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Release Date: May 17, 2005
HBCC UFO Research: New eyewitness audio accounts have been added to the site.
Muenchweiler, Germany More Witnesses To A UFO Sighting - The Vike Report
HBCC UFO Research Note: In 2004 I had an eyewitness write to me explaining what it was that two people witnessed over an Army Base at Muenchweiler, Germany back in 1980. (There is a link in the below report to their sighting) If these folks do come across this new information about the UFO sighting over Muenchweiler, Germany would they please contact me. I had a computer crash and lost a fair bit of information and have lost their email address. Thank you, Brian
Date: 1980-1982
Hello!! My name is (name removed) and I lived In Munchweiller from 1980-1982.
My Dad was in the army, and I remember this story.
When I was living there, US and German air force jets would fly between the hills there. They flew so low that the windows would shake. This is significant because when I heard about this, I almost saw the UFO.
The army housing was on one side of the base, and the DYA and the very small PX and hospital was on the other side. There was a huge field in the middle of the base, and we played out there.
I remember the UFO story. As I remember, I think the military investigated this. I may even know the persons in your story, I lived in the fourth building on the 2nd floor in Munchweiller. (facing the main gate)
I think that others there may have saw it. I remember that we used to walk though a hole in the fence (so we would not have to walk around the fence) into town and some of my German friends said that they saw something.
Thank you for your time.
Additional Information:
Thank you for writing me back.
Yes, I remember the day the UFO was reported seen. What I meant about hearing the UFO was that in the town of Munchweiller, you could hear everything on base and the day that object was seen it was very quiet and clear.
The girls in the paper that I saw lived behind me, 2 buildings away. They were yelling loudly outside and I was home at the time. I think it made a sound when it left, a weird whirling sound that I really did hear.
The object passed above the base, really fast. I am basing this on where I was at the time. It happened so fast that I did not see it, but I almost did. The girls yelling caused a lot of people to come out and look. I think the Army did look into this, but I do not remember what came out of this.
Muenchweiler, Germany UFO Sighting - Audio clip - 38:12 minutes long. Date: 1980-1982
Audio report can be heard at:
The below link will take you to the full story on the Muenchweiler, Germany UFO Sighting in 1980 that I received back in 2004.
Audio © 2005 HBCC UFO Research
I would really like to thank the gentleman for taking the time with me to do an audio report and for the report itself.
Bellshill, North Lanarkshire, UK One Circular Object, Another Red Half Moon Crescent
Date: July 29/August 26, 1995
Time: 11:45 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Community Road, Bellshill
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: One circular white object, one red half moon crescent shaped object.
Full Description of event/sighting: In the summer of July 1995, myself and colleague Peter Wilson decided to form a UFO group in Bellshill, North Lanarkshire, UK. It all started on the 29th July when Peter asked if I wanted to view the stars in my back garden as we were both very interested in astrology. as we were looking for the constellation of stars known as Pleiades, we witnessed a sphere in the sky (same size as the north star) with a high intensity bright whiteness, moving along horizontally high above my garden. It disappeared for a short while and reappeared at the other side of the gardens view. Both Peter and myself were bemused as to what it was, there was no explanation we could give to its identity, it moved in an unusual way.
Then on the 26th of August, we both witnessed what seemed to be the same object again when in the back garden. At first we thought it was an aircraft or alternately a high orbiting satellite, briefly touching the atmosphere. A little later in the evening, I will never forget it - at 11:45 p.m. we again watched in awe as the strange white object came into view before suddenly disappearing. Then I looked away to view another part of the sky (Orion's belt) Peter shouted "LOOK A SHOOTING STAR" I don't know what made me look straight up, but vertically above me was this half moon shaped object, some parts were obscured from my view probably because of the speed it was traveling, it also seemed to be transparent. The object wavered, more like a left to right oscillation, then it disappeared over my neighbors house. Peter became unnerved but I stayed out staring at the sky transfixed, it seemed time itself had stood still for a while.
After the incident I asked Peter what he had seen, he described an object starting from a dot to a half moon shaped object red/brown in color, although I only noticed it as being red. We gave different logical explanations as to what the object might have been but later, still confused, we had no doubt it was something we had never seen before.
