A.
So a pre-planned treason was invoked. Under cover of being three or more mock drills, of how to deal with foreign invaders and terrorists, the icons of American business, New York's World Trade Center twin towers would be taken down. With the people in it! [A supposed fiction documetary-like production of what became 9-11, was telecast by FOX TV in March, 2001. Airplanes, hi-jacked by Moslems, running into the Twin Towers, World Trade Center, New York.]
After all, as known to the designers, builders, leasors, and others, the towers were approaching the fourth and expected last decade of their existence and usefulness. They had swayed in the wind plenty. To take down the towers the hard way, the whole area, to be on the safe side, would have to be cleared of people. And piece by piece, the towers would be taken down. Estimated cost, about Twenty Billion Dollars.
Another, newer way, is through controlled internal explosives, where the building, like a no longer used old hotel, implodes upon itself. Cheap and quick. Reasonably safe, that is, if no one is in the building when wireless signals are used by the computer-generated split-second-timed demise, floor by floor, to coincide with detonating the foundation many basements down.
The declining American Empire sucked up most of the planet's oil each day.There were not that many new oil reserves to be yet located. And the Moslems and break-away provinces of the collapsed Soviets had quite a bit of the oil underneath their lands.
To justify seizing these oil-fields, use a latter-day prior-knowledge Pearl Harbor. Wake up half-asleep ordinary Americans. Blame the treachery of September 11, 2001, on the Moslem World.. A Christian Crusade against the Arabs, just like many centuries ago.
The invasion slogan was simple. BOMB IRAQ INTO DEMOCRACY. Afghanistan also. Yes, Saddam Husein was a son-of-a-bitch. BUT, he was the Iraqi peoples' son-of-a-bitch. The American CIA, with the help of Daddy Bush, created and installed Saddam.
Claim commercial airplanes, hi-jacked supposedly by Arabs, crashed into the twin towers. And there were no U.S. Military planes to interfere with the Arab "terrorists". Why was there a military stand-down? Simple. Three mock drills were set for that very same morning, to confuse the U.S. Military, the FAA, air traffic controllers, and others in the bureaucracy.
Something also hit the symbol of U.S. Military, the Pentagon. The twin towers of New York, made of steel-reinforced concrete, about an hour after something hit each tower (over-ridden possibly by holograms), and each tower collapsed, pulverized. First time in history such buildings fell down like that. Many hours later, World Trade Center Building Seven, hit by nothing, also collapsed.
The next day, released by America's secret political police, the FBI, were supposed pictures of the 19 Moslems that "did it". The oil-soaked, spy-riddled, massive tax-cheating Monopoly Press followed orders. Never mentioned, of course, was that most of these "Moslem terrorists" had been trained and living at U.S. naval and military facilities, California and Florida, among other places. To put it in espionage jargon, these Arabs, like Lee Harvey Oswald, thought they were part of something, not patsies on what spy-talk labels as a parallel track.
Notice, seven or more of the "terrorists" are still alive!
The Aristocracy accomplished several purposes.
(1) They destroyed the FBI and other agency records of an on-going investigation of purported federal Anti-Trust crimes and massive overseas bribery committed by the left-overs of Mobil Oil. Why were that not back-up records away from the twin towers and Building Seven?
(2) They stopped an impending Bond Collapse. Toward the top of one of the twin towers were the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald & Company. The firm were specialists in wholesale traffic in bonds. Almost every one of the more than 600 employees, perished. About the only survivor was the boss-man who arrived late for work that day.
The Anglo-American Aristocracy, as well as the pro-Nazi, pro-British Monarachy, that is the Bush Crime Family, did not cry for Cantor Fitzgerald & Company,made up principally of Jews and Irish Catholics. Nor did the Bushies cry for the local police and firemen, principally Catholics and blacks, who bravely went up into the twin towers to rescue people, and perished with the internal explosive collapse of the towers.
To falsely draw the U.S. into a world war, to save England from being over-run by the Nazis, three thousand Americans lives were thrown away by the Anglo-American Aristoracy at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.
Likewise, the Aristocracy commanded the events of September 11, 2001, where three thousand American lives were thrown away, to prevent a Bond Collapse, so common Americans would take the "hit".
In 9-11, the agent for the British Monarchy, J.P. Morgan Chase, occupying some thirty floors in the World Trade Center, survived, losing almost none of their people. What prior knowledge arranged THAT?
So currently, several big dealers, hedge funds with derivatives hocus-pocus, involving General Motors and General Electric BONDS, are facing collapse. Basically, they bet wrong on GE and GM. They may pull down the financial apparatus of America. These mysteries of derivatives have a fall-out of trillions of dollars.
So now again, like the Titanic, the Federal Reserve does not have enough life-boats. To try to prevent a Bond Collapse, what kind of a treasonous trick is the Aristocracy going to pull off THIS TIME?
And, what big lies are the American press-fakers going to foist on the common people THIS TIME?
By the way, was it just a coincidence, that right before 9-11, was published "Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency" by James Bamford? The book revealed for the first time the "Northwoods Project", proposed in 1962 by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. To make excuses for the U.S. to directly invade Cuba (not like secretly aborted in 1961 in the CIA concealed invasion at the Bay of Pigs), the U.S. military brass laid out a scheme to blow up American commercial airplanes, buildings, and such, killing innocent Americans, to falsely blame onto Fidel Castro.
The Northwoods Project document, in Bamford's book, reads somewhat like what happened at 9-11.
AND, was it just a coincidence, that the firm getting the contract to haul away the debris from the collapse of the WTC twin towers, was Controlled Demolition, Inc., specializing in knocking down an old building, with internal explosives, to implode the building on itself? The left-overs of steel, without permitting forensic examination to determine what happened, was quickly hauled away to be secretly melted down and used by South Korea and Red China.
More coming. Stay tuned.
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