Filer's Files #22 - 2005
George A. Filer
Director MUFON Eastern
Vice President of Skywatch International
Brazilian Air Force Recognizes UFO Research
The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Many people claim it is impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week many represent a factual UFO sighting.  
Articles this week include: General Twining's flying disk memo,  Mars lighthouse. 
UFOs were seen over Arizona, California, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon,  Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington.  Sightings were also reported in Australia, Canada, Brazil, Finland, Mexico, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.
On 23 September 1947, General Nathan Twining wrote this now famous memo:    
Air Material Commands Opinion Concerning "Flying Discs"
TO:  Commanding General
   Army Air Forces
   Washington 25, D.C.
1.  As requested by AC/AS-2 (General George Schulgen) there is presented below the considered opinion of this command concerning the so-called "Flying Discs."  This opinion is based on interrogation report data furnished by AC/AS-2 and preliminary studied by personnel of T-2 and Aircraft Laboratory, Engineering Division T-3.  This opinion was arrived at in a conference between personnel from the Air Institute of Technology, Intelligence T-2, Office, Chief of Engineering Division, and the Aircraft, Power Plant and Propeller Laboratories of Engineering Division T-3.  
2.  It is the opinion that:    
a.  The phenomenon reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious.    
b.  There are objects probably approximately the shape of a disc, of  such appreciable size as to appear to be as large as man-made aircraft.    
c.  There is the possibility that some of the incidents may be caused by natural phenomena, such as meteors.    
d.  The reported operating characteristics such as extreme rates of climb, maneuverability (particularly in roll), and action which must be considered evasive when sighted or contacted by friendly  aircraft and radar, lend belief to the possibility that some of the objects are controlled either manually, automatically or  remotely.    
e.  The apparent common description of the objects is as follows:        
(1)  Metallic or light reflecting surface.      
(2)  Absence of trail, except in a few instances when the object  apparently was operating under high performance conditions.  
(3)  Circular or elliptical in shape, flat on bottom and domed on  top.      
(4)  Several reports of well kept formation flights varying from three to nine objects.          
(5)  Normally no associated sound, except in three instances a substantial rumbling roar was noted.      
(6)  Level flight speeds normally about 300 knots are estimated.  
Editor's Note: While I was giving a speech at the Roswell Museum a young man introduced himself and told me his father had flown alien bodies and debris of the Roswell disc to Wright Field in 1947. He was the co-pilot on Captain Pappy Oliver Henderson's C-54 crew and was convinced this debris was not of this world.    
Arizona flying police car lights  
BLACK CANYON CITY - The witness saw a stationary, very bright light that looked like a star  on May 8, 2005 (Mother's Day).  The star started to move very slowly.  We were coming home from Flagstaff around 10:15 PM, heading south on I-17 when we noticed the bright star.   
My passenger said, "Do you think that is a star or a plane?" I immediately saw what he was looking at because it was so visibly bright. As we got closer to it, I could see it was flashing lights, so I figured it was a plane. Then, I thought it couldn't be a plane either because it was moving too slow. I rolled the window down and looked up at it as it was flying over us. I saw 3 distinct lights in a row that were brighter than any other flashing lights I've seen. They were flashing from the right to the left one at a time but very fast. It reminded me of police car lights on the top of the car. I couldn't see what the lights were attached to because they were so bright. As we drove past it I looked back.
