Wal-Mart Truth - Part 2

By Ted Twietmeyer
If you haven't read Part 1 first, please do so. It will insure that the following has clarity for you. Wal-Mart Truth - Straight From Their Lips - Part 1
Below are a few more additional points about the blue box chain:
* Annual revenue is currently more than 285 billion dollars. Most likely the reporter on CNBC was referring to net income
rather than gross. However, this is not a terribly relevant issue since the main problem the chain creates is long term damage to the American family through more economic hardship at poverty wages, the American economy, the American job market and American small businesses.
* Wal-Mart has been caught insuring all their employees with life insurance, with proceeds going to the company and not to any beneficiary or relative of the deceased employee. This truly treats employees as a death investment.
* The documentary also covered a female employee who has a national management job. She is in charge of all pet departments in the chain, and her career began in a store's pet department. This was used as an example of promotion from within. What has been exposed in the past about internal promotions, are that a college business degree is required any management position in the company, even down to a store manager job. Unfortunately the documentary was too easy on the chain and this "minor detail" was not covered..
* There are some who have written me claiming that the Wal-Mart philosophy of cheaper is better ,and that's what business is about. (?) To them I say, "What about the more than 700 sweatshop factories, working 12-15 hour shifts, 7 days a week in China? This is not fiction, but was covered on another documentary last year. It showed the factory conditions. They were strongly reminiscent of America at the turn of the last century. Boiling hot conditions, no ventilation, unclean air and much more. There is also horrible, sub-human brutal treatment of menstruating women on production lines that is so terible it cannot be discussed here.
* To those that think that "cheaper is better, people want more for their money, or business is business" philosophy I ask, Would YOU want your children working in such a sweat-hole? And equally important - would you like your children and grandchildren to be able to find a job here in America when they are teenagers, and when they graduate from college? And in the future when your children and grandchildren can no longer find a job anywhere accept BELOW minimum wage as part-time workers - then how will you feel about those jobs you helped to export after it's too late? It will be the proverbial "grass is greener on the other side of the fence" ...Green grass, until you jump the fence and discover it's all Astroturf.
* We can also thank the RUTHLESS, tyrannical MBA types who would rather buy a factory and shut it down. They raid a company's value for the short term, rather than keep people employed and make the corporation even more successful and hire even more people. If you have ever met one of these MBA types you would know exactly what I mean. I've met several of these people in business. Now this cut-throat business approach is Wal-Mart's philosophy. The proof? Their actions show it, when they drive local small businesses under wherever they plant one of their cookie-cutter stores. But Wal-Mart best learn that "What goes around...comes around."
So when you are trying to decide to patronize that mom and pop store you always went to before the blue box came to town or go to the blue box - now your decision should be easy. If you have trouble remembering, then burn into your brain the images of sweatshops with 10 year old children working 12 and 15 hour days making $200.00 Nike shoes, clothes and handbags working for pennies an hour. Factories that you don't want to use your hard-earned money to support.
Every item bought at Wal-Mart adds another nail in the coffin of America's future.



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