The Origins Of
Modern Zionism - Part 2
The Anti-Christ That The Christians Missed
By Jack Manuelian
In my previous article, The Origins of Modern Zionism, I wrote about the founder of Sabbateanism or modern Zionism, the kabbalist Sabbatai Zevi, who was born in Smyrna (now Izmir) in Turkey in 1626, of whom Jesus Himself gave the following prophetic direct reference: "Unto the angel of the Church in Smyrna write....I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." Revelation to St. John The Divine 2: 9. Jesus knew that in Smyrna an Anti-Christ is going to be born full of blasphemies who will establish a movement that did not consist of real Jews but fake Satanic Jews, pretending or posturing to be Jews and thus infiltrate the Jewish synagogues and lead the real Jews astray and into the path of Satan.
Zevi nullified the Commandments of God because he claimed the messianic age has arrived and he was the messiah of the Jews that was going to usher that age into reality. His prayer was: "Praised be He who permits the forbidden." An anonymous real Jew made the following remark recently: "Sabbateans believe that if the Bible says 'Do not kill,' then kill. If it says 'Do not commit adultery,' commit adultery. Totally evil and depraved, they are excellent at infiltrating other religions. The Donmeh of Turkey are Jews who have 'converted' to Islam but remain (false) Jews.They have infiltrated Christianity, Freemasonry, governments etc. Probably most neocons are Sabbateans."
Sabbateanism became a hidden movement whose members were the ones who established the sect known as Donmeh in the Ottoman Empire that took over the Turkish empire in a 1908 Masonic revolution. Jacob Frank ( born in 1726), the second successor to Sabbatai Zevi and the leader of the Sabbatean movement after Rebbe Berechiah, made an alliance with The Rothschilds and the Illuminati; then he and his followers infiltrated the Catholic Church by converting by the thousands to Catholicism. The authors of the genocide of entire Christian population of the Asia Minor of some two and half millions during World War I and few years following that war were the the followers of Sabbatai Zevi; as well as that of the Holocaust of the Jews and of gypsies during World War II. They just used the Turks and some Germans to do the dirty work for them.
An aspect of Sabbatean mystical occult religion is their belief in a "holy spark" inside every human being, put there by creator God. They believe that it is their religious duty to liberate this "holy spark" and send it back to God, in this way they believe they serve God and do Him a favor. Those murderers do not have any aversion in killing any individual, massacring thousands and hundreds of thousand, and even committing genocide of an entire race. In their beliefs, killing is liberating the "holy spark." This is Satanism, pure and simple. God did put the Holy Spark abiding inside each individual in order to mature, develop and grow. God is the ONLY one who can take that holy spark (or atom) back to itself. To God, white is white and black is black, if someone kills then he is a murderer. Of course there are many Sabbataeans who are practicing Satanists and they believe in killing, or "harvesting," in order to send the "holy sparks," or "atoms" of the humans, consisting of life and spiritual energy, to Satan as a gift.
Sabbateans do not have to do those atrocities in a direct way, they mostly prefer to do it indirectly and by proxy; deception being their motto. Deception is allowed by God on earth, a fact they know very well.
Presently, the Sabbatean movement, under the deceptive name of Zionism, is bringing all the Jews in one place in order to liberate their 'holy sparks" or harvest their "holy sparks" in an upcoming "Second Holocaust" of the Jews in the former Palestine. They believe that millions of genuine "holy sparks," Made in Israel, will be liberated from Jews killed by the Muslims and the Arabs during the upcoming World War 3 which they will be the actual authors or script writers. They expect their reptilian gods to be the recipients of those holy sparks.
Jacob Franks' disciples used to fall on the ground and utter prophecies while FOAMS began to ooze from their mouths. This is a clear sign of demonic possession by evil entities.
Jesus Christ, the Divine Shepherd, will bring most of the Jews and the Christians together and make them ONE FOLD. This is one more reason for the Jews and Christians to love and help each other.



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