((NUFORC Note: Peter Davenport  Director writes, "We spoke with this witness on two occasions, and she seemed quite credible to us." However, the written report gives us a significantly different impression about the sightings than the telephoned report did. During the telephoned report, we understood the witness to say that the object filled the vehicle with bright light, but she does not indicate that fact here. We do not know what the object was that passed overhead, but we believe that an aircraft, perhaps a helicopter, would have to be ruled out, before we could conclude that the object was a genuine UFO. PD)) Thanks to ,    
California sphere lights and red photo

MODESTO -- R. David Anderson writes, "I captured this image on May 22, 2005, at around 9 PM, as it streaked across the sky and disappeared over the roof of my house." It was flying three times faster than commercial airliners that go over my house. It was a single red bright flashing light. This did not look to be more than a few thousand feet up, yet there was no sound associated with it. The size of this object looked as wide as a dime held at an arm's length. It flew east of here and almost appeared to dive towards the ground. Thanks to R. David Anderson  
SAN DIEGO - A 26 year old male, serving in the Navy was in a hot tub with his son and saw a plane fly over, and higher up was a white amber light moving slowly past at very high altitude at 9:10 PM, on May 10, 2005.  Spaced some distance behind it was another light, then, about equal distance behind that was a third with a fourth light much closer to the third. Then, a fifth light was spaced about the same as the first couple. The final sixth light was lagging far back.    They moved in unison in a southeasterly direction until they faded from view one after another. The lights where all the same color, white to amber, not blinking, but bright enough to be seen. There were no clouds or other objects (i.e. stars) around. Thanks to Peter Davenport  Director,    
FALLBROOK - The witness was planting  when he looked up at 4:11 PM, on May 1, 2005, and saw a white object shaped liked a barbell. It moving at a very slow speed for a large object and was about 15000-20000 feet up but made no noise.
The witness states, "I kept watching as it became a very, very bright light almost a bright silver, much bigger than the object was before. Then as it changed shape it seemed to just vanish. It seemed like it didn't disturb the air.  Two years ago on April I saw the same type of craft in the same area that was just floating, until a military jet approached, then, it just vanished. Thanks to Peter Davenport  Director,   
Georgia pulsing blue light
CENTERVILLE - The observer saw an indigo pulsing blue light on May 4, 2005, at 9 PM.  There was also a green light, and one regular incandescent light. It was twirling and tumbling on it's axis. It appeared to be "triad" in architecture. It would move from left to right, in and out, with its light intensity varying. It dipped below the tree line and reappeared in a diagonal rising fashion, then dipped below once again and disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport  Director,  
Kentucky stationary disk object
INDEPENDENCE -- While driving to work near I-75 on May 1, 2005, at 6:20 AM, the witness noticed a metallic object hovering in the sky about half a mile away. It was somewhat disk shaped with a tall dome or arch on top. It was silent and totally still.   I drove towards it to see if it was a helicopter, it wasn't. It was totally silent, no lights of any kind and I was close enough to confirm that it was nothing familiar. It flew smoothly like glass. I watched it from a parking lot and attempted to get pictures on my cell phone, but the resolution was too poor. It started to get smaller, so I drove after it and pulled into another parking lot about 1/4 mile away and watched it until it got real small. It was heading to the southeast and must have been going pretty fast.   It had at least two bent poles or "arms" coming off the sides like the probes on a space shuttle. Thanks to Peter Davenport  Director,  
Maine cigar sighted  
CUMBERLAND -- I was at a party at 1 AM,   on May 9, 2005, with four of my friends from college. There were tons of stars because there were no clouds and we were having a barbecue and relaxing.  I kept noticing this particular star that seemed to stand out from the rest that looked like it was moving. I turned around to point it out to them, and it moved much closer to us in just five seconds. Its speed was incredible. Everyone was excited at this point and we just watched as it got closer and closer to where we were without noise. After it got to where we were at such mind blowing speeds it slowed to about a 10 mile an hour hover right above the trees that were about 20 feet away from us. These trees are about 50 feet tall, so we had an amazing view of this cigar shaped ship.  
It had five intensely bright lights on the bottom of it that were all white except the one in the middle which was a less bright yellow color. At one point the craft just completely stopped while above the trees and the middle light yellow light became more intense than the white ones and flickered on and off twice.   It was a solid object because the lights on the bottom reflected off its silver metallic surface. It  covered up most of the stars and was at least 65 feet long and about 25 feet wide. It lit up the trees as it hovered. The white lights on the bottom of the craft were intense. The center yellow light turned light blue and the craft sped off at an amazing speed. We were actually kind of spooked and off in the distance we saw two other ships on the left and right sides of the cigar shaped craft. They  rose up from the thick woods and then all five sped away in formation. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Thanks to Peter Davenport  Director,      
Missouri amber burning light
BLUE SPRINGS - The witnesses report, "At  11:19 PM, on May 6, 2005, my girlfriend and I were heading back from dinner driving south on Highway 7, when something amberish color caught my eye."  At first we thought it was a tower light, but it was flickering like it was burning. It was orange like fire and was much higher than a tower.   Coming up to Pink Hill Road, it got smaller and smaller like one of those tiny whitish, bluish stars in the sky. Then, it started to move west and it moved closer and we could see flashing red and white lights, just like an airplanes.  
