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Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
Release Date: May 8, 2005
HBCC UFO Research has added a number of new audio reports from eyewitnesses to the website under the Vike Report. There are 4 new audio clips just added.
1. - Sasquatch Reports From The Sunshine Coast, British Columbia - 35:14 minutes in length.
2. - Virginia and Maryland Sightings - 2 clips. #1 - 16:39 minuntes in length and #2 - 5:34 minutes in length.
3. - Dickinson, North Dakota Excellent UFO Footage - Three Clips - 16:14 minutes in length.
4. - Yellowpoint, South Of Nanaimo Round Fluorescent Green Object - 3:20 minutes in length.
5. - Peterborough, Ontario Triangular Craft - 30:30 minutes in length.
There are lots more audio clips on the site.
North Miami Beach, Florida Triangle Sighting
Date: 1976
Time: Evening sighting
Message: I saw something similar to the Dickinson, North Dakota event. This was back in 1976. I was in North Miami Beach at the time. The moon was out, and there was this bright light. In prospective it was almost double the size of these in this video. It split into 3 lights. I think I remember it being a triangle with pretty equal sides. They sat there for a few minutes - like five, then two changed colors a bit, and they in turn shot up and away out of site. First it appeared they went up -in perspective an inch or two then away ( appeared that way because they got smaller as they went up ). It was like they made an L or turned a 90 degree turn as they were moving, and it was fast.
Thank you very much to the witness for their report.
Orange County, North Carolina Objects Lights Up Car
Date: January 1982
Time: 10:00 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Round
Full Description of event/sighting: As my girlfriend at the time and I drove along state highway 54 outside of Chapel Hill, we were on a hill top going down the hill, and heading back up the next hill when we saw a round lighted object sitting across the road. It was about 60 feet in diameter and it just sort of hung over the road. It made no sound at all. As we approached, it rose up into the air about 50 feet or so and as we passed under it, the inside the car turned kind of blue. Needless to say, my girlfriend freaked out on me. I slowed to about 10 mph. As we moved, the object stayed right over us, still the whole inside of the car was lit up. I rolled down my window and looked up and saw that it was round, and had bright colored lights. The lights seemed to change some how. As I calmed down my girlfriend, I assured her we were not going to die. I got her to grab my camera and snap off a few shot of the object. As I continued to drive along the cars behind me seem to all stop. The object still stayed right on top of us as we drove along. When I turned, it turned. I noticed that the on coming traffic did not move either. The traffic was light at this time and after about 15 minutes the object stopped, I stopped, then it went straight up at such a speed and then just shot off at an angle into the darkness.
We drove back to Cary, North Carolina and went to se my girlfriends next door neighbor. He had worked on Project Blue Book, so he seemed like the right person to talk to. He wanted my film bad, but I would not give it to him. He left the room and I could hear him make a few calls as we decided to leave. I took the film to the drug store for processing and when I got it back, all of the negatives of the object where gone. The pictures I took before the encounter, and after all came out fine. But I was short by 5 negatives. Not even blanks were in the pack. I told my dad about it and he thought I was nuts. I know my Dad was in the air force too.
When I went home for a visit a few years ago, my dad made a point of telling me that my UFO experience had been reported a few weeks ago in the local paper, as a squad of helicopters. Now mind you, this is some 18 years after the actual event. I know that at the time there was a small article in the paper and some 300 people reported the sighting.
Thank you very much to the witness for their report.
Possible Sasquatch Sighting Above The Athabasca Glacier, Alberta
Date: 1990
Several years ago, I used to go mountaineering with a friend of mine. In 1990, we were climbing Mount Athabasca. As we rested at one point, my friend pointed across the valley and related a story about how, two or three years earlier, while climbing the same route he and another friend watched a creature nimbly scramble across the scree and rock slopes above Athabasca Glacier. He said they ruled out the possibility of a bear because it was walking upright and striding very quickly. It was larger and much more nimble and sure footed than a human, he said. He said they watched it for several minutes until it ascended into a fog bank. My friend found the experience somewhat fascinating and creepy at the same time.
Thank you to the person for relating the story.
Thank you very much to the witness for their report.
Yellowpoint, South Of Nanaimo Round Fluorescent Green Object
Date: 1990
Time: Evening
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Round, fluorescent green.
