Major US Retailers
Gathering Data On
Applicants For Feds?

From Anonymous
I am a daily reader of your site, and admire the hard work you do to assemble the information gathered there in almost real-time.
Recently, I experienced something that I think would be of great interest to you and your readers.
I went looking for a part-time job recently, and was spooked beyond the pale at the following discovery:
Almost ALL of the major retailers, food stores, grocery stores, etc. are all using an online application process now.
I went to apply for a pt job at Borders Books, and the clerk directed me to an internet site
For a part time job stocking books on shelves, the online application walked me through a THIRTY SEVEN PAGE PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE.
Needless to say, I felt this was a bit excessive.
Continuing my search for part time employment, I walked into a grocery store called Whole Foods. The clerk directed me to a kiosk in the store where I could "apply online"... "just make sure you answer all of the questions" he said, and he left me at this computer terminal.
When I clicked on the first page, I saw the same logo in the lower corner of the application as I had at the Borders site. Unicru.
Needless to say, I didnt bother applying. I went home and visited and was chilled to the bone by what I saw.
You need to pay this site a visit, and maybe check out the "online application" at Borders under a fake name.
If my understanding is correct, Unicru is assembling a national database of psychological profiles of middle to lower income earners.
Exactly what happens to that information is anybody's guess.
I just wanted to share this information with you and perhaps your readers.
From Wayne M.
Dear Jeff -
About two months ago my daughter applied at Borders book store in Chicago on Michigan avenue and was referred to an online application process as well.
While I cannot remember all of the prying questions they asked for this small paying position, I do remember my daughter ending the application process early, of her own decision and with my blessing.
Just a small tidbit to add to what your other reader sent you.



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