We thought a plane might have caught fire. As we stopped for the light at I-70, the flashing lights were flashing one at a time in a linear motion but around the object. There was a larger light underneath. The lights were moving in an oval shape so we tried to follow.    It looked like it completely shifted shape because of the way the lights were positioned before it started moving slowly away from us. It turned from going west to north, but in a matter of about 15 seconds it kept getting smaller and smaller, then it disappeared over the horizon. It changed from a fireball shape and shifted to a somewhat shoddy airplane. It might have come into the atmosphere at a great speed and then proceeded to fly over our airspace. We have never seen anything like this before. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,  
Michigan triangular craft
ROCHESTER - The observer exclaims, "I saw my first triangular UFO at 3:38 AM, while delivering newspapers on May 1, 2005, at 3:38 AM."  The sky was cloudy but in a clear section one of the stars started moving, then a second and third star followed. It slowly glided for 20 seconds until it went into some cloud coverage. He states, "I was staring at a triangular craft, at first on its side, then it slowly turned, and I saw the "triangular" formation. Now, I am pretty sure it was one craft. The lights on the craft were as bright as a small star, and there were 3 lights, one on each angle of the craft. There was no middle light and the craft had no color. It look like it was transparent, or the color of the sky.  The lights never blinked, nor flashed and it used the night sky as camouflage. Thanks to Peter Davenport  Director,        
North Carolina Photo  
Alan Caviness reports, "This UFO was photographed conducting operations in Davidson County on the evening of May 18, 2005.  The same type of object was photographed over a dozen times during the same hour.  It was also captured many times during the summer of 2004 from the same property.  This is a very busy area for UFO craft of various types and their smaller companions that often accompany them.  The "companion" UFOs spend a lot of time positioned in the craft's horizontal plane (possibly absorbing energy) but at other times are detected near the ground and the observation team.   They are thought to be scouts or probes.  Sometimes they get within meters of the field team, but like the primary UFOs, are invisible to the human eye.  Intense airplane traffic occurs daily without incident and six members of the field team saw one small white light actually slow down to let an aircraft go past at approximately 10,000 feet.  The UFO resumed its speed immediately afterward.    
UFO activity over the area is expected to increase for the next several months. Our team abounds in UFO photographs of higher quality than what is seen here.  If anyone wishes to subscribe to Filers Files or make an equivalent financial donation, I would be happy to send a photographic CD of our previous work.  It has close to 100 pics.  Filers Files has helped us immensely over the years with its updates and we appreciate the website greatly.  I personally witnessed a high altitude sighting of a "green fireball" type UFO and later saw a Filers Files report submitted by a witness several miles away from me.  The report was extremely accurate.  We know that a lot of hard work and "out-of-pocket" financial expenses are required to make this website what it is.  This is our way of saying "thanks". Regards, Alan Caviness Carolina Group Research Project    

New York rectangle and triangular objects  
FOREST HILLS -- Two triangular shaped objects, flying parallel to each other, flew west, very rapidly on May 10, 2005, at 9:15 PM, The observer saw two bright triangular shapes,  parallel to each other flying overhead, very quickly, across the sky. In a moment, they were gone. I have never seen anything like this. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,  
RONKONKOMA - The witness was parked in a shopping center waiting for his girlfriend at 11:45 AM, on May 5, 2005, when he saw a women pointing up at a rectangle shaped object.  It was fifty feet above the light poles.  The object was around 2 feet wide 4 feet long and razor thin. It had a transparent texture with holes. In other words it looked like a rectangle frame covered in wax paper and the wax paper had all holes evenly spaced in it and only the outer rim of the hole would stand out. The centers of the holes were also transparent.  This object stayed in one spot rotating very slowly. As it rotated the sun would shine off its edges. This is what would keep you from loosing sight of it. The center did not reflect sunlight. The wind was around 10 miles per hour and gusty at times yet this object wasn't affected. Several others noticed the object and  after 5 minutes of watching, it suddenly flew straight up quite fast. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,  
Ohio video of UFO  
Fostoria - George Ritter's RCA VHS video camera captured this disk on April 18, 2005 over a nearby farm house. The disk appears on only one frame of the video indicating the object is moving at over a thousand miles per hour. Fostoria is located near Lake Erie and near the 41 degree latitude where UFOs are frequently reported. The space shuttle cameras often picked up UFOs moving east and west along this latitude.