Full Description of event/sighting: While at work, I happened to look out my lunchroom window which faces to the South east and has a perfect view of Northumberland Channel I saw in the sky a perfectly round fluorescent green object on a downward trajectory towards what I assumed either the ocean further south from where I was or the ground somewhere around Ladysmith. The object was about the size of an orange with a wispy green contrail. In fact I half expected to hear a conclusion and threw the window open but being on an industrial site none was heard. I immediately phoned my partner who was also in the same location to ask him if he saw what I had seen. He said no. I work outside at night and I am very accustomed to seeing aircraft and such in the evening sky but never in my life have I seen something as odd as this.
HBCC UFO Research called the eyewitness. This fellow told me he works outside and always looking around, observing numerous aircraft, etc. But when seeing this fluorescent green object, he told me this event he won't ever forget. Also the sighting lasted up to approximately 20 seconds.
The audio report for this sighting - Yellowpoint, South Of Nanaimo Round Fluorescent Green Object can be found at:
Thank you very much to the witness for their report.
Audio © 2005 HBCC UFO Research
British Columbia Sasquatch - More Stories
I have moved to Sechelt where we bought our home. It is funny how my wife had the first encounter. It was our first summer here, then my son and other people around us have had encounters as well. We have alot of bears here and deer.
We are just a short jaunt from Chapman Creek where we get alot salmon coming in the fall to spawn.
But let me tell you about the last story I heard, not from here but where you seen our first track in Strathconna Park.
A friend of mine heard a scream three to four times in the park when he was hiking. I think it was this spring as he goes to see his sister on Vancouver Island alot. He did not believe in the Sasquatch. I had told him some of the stories, and the fellow said he has heard these screams and movements in the woods on his hikes. He hikes all the time and it has only happened once to him.
Now the next one was in the fall, morning time in Chapman Creek, a friend was fishing just off the power line, he was there for about one hour when rocks started coming from the bush. Not right at him but in the pool where he was fishing. He thought at first that someone was just trying to bug him or scare him, after about 10 to 15 minutes he said to whoever. "Hit the road"!.
It did not stop and lasted for about an hour. He finally packed up and started back to his truck, but he could hear
something following him. It was to the right of him off the trail and he said he got real spooked.
Some mountain bikers told me this story that took place last summer on trails over Selma Park. The trail they were on came up to a flat spot. They saw a black lump, it got up and walked a way as they got closer. It had a bed made up, these trails are all around where I live and close to Sechelt.
Thank you to the person for the report. Also HBCC UFO Research has called the gentleman and had a nice talk with him about some of these sightings.
Dickinson, North Dakota Excellent UFO Footage - Three Clips.
Date: August or September 2004
HBCC UFO Research Note: There is some excellent footage taken of this event, alot more than I have posted here with the three video clips. In the first clips you can easily see the triangular shaped lights, but watching the video more lights appear from the top corners of the original lights. In the third clip, which is really interesting to watch, but watch closely as lights move rapidly vertically and looks like something out of a Star Wars movie.
Brian, to help to understand the film it is very important to view the film I have following the event in night shot! I did that right after I lost those lights and could not find them again! It's important to see this because in night shot you can see all the trees and layout of the approximate place I was filming! The trees are a key factor in which the lights disappear from time to time when I move to the right or left or up and down! I did not even realize that at the time because I did not see all the trees in the dark and was just focusing on the moon! I hope that will clear up some of the questions when the skeptics do there thing! Now I will try to explain the whole situation of that night!
First off hand I don't remember the exact month we had the blue moon but I'm sure it was August or September and this filming took place on the second night I am pretty sure because what I do remember is forgetting about the blue moon and I remember being happy I saw it on the second night!
I believe I went to pick up my wife from work and noticed the moon coming up really big and orange, so when I got home I grabbed my camera and went into the back yard to get a good picture! I always am interested in full moons just because of there beauty and also one can look at a full moon with binoculars and get a pretty good view! Also I have taken some pictures in the past that have turned out quite well! I set my camera on the sunset and moon mode in the auto position which allows you to maintain atmosphere when you are recording sunsets, general night views, firework displays and neon signs! In this mode the camcorder is set to focus only on distant objects! You may be able to set the exposure manually but in this case that was not done as I haven't learned how to do that yet!
