'Anti-American Traitor'
Kirwan Answers
A Lt. Colonel
From Jim Kirwan
From Lt Col Gregg xxxx
Do you believe this crap you send out??? You are the worst sort of anti american traitor I can imagine sending all this trash around while we are at war. I shouldnt even say "We" as you are the farthest from supporting the nation as you could be.
k (kirwan) - I have a news flash for you Gregg, this is no longer 1955 - this is 2005 and the Marine Corp is no longer what it once was. Apparently you slept through the actual facts concerning this unending war upon the world, which is and was nothing but a treasonous conspiracy created by what you refer to as your leaders. "We" are not at war - because the attacks that were used to justfy this "war." were designed and planned well before the Privateers stole the office the first time. Cheney-Bush and their entire menagerie of thieves, ex-cons and bandits - are the ones who should be charged for the attacks on 911. If you haven't figured this out yet - then I'd hate to think that you'd be allowed to command anything larger than a latrine detail.
The time is here for Americans to support the war until we achieve victory.
k - Brilliant, Gregg - you really beleve that we (or anyone) can "Kill a Tactic," or wipe out an idea with weaponry? That position is why the rest of this planet finds our military response to a diplomatic problem to be such a criminal farce: And beyond that, the fact that "we" can treat the rest of the people on the earth like so much garbage - just because we feel like it. If you believe what that ultimate coward Bush tells you: then you are a disgrace to the uniform, and to the concept of the Corp - a Corp that was created originally to destroy the Pirates of Tripoli (not to become the latest version what those Pirates stood for)- how far you have fallen Colonel - how very far indeed.
In the mean time shut your Michael Moore fat suckhole. Don't you live in NYC? Do you want the terrorists to bomb you again??? Do you have any idea that there are people out there who would love to kill you simply because you live in America??? Do you think just giving them a warm hug will change them???
k - I don't take orders from you, or any other military official (unless & until we get to martial law). I'm a civilian and I outrank the highest general this country has, as does every other civilian in his country - because those of you who have pretentions of "service to the nation" - you work for us - and not the other way round! Don't EVER forget that fact!
How do you reconcile the fact that your leader stole an election - twice - and that he himself is still AWOL from the Air National Guard? You are obligated by the UCMJ not to obey unlawful orders. Yet every single order that Bush has given to the military in his entire stint in the Oval Office has been an unlawful order. The man is a criminal, a thief, and mega-liar as well as an imposter - and he belongs in prison for the rest of his natural life. Yet you obey his every wish: And you call yourself a soldier who serves this country - bullshit Gregg - you're nothing but a useful idiot in uniform!
Whatever happened to all those so-called "military officers" who swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America? Why has there not been any move thus far from these criminally flawed memebers of the high command who supposedly serve the Constitution and the people of this country - I'll tell you where they are - they're cowering under the weight of their shoulder boards and praying that they won't actually be challenged for failing this nation during its time of need: That would be during the only successful coup that has ever succeeded on American shores - and that little factoid makes you and all your buddies the real traitors here Gregg - Think about that before you start calling the rest of us names.
I do what I do, because I've looked into it for decades, and yes I might have to pay for that with my life. But I'd rather live openly and honestly, rather than on my knees, as you have apparently chosen to do. Real people only die once, the coward dies a thousand times: but the schill's that enable the criminals to do what they have done - you guys probably ought to die at least 10,000 times. Life may never be "fair" - but in nature there are always consequences, wish I could be there when that day finally comes!
Don't you have any testosterone in your fat mucleless body? You are just like one of those mindless robots who joins a cult and drinks the poison cool-lade when you are told to by Jim Jones. Or lets David Koresh screw your wife You need to grow some and start being thankfull for what this country has to give not just tearing it down. You are a ignorant sheep, you will blindly ignore all threats until you are murdered. You will criticize any attempts we make to defend our nation. When would you ever raise a hand to protect your country? I would have to say you never would.
k - Not only have I already put in six years in uniform, against my will - in those days everyone had to comply - but over the intervening years I've done more than my share of contributing not to the government, but to the idea of this nation as something viable and as concept that could still be improved upon. As for fear - anyone can be killed, and all of us will one day die anyhow - what matters here and now is that we live each and every day as fully as it can be lived. that includes kicking people like you when it counts - because you're as wrong as a human being can ever be - about what is right and what is not in this country today.
Oh - and since you've been sucking at the public trough, rather than working for a living - for as long as it has taken to become a vaunted Marine Lt. Colonel - I suggest that you not lecture anyone who works for a living, about what it takes to "make this country great!"