Oregon Disk
PORTLAND -- On May 1, 2005, at 1 AM, the witness was relaxing on his balcony with four friends when they spotted a vessel moving south parallel to the river over the downtown Wells Fargo tower.  The object was very bright and there was a visible halo as it flew relatively low. It was orb-like due to the extremely bright orange fire-colored halo. Further observation with a Discovery Channel telescope, revealed it had a definite disk-like shape. The lights were at the bottom of the disc, the top was very hard to make out but was definitely a very large metal structure. A second ship of the same description came into view moving at the same slow, lurking speed, almost as if they were patrolling or searching for something, a third ship came into view a few moments later. All three ships passed the northeast corner of the building and were no longer visible. The witnesses stated, "We ran down the stairs to watch them move across the sky in a clear triangular formation and they flew vertically up and out of the atmosphere until they could no longer be seen."   ((NUFORC Note: Student report. We are uncertain whether the report is meant to be a serious report. We received no other reports of this incident, which seems strange to us, although there were reports submitted from other locations on the west coast for the same time period.)) Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,  
Pennsylvania light  
WARMINSTER -- Looking southeast the witness saw a bright neon-green light angle toward the ground on May 7, 2005, at 9:55 PM. The witness saw it fly at about a 60 degree angle at a fast rate of speed through a break in the trees. The round bright green dot with a brighter whitish center light was moving fast as it appeared to be too close to the ground not to hit the ground. I neither saw nor heard any indication of this light hitting the ground.   I did contact a Philadelphia news channel to find out if this light was seen by anyone else. No reply from the e-mail as of 11:03 PM. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,    
Texas KLTV news reports on UFO photos  
Morgan Palmer writes, "For as long as there have been cameras, folks have captured on film what they say might be from another world." Or, they say the UFOs might be a secret aircraft the government doesn't want us to know about. Despite the true answer, the fascination with the strange objects in the sky is stronger than ever, mainly because of the internet.  B.J. Booth says it's just a great mystery. 
What is this in the East Texas sky?
"We know there are many objects that are seen, photographed, and videotaped by reputable individuals."  Booth speaks for a man in Kaufman County -- a man named Larry who doesn't want the spotlight.  He just took these pictures, and video.  Over the past few years, Booth says his video shows objects that defy explanation. Like a strange white object moving toward a low flying plane. "He was picking up some objects in his camera that he wasn't really seeing or didn't notice when he was taking pictures."  Some of the video and pictures are just of strange lights in the night sky -- moving quickly.  