As I started filming the first thing I wanted to do is find the right distance with the zoom and the right mode and lighting settings! I already had it set at 20x so I left it there and began filming and experimenting. I wasn't expecting to have these lights show up so I was not trying to be very professional! In the dark it is hard to find the settings for brightness so it was necessary to basically quit filming to find the settings so I lose the moon momentarily and then when I refocus I began to zoom out and I notice two lights that are dim and have come to the conclusion that they are just two lights in someone's yard that are lined up with each other and are lower and through a opening in the fence! I am pretty sure this is not a part of the phenomena! As I zoom back in I notice a flash out there in the view finder! Even though this flash was a little different than all my other experiences it still alarmed me right away because at this time I was convinced or I convinced myself that since I did the praying for the UFO phenomena to go completely away I suddenly felt that maybe UFO'S were not completely out of my life, so at this time I immediately recalled the black box like object that came zooming in directly from the East and stopped on a dime and hovered for about two seconds right above my house with me lined up with it at 90 degrees! So it was exactly straight in front of me just above the treetops and then took off at the same bullet speed straight west! That is when I came running into the house very upset and started praying! Also I quit going outside to observe! Didn't mean to get off the subject but just thought it might be helpful to know what was going through my mind at that moment! So as the camera is still shaking with me struggling with the settings it begins to pick up these lights with two and then three in the form of a triangle which immediately made me suspicious because of all the little coincidences that have involved three's and triangles! At that moment I realized that by taking my eyes off the view finder and just trying to see them with my own eyes I could not see even one light! There is a fence in front of me about five feet high so I am standing about 20 feet on this side of the fence with the viewfinder looking over the fence just focusing on the moon! As I said before there are trees directly in the line with the moon that are all still fully leafed!
Even before it shapes into a triangle I guess you can see other smaller lights that match up with the other two lights as if they are coming off the main light! Anyway it suddenly turns to four lights and other smaller lights seem to morph off the brighter ones If I would have been aware of all the tree branches out there I would of done a better job of keeping it focused on just the one area but being I did not notice that at the time I notice now that when I moved the camera even a little left or right the lights fade out due to the branches! At the time It just appeared to me as if they were going on and off by themselves! There may have been times that they did do that but it is very hard to be definitive on that! Also to the right you will notice a bright light high with the moon! I have studied that many times and it looks to me as if the first time that light shows up it might be part of the phenomena,but later as the moon is rising and sliding further south the bright light to the right is a street lamp that is a half block over to the south on a hill! A good example on how the phenomena like to play with your head!
Now when it gets to four lights, closely resembling a square they seem to be right below the moon and you begin seeing other smaller lights morph off or just show up in line with them, and when I notice the fourth one light up I was pretty surprised and awed! At this point I realized I was getting something very strange and bizarre! My excitement level defiantly takes on a new form as I am being awed! They seem to separate from each other or morph so to speak! I have heard other people talk about morphing on UFO reports so I immediately associated this sighting with a possible UFO event and I was excited because I had come to the conclusion I would never be able to get a actual UFO on tape because for me the UFO'S I saw always moved to fast for the camera to even get a chance to focus or I didn't have a camera with me
Then as the four are sitting there the two on the top right seem to rejoin together as the one in the back comes back into the original one in the front and then it starts to reform in front of it and a little to the left of the original one. At that point I realize for sure they are not street lights or yard lights and I am getting something very buzzer!
At the same time with the two on the left, one suddenly appears in the middle of the two making the event even stranger. Then the one in the middle suddenly disappears and shows up on top or behind the one on top, which pretty much blows me away at this time.
Also the one on the right bottom seems to be struggling or its morphing capabilities are just taking a little longer or maybe it is suppose to do something different, but can see other little balls sort of melting off of it. Then as I zoom in a bit more, it turns out to be a string type of thing, the seems pretty long. Then suddenly the one on the left bottom turns out to be two of them, and the one on top left turns into three! It was pretty hard to absorb as it was all happening fast! At this moment I wanted to have someone else witness this with me, so I turned the camera and moved towards the house to yell for my daughter, and I realized quite fast that she probably wouldn't hear me, either being on the phone, or listening to music, and the windows closed with the air conditioner running. All of a sudden, they dim out, and I see one on the right that is up high and quite bright and at this moment I think it is part of a phenomena and maybe one of the main ones. Then they start reappearing closer to the moon looking right behind it.