If you hate President Bush, the military and America, why dont you get out?
k - Spoken like the true coward that you obviously are. When you haven't the facts or the mental capacity to participate in a discusssion then you and criminal friends in high places begin this travesty; this mantra that seeks to just throw out everyone that disagrees with them. I hate what Bush has done - he personally is nothing but a puppet - hardly worthy of hatred. Here's what his family and he are like, and what they have done "for the country"
This latest form of the military is not the US military anymore - (as there is no draft). It is today nothing but a collection of mercenaries blatantly in service to corporate greed, to privatized arrogance and global domination. Please do not delude yourself futher - by thinking that what you do is noble or military - you've become part of rent-a-soldier-to-whatever-cause: and that's nothing new - it's traditions go back at least to ancient Rome.
Go live in Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somolia. Those are the innocent friendly people you say we are criminally attacking, go help them. Then you will see what you had and how much they want to take what we have. The only thing that stops them from killing you, taking your land, raping your wife is the Military that you condemned in your previous email. But I guess that is just hype these people mean us no harm, it is just a personal vendetta from George Sr.
k - You like toys, Gregg - do you believe that he that dies with the most toys wins? If so then you are a fool. Where a person is born is an accident of history - it's not some kind of royal "right" that anyone can just put in an order for - no one gets to chose where they were born, or what color they might be, or what skills they might have. So to continue to maintain that being an American is some kind of right-to-dominate all others - is just pure crap. First of all this place was created by massaquering the previous inhabitants (just as we're doing in Iraq now), but to far more people then, than we have yet killed in the middle east. You might want to have a look sometime at what the true history of this country is all about. You needn't bore yourself with the good stuff (your limited attention span might become strained) - just look up all the invasions, intercesions and take-overs that we've done around the planet - then tell me again how noble this new war really is! Here's a link that will take you through it.
You are living in a fantasy world where there is no threat.
k - Oh, there's a threat alright, Colonel - but it comes from the foreign and domestic sponsors of this government, and not from the fantasy that was concocted to cover up the massive crimes committed on nine eleven.
Can you imagine if we did as you said and pulled out of Iraq? We would be considered weak and would be subject to attack from every terrorist out there. All the lives lost would be wasted, Iraq would go back to anarchy, tens of thousands would die in the mayham, the mideast would be totally unstablized, Iran would invade Iraq, Kuwait would be gone, Saudi Arabia would be in revolution, oil prices would soar and all our oil would be from argentina, Israel would be under seige, Jordan's palistinean population would revolt.
k- I didn't know I was talking to a certifiable psychic. You "KNOW" all these things for a fact, do you? As with everything else - the devil is in the details. IF we first impeached Cheney-Bush, and then by way of showing the planet that we were serious about a real change of direction, we could turn over Iraq to the Arab League, and THEN withdraw.
How thoughtful of you to think about how many thousands would die needlessly (if we pull out) when your leader puposefully attacked Iraq without any provocation whatsoever - regardless of the massive loss of human life that he knew he was going to inflict on anyone that opposed his unilateral and illegal decision to attack that nation. It is "we" Gregg who were and are the aggressors - we invaded that country, and now we refuse to see that those people we attacked - have not only the right but the duty to repel our aggressions by whatefver means they find they can employ.
Rice and Rummy can speechify all they like about cowardly attacks and insurgents - but those people have the right to decide who shall run their country - just as Americans have that same right here. Unfortuantely it is the fear-driven Americans who will not oppose the tyranny of the Bush Administration - so it is we who live in fear - and the Iraqi's who challenge tyranny at every turn. You and you're idiot mind-set are the reason that Bush is able to continue in his Crimes of the Century - against all real people everywhere - You and your double standards disgust me and people everywhere.
Our presence in Iraq stabilizes the entire region. Study and become educated before you demonstrate your ignorance of the world situation.
k - "Stabilizes the entire region"? Really, is that what the fourteen new bases (in Iraq) were to have been used for? You know for a Marine, you're really not very bright when it comes to world affairs - maybe you should check up on which nations are doing what to attack us in every way (because of what we've tried to do in Iraq and everywhere else) from economics and policy all the way through military adventures and the outsourching of what's left of the jobs market here.
Maybe you might want to take your own advice Colonel - retire from the corp and see the world as a civilian - maybe you can find something useful to do to counter all that you've stood for in your entire pathetic life. In either case - get an education about the current state of affairs before you embarass yourself further by trying to write again!



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