Although I am very good at the identification of military aircraft, I looked through conventional aircraft books to try and identify what we had seen, not one aircraft had the same similarity. It was not an optical illusion or a hallucination because both myself and Peter saw exactly the same thing. Certainly whatever it was, it was intelligently controlled. Made no noise which was puzzling. Days after the incident I started to draw the object and every time I shut my eyes I could see it in my imagination. there have been cases were red corpuscles of blood pass in front of the iris of the eyes to give off these red, strange shapes in front of you. But we both could not have experienced this at the same time during our sighting. Anyway my conclusion is that it was a UFO, Unidentified Flying Object, Peter agrees also.
We began the Lanarkshire UFO Group with that August 1995 sighting in mind. We advertised in UFO Magazine and various places and received many replies. We sent reports of our UFO sighting to others, some wrote saying it looked like the 1947 Kenneth Arnold sighting and I agree, others said that it might be have been the High Agility Low Observable (HALO) Aircraft from British aerospace in the UK. But to me it doesn't look like our UFO.
Paul John Grey
Lanarkshire UFO Society.
Unseen Unknown Shakes The Ground And Incandescent Blue Light
HBCC UFO Research Note: The below audio report I just received Sunday evening, May 15, 2005. The report is a very unusual one, due to nothing being seen to one part of the story. But whatever it was, seemed to drop out of a tree, or "maybe" from the sky as it rattled a tree and a sound was heard, but nothing was witnessed. Also whatever it was that fell from the tree or above, shook the park where the witnesses were at the time. Also a number of other folks have seen some strange things in the same area, including a Fish and Wildlife Officer, he saw a incandescent blue light which originated around a body of water, plus other also have witnessed this light. I am asked the gentleman who contacted me if he can pass my contact information along to the others who have seen these strange events, in hopes they will contact me.
Two audio clips of the events can be listened to at:
Miami Springs, Florida Object Disappears Into Smog like Clouds
Date: May 8, 2005
Time: 10:29 p.m.
Location of Sighting: East of golf course in Miami Springs.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Thin and very wide.
Full Description of event/sighting: It was unbelievable, I never thought I would see one. Also I hope you understand I believe the military may have something to do with this, nonetheless, It was very wide and very short.
One red light on each end. I ran to get my camera, it was slowly disappearing as a smog like clouds seemed to protect it. All of a sudden, their it was, no picture, I could take, it was behind the trees. I was so shocked I didn't even really care about taking a picture. I knew that what I saw, was not an airplane. If the U.S. is flying these things around they need to tell us, right? Yes I think they should. It was absolutely something I thought I would never see. If the government is doing this, they need to let us know.
U.F.O, I actually saw one, no if's, ands or buts. I have been looking up at the same spot ever since.
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
Lakeside, California Silver Colored, Elongated Shaped Object
Date: May 8, 2005
Time: Between 9:30 - 10:00 p.m.
HBCC UFO Research Note: Lakeside California seems to be a hotbed for UFO sightings over the last while. A number of really unusual objects have been witnessed by a number of Lakeside residents. Also being reported is military jets and helicopters flying in the area, late in the evening. This was also noted earlier after a major sighting UFOINFO and HBCC UFO Research received.
Hi, Brian.
On Sunday, May 8th between 9:30 - 10:00 p.m., neighbors (names removed) witnessed the following:
A silver colored, elongated shaped object moved into the area from the South West. There was a small, round bright light to the left side of it. The objects moved slowly to the East, then Westerly direction. It was approximately 100 feet above a cloud and was in close proximity to the North Star.
It's very cloudy and has been raining lightly here. Neighbors have been searching nightly for any unusual objects and I will report for those that don't have access to a computer. There has been an unusual amount of military jets and helicopters flying in the area late in the evening. An acquaintance of mine has offered to set up his audio/video equipment and I hope to hear from him shortly. He was very interested in my sighting and is eager to see something himself.
Thank you to the person for sending along this report.