But here it gets confusing because of the tree interference, and I perhaps played with the zoom too much. They seem to jump around a bit here. Then they start to slip farther down from the moon and again in a different formation, but one cannot tell how many are being blocked out from the trees. Now at this point you will see a street light as I pan to the right. Then in a different formation, laid out with three of them in an oblong gated V-form, there seems to be a flash above the one on the right, and at the same time there are suddenly two in the middle again and then the electrical impulses start between two of them on the right. The Intensity magnifies as electrical impulses or lasers are sent in a revolving matter between the two on the right. The one on the bottom right starts to brighten and flare out almost forming two of them, while the one on the top right seems to have its energy drained out. At this point I just make a sarcastic remark (Star Wars), as I started having fun with the absurd.
All of a Sudden there is one the left that almost dims out. But then in the blink of an eye it turns very bright and intense, and with one below that, it seems to go up in smoke or something! Just very strange indeed! I wanted to reset the camera to super night shot, but I didn't want to risk losing what I was seeing because it always takes time for nightshot to focus. Then as I try to figure things out I realize the one on the far right that comes into view is a street light a half block over that sits up on top of a hill! Everything east of that is at a lower altitude! When I moved and tried to find the place I was standing again I was getting a lot of tree interference so I thought I would try to get higher on the deck or roof of my house but was unable to! About now I pretty much blew my opportunity to get anything and when I tried to find my spot they were just showing up sporadically here and there so I decided to go ahead and put in supernightshot mode and with that you can see the trees and fence and street light to the right and if you look long enough you will see as I zoom out a little that there is a object or craft right above me!
Some people will say it is a lens flare or light reflection but take a good look at it and you will see how black it is and also the two glass like lit lights right in the front of the craft! Even when I was filming I did not notice this! I would like to think that was there way of saying good-by to me! I did pray I would not see UFO'S again and I didn't! The camera did though! As I said I never saw anything with my eyes and that mode was set for focusing in on distant objects! Apparently it did! So maybe they were saying good-by with a good laugh at my expense! I did have those three cases of sleep paralysis though after I did my praying! That was absolutely terrifying!
Video clip #1 Dickinson, North Dakota Lights Leaving A Triangular Shape
Video clip #2 Dickinson, North Dakota Lights Leaving A Triangular Shape
Video clip #3 Lights Traveling Vertically Like Something Out Of Star Wars
Also an audio clip from the eyewitness telling what he was able to observe.
All three clips are a must see and can be found at:
All photos and footage is © 2005 DF
I would like to extend my many thanks to the eyewitness for sending the material along to me so I can share this with everyone else. Also I am working on some other reports, etc from the same gentleman.
Banora Point NSW Australia Mother And Son Believe Of An Alien Encounter
Date: 2005
Hello Brian.
I have something that has shocked our family and their beliefs of extra terrestrials.
About 4 Weeks ago I noticed a cut on my back. I couldn't remember how it got there, and I couldn't recall injuring myself. The cut was about 3 inches in length, and was deep. There was no blood however.
The cut has formed into a scar, which looks similar to that of a surgery related operation.
I didn't think much, or take much notice of it until this morning.
My mother woke me this morning and complained of back pain and asked me to check to see what the problem was. After checking, I realized that her cut was identical to my cut 4 Weeks earlier. I showed her the scarring on my back, and she was shocked. After taking photos, we both noticed that our scars were exactly the same length. Her's however, was on the left side of her back, and mine was on the more upper right side of my back.
Both of us do not know how we acquired these cuts.
Both cuts are in a straight line, exactly the same length.
My mother never used to believe in extra terrestrials or conspiracies, but now this incident has encouraged her to learn more.
As this has only been discovered in the morning, we have not yet checked my Father or Brother to see if they have the same scarring in their backs.
My mother's friend is a Psychic medium is ready to do an evaluation of this. My mind is not that "elastic" to believe in afterlife and so forth, but we have experienced things related to this. It will be interesting to see what they uncover.
I have had similar things happen to me like this, one time waking to find my foot broken and my nose bleeding, and some other bruises that I know I have not caused.
Additional Information:
I currently live in Banora Point NSW Australia, and previously lived in Hastings Point NSW Australia.
I believe that I have seen and had contact with extra terrestrials, my previous submissions describing them. When I was a child, I saw 3 tall shapes around my bed, and another time I woke to find my foot broken and nose bleeding.