But some of the pictures Larry has sent to Booth's web site,, are jaw-dropping.  "We haven't been able to supply a lot of answers, and no one has because these objects have not been able to be identified," Booth says. Take for instance a bronze colored shape. It doesn't look to be a plane.  Neither does a spectacular beacon of light moving within the clouds in the daytime.  "They cannot be explained by anything that we know of, or anything that's flying today in our skies," Booth proclaims. Reported by Morgan Palmer (    
Utah - flying triangle  
LOGAN -- The witness saw a series of five very dim lights creating a triangular pattern that flew north over head without making a sound on April 26, 2005, at 10:50 PM, This pattern seemed to make a solid triangle with three of the lights making the three corners and two more extending from the leading edge apex light of the triangle. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,
Virginia 2,000 foot cigar  
LURAY -- On Sunday afternoon, the first of May, at 3:21 PM, the witness and his son were  loading groceries in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart when they heard an unusual sounding jet flying over. It had a very deep resonance sound.   The craft, then, suddenly appeared out from behind the high cirrus cloud cover and I realized that there was absolutely no contrail being emitted from the craft.   The sound immediately indicated to me that the craft was extremely solid and well built as I looked and realized that this craft had to be in excess of well over 1500 or 2000 feet in length. It was well above the cirrus clouds, which I estimate to have been at 40 to 50 thousand feet. It had a very long needle like appearance and was at about 60 or 70 thousand feet. It was very light, bright white in color, no lights, and no apparent wings or tail. The craft was traveling due east at in excess of 1500 miles per hour. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,         
Wisconsin - flying bright lights  
BEAVER DAM - The witness saw unidentified flying objects last month, and again on May 16, 2005, at 9:30 PM. The UFOs flew over almost exactly a month later, in the same location.  A small white light appeared that moved like a satellite, only much, much closer to Earth traveling towards the southwest at low altitude. It seemed to slow down or even stop. There were no blinking lights but they started to get brighter and got as bright as Jupiter. It reminded me of a plane that is coming in to an airport at night, with all its bright landing lights on. The object changed direction and climbed fast and high, and dimmed quickly. I was able to see it for about 4 seconds before it was too high to see anymore.
Washington flying triangle  
KIRKLAND - On May 13, 2005, at 12:19 AM, A perfect black triangle with nine orange to yellowish lights on two sides of triangle was seen by the witness. There was a center light at the front tip of the craft with four lights following each leading edge for a total of nine lights.  No lights were observed on the stern or rear of the triangle. The color of the lights was a very light salmon/orange yellow. The lights glowed with barely detectible movement similar to air heating phenomena which you see on heated roadways, but in this case the area was confined to the lights themselves.
The witness discovered the craft due east in my field of view and the craft was traveling north. I estimate the craft was to 1 mile from my position. I estimated altitude 200-350 feet from ground traveling 70-110 knots "banking" (more like floating) towards the port/left. The craft leveled off traveling towards the NE and became undetectable as it became level, in perfect stealth. The craft seem to "float" like observed satellites float in an arc across the sky, but this craft floated in a straight line close the earth. The size of the craft was as big as a 747 or at least of a football field. Thanks to Russ Hamerly.  
Australia large black triangle  
EMERALD, QUEENSLAND -- On May 6, 2005, at 6:30 PM, a large black object was seen in the sky with red lights at each point. The observers were driving along the highway and looked out the window to see a large black triangle in the sky with red lights at each point.   Brazilian Military recognize UFO research    A. J. Gevaerd, Editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine and Head of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) reports,   "Friday, May 20, was an historic day for Ufology in Brazil and in the world as the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), for the very first time in its history, officially received a committee of top UFO researchers to openly discuss sightings in the country and fully exam classified UFO documents in several military facilities in Brasilia, the Federal Capital."   
By doing this very important step, Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has placed Brazil in a very short list of countries whose militaries acknowledge the Ufology as a serious activity and significant effort to fully understand the nature and origin of UFOs. "We want to have all info on the subject, that is withheld by us for some decades, fully released to public, through the UFO community", declared brigadier Telles Ribeiro, chief of Brazilian Air Force Communication Center.  
The Brazilian Government, through the Brazilian Air Force, has finally decided to come forward and recognize the UFO research as a genuine activity as a direct result of the intense pressure made by the campaign UFOs: Freedom of Information Now, a movement started by the Brazilian UFO Magazine in April 2004. The campaign was launched by the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU), composed of 6 UFO civilian researchers.   Details of the campaign both in Portuguese and in English can be seen at: and    
Canada disc photo and diamond   

OSHAWA -- Paul Shishis writes, "More sightings and pics coming your way. First set from home  on Saturday April 9, 2005 at about 11 PM. These were seen with the naked eye, very high, in the clear sky. Thanks to Paul Shishis  
LONDON, ONTARIO -- At five minutes after midnight, two diamond shaped ships were observed on Tuesday, May 11 2005. The witnessed noticed a purple and blue light in the sky. It was too early in the year for the aurora borealis. The witness looked harder and saw two diamond shaped white moving lights in the center of the purple cloud shape. They were moving in unison and seemed to join together. They went straight north across the sky very quickly and were out of view within in a minute. in a purple cloud. No airplane could move in this way.  
