Major 911 Curiosity Completely
Ignored By The Media

By Ted Lang
©2004-2005 All Rights Reserved
I have already expressed my painfully-arrived-at conclusion: the Bush administration planned, plotted and carried out the indiscriminate slaughter of its own citizens on September 11, 2001. I am certain of this, and will stand by what I have concluded. And for those that cannot bring themselves to believe the growing laundry list of evidence and facts that unmistakably point to this obvious conclusion, all that is required is to pick just one known fact and pound it with further inquiry.
Although the media initially picked up on the event, their Zionist allegiance necessitated their immediate distancing from, and aversion of, the obvious facts. As it may be recalled, five Israelis were observed in Weehawken, New Jersey, celebrating the "collapse" of the World Trade Towers and the deaths of three thousand of our fellow citizens. They were reported to police and eventually picked up by the FBI. The five turned out to be agents of Israeli intelligence - the Mossad. This incident was followed up on by FOXNews reporter Carl Cameron and presented on TV as a four-part series documenting Israeli spy operations targeting America.
Here's what Dr. Henry Makow has written: "The head of the Department of Homeland Security is Israeli dual citizen and Zionist Michael Chertoff. He was the New Jersey State Attorney when five Mossad agents were arrested after witnesses saw them congratulating themselves on the destruction of the World Trade Centre. Their van tested positive for explosives." Makow credited investigative reporter Chris Bollyn as the source of that report.
At my place of employment, we have access to both FOXNews and CNN TV 24-7 news broadcasts. After a fellow employee, who was on the phone on that beautiful Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, told us that his caller told him that a plane had just crashed into one of the towers at the World Trade Center, we quickly switched our computers to IPTV mode. As one of the World Trade Towers was in the process of "collapsing," I uttered these words to my supervisor, who was watching my monitor and standing next to me at the time: "My God, there are explosions everywhere!" My supervisor, in a slightly corrective tone, offered: "The building is collapsing." Obviously, we were both right.
What's so important about seeing with your own eyes that explosions were happening "everywhere?" This is exactly the same methodology and process that I have witnessed before. It is used in "controlled demolitions" that are executed to bring down buildings targeted for removal. The explosions are "planted" to actually cause "implosion," or inward collapse.
A few years back, I believe it was in the city of Newark, New Jersey, a federal housing project was scheduled for such demolition. It was an issue because the federal building was only fifteen years old, but the occupants had so trashed the premises that they needed to be taken down. The object in controlled demolition is to bring the building straight down to minimize the impact area where concrete, brick and structural steel will fall. The collapse of the WTC tower that I witnessed, as it was happening, was an exact replay of that Newark building demolition I witnessed on TV years before.
So what are the implications? The facts are right out there in the open for all to see, but why is it that no one can make the obvious connection? Why hasn't our government come forward, and why hasn't the media? Let's take a closer look now.
How could a building, especially the size of not just one, but two World Trade Towers, be so saturated with the obviously numerous and highly powerful explosive charges needed to bring them down via controlled demolition? Think about that for a moment. How were those explosive charges installed, wired and concealed? Why wouldn't at least one employee at the WTC notice the effort? Wouldn't it require massive manpower, many "workers," to install the huge quantity of necessary explosives?
As to the quantity of explosives and their numerous placements, and their powerful force, consider the reasoning offered by <>Professor David Ray Griffin. He offers in his presentation at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, that the explosions were so well distributed, and so powerful, that the WTC towers were disintegrated into a humongous cloud of dust. "Drop a piece of concrete from a height of 1,000 feet," he relates, "and you'll never see it disintegrate into dust - it will fracture, possibly into pieces, but not dust."
Clearly, the planting of explosive charges would have to be not only labor intensive, well planned, and conducted in a clandestine manner; it would have to be done when no WTC employees were around to observe the operation. In all likelihood, the explosives were planted at night when the building was almost empty. Now pretend for a moment, that you were one of the perpetrators. How and when would you be able to do your work? And wouldn't you use a precautionary and easily explained cover in the case of an unexpected inquiry? You are now part of the "Mission Impossible" force; how would you proceed?
To transport large quantities of explosives, you would have to initially conceal them in a non-conspicuous container. How about those large cardboard self-constructing boxes so often used in office moves? How many times, if you work in an office, or even moved to a new residence, and were given these self-construct cartons, have you seen and handled such containers? Would it be unusual to see such containers in an office building, even at night, when a "moving company's" employees are just doing their job in the middle of the night thereby taking advantage of the ease of maneuverability made possible by the absence of the usual throngs of office workers? What would be suspicious about that?
But even if the ruse used wasn't a moving company, but instead, a plumbing contractor, or an electrical contractor, or an HVAC contractor, how easy would it be for any one of these covers, or even a combination of them, to install the explosive charges when the building was deserted at night? But the five Israelites, and then-employed agents of Mossad, were indeed "working" for, what is now known to be, a phony "moving company." This provided both the cover and the necessary van to transport the explosives in a concealed manner. Real original, no?
Now if an ordinary person like me can figure that out, then why couldn't the FBI? The fact is that they DID KNOW - they were part of the operation! Consider the van; and traces of explosives?! What the hell were explosives doing in a van of Israeli amateur photographers and filmmakers? And how did they know what was about to happen? And why did Bush's FBI quietly spirit them out of the country? Didn't the Bush FBI do exactly the same thing for Osama bin Laden's relatives right after 9-11? Ergo, the silence and non-inquisitiveness of the Zionist media!
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano was right when he offered that the United States Government, at ALL levels, is not your friend. But isn't slaughtering 3,000 of your own citizens way over the top even more so than Waco? And "in the greatest city in the world" as Bush acolyte Sean Hannity loves to say. Consider how lucky "We the People" really are - the Bush Butchers could have killed as many as 50 to 100 thousand American citizens! But not to worry - over 100,000 Iraqis died for our government and they were the same kind of people: unarmed, non-combatant men, women and children. [Applause!]
Now isn't it easy to figure out why the "Weehawken Five" knew in advance that the WTC towers were coming down? Isn't it easy to tie the trace of explosives, the van and the "moving" company together? And do we really need to ask why the FBI hustled these Mossad killers quickly out of the country? And don't tell me you're still curious as to why the FBI did that! And don't expect me to believe for a moment that Israeli intelligence knew about it, tried to tell our government, but had nothing whatsoever to do with it!
Using the color code scheme of our Israeli Department of Homeland Security, run by yet another citizen of Israel, Michael Chertoff, and as was the case with the recently-resigned Pentagon Comptroller, Dov Zakheim, and also the briefly-tenured former head of NJ Homeland Security, Golan Cipel, it's beginning to look like we are in a permanent "Condition Red!" We've got foreign nationals running both our military and our intelligence departments. And if you and your family don't vote Republican in the next elections, you and your family may well be sent to Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib for some Israeli-designed humiliation, torture and death.
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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