Also, I have seen a flaming red object in the sky, and just recently I discovered that a number of years ago my father saw a green object in the sky.
We have also experienced a strange occurrence in our town, when a bright white light flashed in the sky over our town, causing a blackout. All of our towns power is underground, and the nearest transformer is a couple of kilometers away.
After noticing the scars, I have found it difficult to sleep. I have noticed sounds outside, and sometimes have a feeling is if they are outside looking in at me.
I have heard strange noises at night, and sometimes both our two dogs bark late at night, for reasons we don't know.
Both my mother and I have strange "Tingling" feeling around the scars. I usually notice this feeling when around water, or when I go to bed.
I noticed mine four weeks before my mother noticed hers. Hers now, is beginning to form into what looks like a medical scar.
We have checked, and both my brother and sister do not have scars on their backs. We are not sure if my father has scars, as he won't let us check as he is quite against it.
Whether this is an Implant, Brand, or just a very strange coincidence.
After this incident, I believe my mother is trying to forget about it, and refused the psychic medium to perform an analysis.
Thank you to the people for the report and the photos.
The below four photos are of the Mother and Son's cut/scar on their backs.
Photos can be viewed at:
Scarborough,Ontario Unknown White Object
Date: April 21, 2005
Time: 10:20 a.m.
Hi Brian,
I want to bring to your attention of two different sightings on the same day at work in Scarborough, Ontario accompanied with photographic evidence. On April 21,2005 at work, I was on break admiring the beautiful clear sky at 10:20 am. Facing to the southeast and cutting off the sun's rays with our building. I again noticed visible objects with the naked eye very high in the sky (3-5000 feet + or -). They were traveling from the northeast to the southwest towards Toronto,/ Lake Ontario's direction.
Again, like the Jan.27,2005 report sent to you with pictures you posted, they were also in intervals from 30 seconds to over a minute, flying one at a time. The speed I would guess at 200-300 MPH +. I observed this with, binoculars and snapped 5 pictures, instead of running for witnesses. So again, please find attached, a picture of a brilliant white spherical object, that in "no" doubt, can be a bug or bird. That is not the exciting part, here's the kicker of awe. Later at lunch, outside talking to a co-worker at approx.12:20 pm, I observed from 90 degrees facing west, a larger round white object hanging in the sky.
The distance from our position would be half a mile away, at a altitude between 2-3000 feet-a guess. I tried to point it to the co-worker, and once again not wearing her glass, she could not see the object. As I watched the object for 1-2 minutes, than ran inside work to get my camera for a beauty of a close shot. I had to delete two last two pictures of the five snaps taken earlier. I took no more than 1 and a half mins to return outside to photograph this closer bigger object, the object was gone or cloaked out? One detail also to note, this object had a slight "light" field outside circled craft, while it hovered. So I had lost 2 pictures of the earlier sighting, but caught one of the remaining three pictures taken. The picture is a great companion of proof, to add to these two report sightings. The object is in the upper, center of the picture, just zoom. Not a bird,but an object.
Photos can be viewed at:
Thank you very much to the witness for their report and photos.
Near Timbo, Arkansas Unknowns Filmed In Sever Storm
Date: April 28, 2005
Time: Daytime sighting.
Message: I have some digital images I shot yesterday, we had severe rain, with the chemtrail clouds and subsequent rain for the past few days. Yesterday, between heavy rains, we had some boiling, rolling type cloud activity, worse than Dorothy would have seen.
Anyway, I got my camera after 20 minutes or so, so the images I actually got are quite tame, cloud wise.
We frequently see strange lights here, I watch the skies since we moved here in 2001 and noticed the heavy chemtrail activity. I have lots of chemtrail images also, but not many with a good digital. We recently got a fairly good Sony Cybershot 4.1 mega pixels. I am not very computer savvy, but I am able to enlarge the images somewhat now and see lights and things that I can't identify. If you would like to see some of these images, email me back so I can email them to you. I was later taking the shots during the after the storms chemtrailing, trying to get the plane images.
We live very far back, 3 miles down a dirt road from the Hwy pavement, in a rural area, it is very dark here with no pole lights lit at night.I have been told we under a military exercise/game flight path, and we do see many military planes. C 140's fly over regularly seeming to be going under the radar, and barely missing the tops of our mountains here. This is usually daytime activity though.
