Real 'Star Wars'
Makes Movie Seem Tame

By Henry Makow, PhD
The new "Star Wars" movie is fantasy. The true story could be much stranger and a lot more exciting.
Stephen Greer MD, 49, head of "The Disclosure Project" is the hero of the non-fiction version. He is an ER physician who gave up medicine to lift the massive cover-up of UFOs. His egghead appearance is deceptive. He is 6 ft. 1, lean, charismatic and bench-presses 140 pounds with one arm.
The Forces of Evil are the London-based central bankers. Like the fallen angel Lucifer (their idol) they have rebelled against the Creator's design and are determined to enslave mankind. They hold us prisoner mentally, spiritually, materially and technologically and plan a culling through war and virus.
In 1945, the explosion of Atom bombs on earth caught the attention of advanced alien civilizations that feared we could become a menace.
They have since made thousands of visits to earth, many focused on disarming atomic weapons. For example, Roswell New Mexico, where two UFOs were shot down and five alien corpses recovered in 1947, was the home of the only US nuclear weapons squadron at the time.
There have been about two-dozen cases where spacecraft have been recovered including a few where aliens have been captured dead or alive. The bankers have suppressed this information and even kept Presidents and CIA Directors out of the loop.
Both Carter and Clinton were threatened with assassination if they insisted on releasing this information. Dr. Greer has been offered bribes and threatened. In 1997, he and two close associates all came down with a mysterious strain of cancer at the same time. The two associates died.
The bankers use Intelligence Agencies and Defense Corporations to control UFO information and pursue secret "black budget" research. The aliens have a "free energy" technology, which would make fossil fuels obsolete. The bankers have copied and suppressed it because they also control the oil cartel. This pollution-free technology would make a Third World War fought over dwindling energy reserves unnecessary.
Finally, the "aliens" represent a level of spiritual evolution that would release humanity from its current arrested development.
I realize this all sounds pretty far-fetched. Before you dismiss it, go to the Disclosure Project website and look at the National Press Club News Conference. Order the four-hour video in which dozens of retired officials of the US military industrial and intelligence establishment, including astronaut Gordon Cooper, confirm that this bizarre scenario is indeed true.
Apparently "aliens" will be used to justify massive expenditures for space weaponry. When the "terrorist" threat runs its course, the bankers intend to fake an alien attack to force humanity to adopt their one-world dictatorship. They already have "alien reproduction vehicles" and alien clones for this hoax.
Seen the movie "Independence Day"? We're going to "kick alien butt" in spite of the fact that in more than fifty years, the aliens have evinced no hostile intent, but rather a benign concern.
The Luciferian bankers will use the space weaponry to ward off alien attempts to liberate plantation earth and maybe even export their special brand of Satanism, taking Lucifer's rebellion to the next level.
Before I continue, let me remind you that most of our cherished beliefs have been spoon-fed to us by the banker-controlled media and educational systems. We have been given mental paradigms that act as filters and we cannot process this information. You don't have to accept or reject it. You can reserve judgment.
I attended a four-hour workshop with Stephen Greer in Toronto May 21. He strikes me as a courageous and sincere person who is risking his life and the security of his family (he is married with four children) to challenge the pernicious cabal that currently controls the world.
I am troubled however by the storybook quality of some of his personal history. He claims his father was of Cherokee Indian descent and that his family was dysfunctional. His parents were "devout atheists," which makes me wonder if they might also have been Communists.
He claims he toiled at odd jobs to support his sisters and put himself though college. Exhausted, he came down with an unusual disease that resulted in a near-death experience during which he communicated with spirit beings.
Ever since he has had the ability to access cosmic consciousness and communicate with extraterrestrials. He claims there are physical sightings of UFOs after he has psychically "vectored" them in. He describes one species of extraterrestrials as about 38-inches tall, bronze skinned, no ears and exuding a spirit of "kindness."
Before becoming an MD, Greer was one of (Transcendental Meditation) Yogi Maharishi Mahesh's star trainers. Greer continues to offer instruction in achieving cosmic consciousness as part his Disclosure Project program.
I am also troubled by Greer's apparent naivety in approaching members of what he calls the "Kleptocracy" for support in developing zero-point (free) energy. He claims Laurence Rockefeller wanted to endow the project but his family was "jumping on his balls."
"How can you be so naive?" I challenged Greer. "Rockefeller is Standard Oil."
But Greer maintains that individual members of the Kleptocracy are troubled by the direction of human affairs and may be willing to help. He says 40% of the "control group" is in favor of making the UFO phenomena public.
He says people want to know about UFOs but few are willing to help him. "The trouble with nice people is that they are 'nice.' We need people who are willing to take risks. We need spirit warriors."
Could the "Disclosure Project" be disinformation? I suppose but I don't know what purpose it would serve.
Whatever we may think about Stephen Greer, the testimony he has collected from dozens of retired officials strikes me as authentic and convincing. Take a look at the video and make up your own mind.
In my view, the only way we will get the Kleptocracy to convert the world to zero-point energy is to give them ownership over it, and make it worth as much to them as fossil fuels. At least the new process will be pollution free.
Greer concluded the workshop on a hopeful note. He said we now have a limitless free source of pollution-less energy that will usher in a new age of peace and prosperity for humanity.
"One world is dying while another is struggling to be born," he said. " We are ushering in a 500,000 year era of peace. Keep your eye on the far horizon."
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Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the game Scruples and the author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order are archived on his site He welcomes your comments and may post some on his site using first names only.



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