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Sightings Over Peru
From Scott Corrales
INEXPLICATA - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
Peru - UFOs Over Huaral
Noticiero 90 Segundos / Prensa Latina
May 19, 2005
The closest encounter with alien beings occured on May 6 in Huaral, where an unidentified flying object (UFO) was reported and captured on a videotape belonging to a student from Lima who was visiting the agricultural region known as El Ahorcado, some 115 km from the capital city.
The city of Huaral, 97 km from LIma, contains the El Ahorcado, a strange wilderness surrounded by sinous curves, giant, oddly-shaped boulders and home to humble farmers who rise with dawn and go to bed at dusk. This is the location for almost daily sightings of strange vehicles that are completely different from airplanes or helicopters, which generally do not fly over the region.
On May 6 at 6:45 p.m., as the sun went down and the sky darkened, physics doctoral student Jason Méndez Cordova, was strolling through "El Ahorcado" in the comapny of his brother and a friend, recording the rocky and strangely-curved landscape on his camcorder, taping images imperceptible to the human eye. At that time, he was surprised to see that his camcorder was picking up images of an impressive light. Their stroll continued for another 20 minutes, they recorded children at play, and the light remained over the whitish rock landscape.
Their visit concluded, the sun went down and Jason says that having reached his home in Mangomarca-Zarate, he downlowaded the image and immediately became aware of a strange spot recorded by his camera. Upon checking it and rechecking it, he realized that --unbeknowst to him -- the image of an unidentified flying object or flying saucer had been picked up on the tape.
"I wasn't aware of the strange craft when shooting the landscape, the huts, the children playing in the dusty streets of the area until I downloaded the video to my PC. That's when I discovered the sighting. It's useless or illogical to believe that in such a vast universe we would be the only living creatures. There are intelligent civilizations on other planets and worlds [that hold] a variety of life forms," said Méndez.
Moreover, we have the eyewitness accounts of other locals and residents of the city of Huaral itself, who claim seeing strange craft on a daily basis in the clear skies, both early in the morning and at dusk. Two farmers who work early in the morning, as is their custom, claim having seen an enormous craft that plowed the skies over Huaral and appeared to follow them as they walked. They said it had the shape of a circle or ball.
According to the farmer, he left his home on May 2 to round up his animals. As he walked beside a river, he became aware of a cylindrical object that seemed to follow him. Whenever he stopped, the object stopped as well, continuing this behavior until the vehicle became lost among the local boulders.
Another resident claims that at around 6 p.m.she has seen a craft that flashed intermittent lights in the heavens, hiding among the rocky mountains and then vanishing at high speed. "It was faster than an airplane, very strange. This is the first time I've seen such a thing, but I have neighbors and my compadre tells me that he has seen similar things at other times," she reports.
These eyewitness accounts confirm the existence of strange craft that do not resemble airplanes or helicopters in size, speed or shape; said conventional aircraft almost never fly over this northern community.
Translation (c) 2005, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Alex Sender.



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