South Paris, Maine Low Flying Brilliant Object
Date: May 12, 2005
Time: 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 (midnight)
Location of Sighting: Over junior high and power lines and Paris Hill of south Paris Maine.
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Giant white star-like object with reddish light on bottom.
Full Description of event/sighting: Well first let me say that I and my family have been seeing these objects every summer and they always start coming here at this time of year, spring right into summer. So as you imagine, I've been looking for them on clear nights as it's the best time to see them. So I will just get right to the report. Last night I was going out side to look for them, and even before I get outside I look out my side window of the house which faces south, towards the junior high. There it was, 200 feet above tree level. Right behind the junior high school's football field hovering there. It looked to be a giant white star-like light, the size of my 2 story house with like a reddish orange light on the bottom section of the object. It was so bright that I could see it through the trees and the junior high is about 15 houses down the road. I got real excited ,ran outside and jumped on my bike and went down the road as fast as I could. My uncle and grandmother both were outside by that time looking at the object. I get down to the junior high and this thing starts moving away from me at a pretty good clip, approx: 40 miles an hour. It could have been the plane as there was a plane getting pretty close to this thing. It was like it was trying to scare it off or something.
Well right when I get to the field the thing is just leaving. The white light goes out and it's just all orange like a round orange ball of light, not very bright, more like a fire. It's pretty far away now, maybe about 4 football fields and still low getting lower. It eventually goes down behind some trees and is hovering over a big field over the hill. It appears as if it was going to land, but there's alot of high tension power lines in that area. There is only one farm house in that area. It drops lower and I finally lose sight of it. So I went to the baseball field to see if I can get a line of site on the object and there it is, going up the power lines and a little above the trees, almost a quarter mile away. It would stop and hover then go the other way, then it would go back towards the field. By this time, I've watched it for a half an hour. I jogged home get my 1 million candle power spotlight and went back to the baseball field. I flashed my light alot, for about an hour and it does respond by flaring up it's giant white light. But it really does not come to much closer. The object just goes up and down, side to side then goes halfway up Paris Hill then back down, always following the power lines. I watched it do this for about another hour flashing it the hole time. At times I thought it was coming my way, which it was, but then it decides not to and the hole time there's a lot of planes around small planes like there looking at it high altitude aircraft as well and we don't get much air traffic around here so it was very strange to see that much traffic.
And it does not seem to bother the object, its still going back and forth hovering then suddenly it goes out as if all the lights were turned off. I leave go home, come out side 20 minutes later just to check and there it is hovering. By this time I know what it looks like that I get my light again and flash it. It starts moving when I flash the light and goes away. Well its pretty late now, almost eleven so I decide not to chase after it on my bike. I'm already very tiered from all the chasing I did before. I go in the house excited and tired. Knowing that I will see alot more this summer. Like the summers before and let me tell you this thing makes no noise. I just wish I had a video camera with zoom as I would have alot of great footage because every summer I get a good look at these things. But I never hear anything in the paper. Its like people are scared to report these things and there's no way someone else did not see these things as they are giant in size and very bright at times. That's why I haven't done a report until now. So if you would like to know more about my other sightings please call me thank you.
Thank you very much to the witness for their report.
Houston Texas Unknown Black Object
Date: May 14, 2005
Time: Between 7:40 and 8:00 p.m.
I live in Houston Texas and on the evening of 5/14/05, between 7:40 and 8:00 pm, my wife and I were in Jersey Village, about 20 minutes NW of downtown Houston. We were driving west on FM 529 and I noticed something in the sky that was not moving. It was still pretty light outside. As we approached our turn, I could see the object very clearly so we pulled over at a Chevron station, on the corner of 529 and Fairview. I can't say exactly what shape this was, but it was not a definable triangle or anything like that. I guess it was more round than anything but it was not like looking at a ball or a disc, say like the moon. I suppose it's possible it could have been a balloon, but if it was, based on the distance and the size, it would have been one big balloon.