Chile cigar photographed over volcano
OSORNO VOLCANO -- During February reports that in the midst of summer vacation in the vicinity of Lake Llanquihue, a variety of UFO phenomenon  were reported. Farmers from neighboring communities furnished eyewitness reports of strange lights with irregular movements, usually vanishing from sight near the Osorno Volcano. One such sighting was recorded by Jorge Quinn's photo camera as he spent his vacation near the site. The image was discovered only after his return to Santiago de Chile. The image shows a cigar-shaped UFO, one of the most common and largest in the UFO phenomenon. Southern Chile is considered as a "hot zone" on a global level as regards the presence of UFOs and are tracked by the military. Thanks to Terra.Cl 3/30/05 Translation (c) 2005, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)  
Finland: Giant Fireball in the Sky  
HELSINKI - An enormous fireball of exceptional luminous intensity crossed the skies over Finland in the afternoon, possibly exploding over the border between Russian and Finland on May 18, 2005 at 7:51 AM ET.    The information received today was from URSA, the Finnish Astronomical Society. The phenomenon was witnessed by dozens of people in the eastern regions of the country. "Our mathematicians have calculated that the [object] was without any doubt a burning meteorite that came from our western confines and ended with an explosion over Russian Carelia."  Translation (c) 2005, Scott Corrales, IHU.  
Sweden flying bright light  
GOTHENBURG -- On May 7, 2005, at 11 PM, the observers saw a flying object similar to a very bright star in the northern sky. The object flew in a straight line and then changed its direction to leave the earth's atmosphere in a straight line very, very fast with the speed of lightning.  The first time we saw it was in August 1999, and have tried to contact the authorities, but everyone denies that such an object ever existed. We saw a documentary on TV in 2001 that showed the same objects filmed by NASA flying into the earth's atmosphere. Why this is kept secret we do not know? But we know these are the same objects we keep seeing in the sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,
UK/Scotland moving star
GLASGOW - The observer was walking back from the gym on a clear night at 9:45 PM on April 20, 2005, when he noticed that a star was moving slowly.  He thought it might be an aircraft, but it was moving far too slow to be a plane and was far too silent to be a helicopter. There were no flashing lights on it. After about 4 minutes it was moving over the tree line.   UK/England cylindrical object   HARTLEPOOL - Walking home from his girlfriends around 11:15 PM, the witness noticed an unusually large orange star which he first thought to be a shooting star.  He noticed it was moving in bizarre patterns, and could not be a star. It made erratic movements and performed sharp turns at high speed. The cylindrical shaped object was performing complex maneuvers on May 1, 2005. After some seconds it appeared to accelerate at great speed in a easterly direction out of my sight. The whole thing lasted around two minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,
HAMPSHIRE -- The witness was outside repairing a gap in the chicken's pen when he noticed two circular amber/orangey colored light's over some nearby farmland  on May 10, 2005, at 9 :25 PM. The light's were 00 to 600 feet up and did not appear to be moving. There was no sound as the lights hovered. After 25 second's the amber light's went out and a few seconds later there were numerous lights in the sky. Some were flashing and these were aircraft going in different directions and were very different from the two Amber/Orange light's that I had just seen. I don't know what this object was and but it has me puzzled and it mystified and genuinely seems strange.   Donate  to Filer's Files to receive CD     So you won't miss a single breaking news story or the increased evidence for UFO and life in the universe. George A. Filer has been bringing you the latest in UFO news since 1995, on radio, television and the Internet. Your dollars do make a difference! We appreciate our loyal subscribers and will continue to grow  with your help. Right now we need $300 to upgrade our web site. Annual Membership is only $25 for 52 weekly intelligence reports. Don't miss the latest images of UFOs from Earth and Mars.  Subscribe today and receive a free UFO Photo CD. Be sure to ask for the CD,
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