The Dictator With
The Forked Tongue

By Ted Twietmeyer
While channel flipping, I found the following are "Fox News Alerts." All of the following were subtitled while the dictator was speaking at the commencement address for Calvin college. Apparently it was just another photo-op for him.
Bush: Public good depends on private character (So why have public schools subverted our children?)
Bush: We must have strength of character to make right choices (Are lies to invade another country the sign of a good character?)
Bush: Government cannot create character (Why did he endorse forced psychological testing?)
Bush: Heart and soul of America is in our communities (Why is the government helping ChinaMart to destroy the heart and soul of every communities?)
Bush: One of the deepest values of our country is compassion (Why are we killing people on a mass scale everywhere and every way we can, and eliminating health care for veterans?)
Bush: Our founding fathers rejected radical individualism (Obviously freedom is BAD. That's why we broke away from England with a bloody revolutionary war. We wanted tyranny?)
Bush: We are still the nation our founding fathers envisioned (Surely he can't be talking about America, can he? Did they envision our government killing civilians in Sept. 2001 to start a 100 year? And poisoning it's people?)
Someone explain what "radical individualism" is.
Could that be the same as personal freedom?
Ted Twietmeyer



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