However, this object was black, not silver or white or anything like that. It was definitely black. And I don't know much about the operations of balloons, but this hovered in one basic spot for 10 minutes. There was no sound like you would here from a helicopter. After 10 minutes of sitting virtually in the same place, it began to very slowly drift to the south. It didn't seem to be gaining altitude, but it was hard to tell. The object never seemed to change in size, so I imagine it maintained the same basic altitude the whole time I watched it. There didn't seem to be any other serious observers, however, I did notice a couple of people briefly look up at it. There really weren't that many people around. But I asked one guy if he had any idea what it was. He said no and walked off as though he weren't too interested. Anyway, after it started to drift south, we watched it for another 5 minutes and during that time, it didn't seem to drift more that a mile or two. It's hard to say because I'm not a very good judge of distances like that. But it was still in our sight as we finally left because we had to be somewhere. As it was drifting away from us, it never took on any more of a discernable shape. It just continued to look the same as when we first saw it.
No lights or anything. Just what I refer to as a black spot. It never made any rapid movements or change in direction. It just sat idle for about 10 minutes and then drifted slowly to the south. I called our ABC news affiliate in Houston, Channel 13 KTRK but could only leave a message. As of yet, no one has called me back and I guess I don't expect them to. The only reason I'm writing you is I've been doing some Google searching on UFO sighting in Houston for this year, and I saw one reported back in March and then another in April. Well here it is in May, and apparently there's a lot more unexplained stuff going on in the Houston skies than what I realized. I have also been checking the news sources, online and otherwise, to see if anyone else had reported this. I have not been able to find anything. Anyway, thank you for your time and your ear. Please feel free to email if you'd like.
Thank you to the eyewitness for their report.
South-East Of Verona, Ontario An Elongated Craft Emerges From Brilliant Light
Date: May 15, 2005
Time: 10:40 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Full Description of event/sighting: We live far away from city lights, so I can often be found outside on a clear night looking at the stars. I was doing just that on Sunday, May 15, 2005 at 10:40 p.m. when I noticed what appeared to be a satellite moving north to south.
As I watched it I couldn't help thinking that something wasn't quite right. The object was a little too large for a satellite, and it was moving a little too slowly. It even appeared to alter course slightly from south to south-south-east, but I discounted this as overactive imagination.. I watched it cruise out of sight over the tree tops, and was then distracted by some young raccoons chattering somewhere in the woods, so I went to investigate.
A minute later I returned, and for no good reason turned my eyes to the south-east, near where the object had disappeared. Just above the tree tops was a similar object - I can't say it was the same object, because I had lost sight of it for a while, but it was the same size and shape (spherical). It was also a bit brighter than before.
What happened next completely floored me. Suddenly the object became brilliantly white, and the circle of light started to expand, rapidly! The effect was of something rushing toward me, and I almost moved out of instinct, but nothing could move that quickly. At the peak of its expansion it appeared to virtually boil, like a white hot chemical explosion.
As quickly as this began, it reversed, and the light decayed smoothly back to a point, and then disappeared. The entire sequence from "ignition" to "shutdown" took no more than 2 or 3 seconds.
As the light decayed a craft emerged from the brilliance as if shot from a canon, and smoothly ascended up to the heavens. I watched with my jaw hanging open until it grew too small to see, a process that took perhaps 15 seconds. It did not accelerate, it did not slow, it did not turn.
The craft ejected from the ball of light was elongated, about 4 times as long as it was wide. It didn't give the impression of being cylindrical - the appearance was more that of a quartz crystal. It had a slightly reddish, rusty hue. There was no sign of wings, no sign of propulsion, no lights. The craft was illuminated only by the sun over the horizon.
I'm a mechanical engineer by trade, so I'm pretty current when it comes to man-made technology. I thought to myself that I might have seen a rocket staging, but that wouldn't fit, because there was no engine glow from the ascending craft, and where would a multi-stage rocket come from here in southern Ontario? I also tried out the idea of a fighter jet hitting the afterburners, but the craft had no wings.
I have no idea what I witnessed, and I have no explanation, so I'm reporting it to you. Have you ever received a report of anything similar, or for that matter a report of the same incident from another observer? I'll keep a watch on your web site to see if anything similar comes up.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you to the eyewitness for the very interesting report. I will see what arrangements I can make to have a conversation with the person as this is an unusual sighting.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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