Additional Information:
Thanks for emailing me back so quickly. I am just now getting back online today, having been quite busy.
I am sending this particular shot first, since it is the one with the most unusual things within. Bear in mind, I did not see anything with the naked eye and I my intention was only to obtain shots of the cloud activity, it was so surreal and eerie. I am an amateur with this camera and the computer. This new technology baffles my brain.
But since we see and feel so many different things wherever we go and that seems to be for both my husband AND I, we are open to perceiving things that not be visible. We have seen many, unknown to us, "lights" here and military type flares, etc since we moved here, and especially the chemtrail activity and resulting strange weather below the chem cloud deck. We have livestock and acreage, so we watch the weather. I was marking on the calendar the chemspray days, with X's and all, for almost 2 years, then decided it was easier to mark the days with NO activity.
After enlarging these images the other day, I wish now I had had this camera or a better one the past 3 years.
Anyway, in this image, right in the center is a circular light or spot that attracted my attention. When I enlarged it, I was a little concerned. Then I noticed to the left of the circular thing, is another "something" more solid looking. Then I panned all the way to the left of the picture and I saw up in the left upper corner another solid looking thing with 2 different colored lights. I was shocked to see this stuff in here, because I was only shooting clouds, never would I have thought to go looking for these types of things. I do, however, take shots trying to get the chemtrail plane images in other pictures I take on a regular basis and did take some later this same day after the chem storms blew through and sure enough, the planes were up above the chemdeck, plucking along as usual.
But these images that are in this shot, are below the cloud deck, and actually very close, as the crow flies. I also cannot imagine anyone stupid enough to be even trying to fly a small plane at that time, it would have been suicidal to be in the clouds or go through them, maybe above or below, but below would have resulted in them crashing into the mountain. These clouds were rolling and looked like boiling custard, thick. We do not have satellite or local TV right now, so we rely on the weather scanner for approaching storms, this one caught us off guard. Actually, I wasn't scared of the weather, more, pissed at the weather modification occurring.
To view photos:
Thank you very much to the witness for their report and the photos.
Vicinity Of Dulles Airport, Virginia Object Remained Stationary
Date: May 03, 2005
Time: 5:30 a.m.
As I got up this morning and went into my kitchen, I looked out my patio doors and saw this thing in the sky. (Note that I live in Virginia and in the vicinity of Dulles Airport and live in the direct flight path of all aircraft landing there.) Anyways, this craft was going the opposite direction that the normal direction of planes land at Dulles. I could not make out the shape of it since it was still dusk, but I could tell it was definitely not a plane. It really stood out to me and it sort of "glided" across the sky. I opened my patio door to get a better look and I didn't hear any sound. It flew over an industrial park which is behind my neighborhood and kind of remained stationary. There were a lot of lights underneath it, not like your typical airplane which usually has lights on the wing and sides. The whole bottom was lit with red and white lights. I went inside for a moment and came back and it was gone.
The strange thing is that although I live in an area where there is a lot of plane activity, this one really stood out to me and I'm surprised that no one saw it or reported it because it was around 5:30 a.m. and I'm sure people were driving to work and it is considered "rush hour" here. I live very near a main freeway. I don't have much more details to give, but thought you'd be interested. It could very well be my imagination also, but I know if something's not right and this surely did not seem like the norm.
Thank you very much to the witness for their report.
Vernon, British Columbia Star Like Objects
Date: May 7, 2005
Time: Between 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m.
Clear night
Hi Brian
The star like objects that brighten to the size of Venus were back in our sky last night. I reported these last year at about the same time. I counted several passes last night, south to Kelowna, east to Lumby, west over Lake Okanagan, and north toward Armstrong. Every so often one would brighten to the size of Venus and then fade to a small orange color and
disappear. They look like low flying satellites.
I did see something different this time. I was watching one satellite, then it appeared to be two satellites flying, one behind the other. Then a third light appeared between the two others. They were duller but it suggested the edge of something. The front light was the brightness of a satellite and the two following (about one quarter inch between each light) were duller and
slowly fading in and out. It suggested something big with under lights lit on the one edge. I also heard the puzzling sound of a muted jet engine. The "suggested "object was on a slow hover fly heading north. I could not tell how high it was, as the lights were small like satellites, but it suggested something big.
Take care,
Thank you very much to the witness for their report.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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