'Justice' System
Jim Kirwan
With the open and unanimous consent of the Senate, on 5-10-05: Liberty, the key to the whole idea of America, has been captured! With the implementation of the REAL ID Card, and all its fascistic dictates: we are becoming a nation in name only. This national ID card is NOT a proposal, it has been passed and signed - and no evidence of a public voice was ever heard from - because there was no discussion. 05.DTL&nl=fix
This "card" was designed for Homeland Security by the former East German STAZI chief, Marcus Wolfe, a master of manipulation and intimidation and Primakov the former head of the KGB in the USSR. These two former spy chiefs are who really run our SECRET National Interior Spy Service. Bush employed them specifically for what they brought from their communist states - now they decide who lives and who dies in America! These men have not changed, they are who they are, and that's why Bush & the Bandits hired them for HOMELAND Security. If these men appeared for work, in the uniforms of their former States, the public would be outraged, and rightfully so! How is it that the radical right continues to decry Communism, yet they have allowed Bush to employ top communist counter-intelligence officers to oversee every facet of our lives?
Many people still think that they control their own lives, and to a degree their own deaths. But with the capture of Freedom here, all that has changed. Our lives and deaths are about to be subjected to a medieval code that predetermines the "correctness" of any and all "personal behavior." This series of edicts is contained on that strip on the back of every ID card and this will govern the actions and conditions of existence for all Americans. The only bright spot is that it has been left to the states to pay billions for it, and most of the states are broke. IF this is funded, by either the feds or the states, then this IS the end of our way of life: because this crime underpins everything now in the thoroughly corrupted Criminal-Justice System.
The NEW Crusades
When a civilization becomes cavalier about its own history, as well as how things got to be the way they are - then history will repeat itself. What happened in 1095 is a "road-map" to what is happening in 2005. Then it was a corrupt Pope who instigated The Crusades. Today it is a stealth operation whose mouthpiece is Bush and his cavalcade of criminals, monsters and privateers. Both Crusades are long-term criminal ventures and both were and are guided by greed, by arrogance and by an unnatural desire to dictate to the world those aspects of human behavior that our new dictators will never understand.
The Crusades lasted from 1096 to 1291, or nearly 200 years. The irony is that Liberty, as an American concept has lasted a bit longer, but not by much. Unilateral George & his friends have proposed a war on the world that may equal the Crusades in length. "The War on Terra," seeks to wipe out the same things, and steal or kill the very same things that the Crusaders tried to finish off so long ago.
They first version made war on culture, war on independent thought, and war on anyone that opposed them. That criminal religious tyranny allowed no one to oppose their one true (catholic) faith. There was booty to be had, for those who signed on as the mercenaries of that day, but the Cheney's and the Rothschild's of that time had to content themselves with second-hand profits as they filtered back to the mini-fiefdoms of that time. Obviously times have changed. Profits now go to the Cheney's and the tyrants first, the "knights" are completely expendable - but the goals remain the same: kill everyone that stands in the way of this new-old system of rewards, friend or foe alike. This is the paranoia of the true Outlaw and it defines what sits in those offices of ours around the world - Outlaws masquerading as government servants. Their target list now openly includes those of us who were actually the real targets all along - the dissident and outspoken Americans as well as all those people that still believe "It Can NEVER Happen Here!"(Sinclair Lewis)
Part of the key to contesting this new attack upon our civil rights as free citizens in a free land: requires that we take back the U.S. Department of Justice, which has gone berserk under the guidance from the Outlaws. Of the 2.1 million prisoners they now hold, only about 10 % are there for hard core crimes - all the rest are doing time because they have violated the New Crusaders view of right and wrong. Our laws were designed with a desire "to protect the innocent." This new System has exactly the opposite purpose in mind - arrest anyone that looks suspicious, and to hell with the damage done to the individual or to the society! (As we did in Iraq - so it is here).
In our military prisons many simply were rounded-up by private contractors ($1000 a day plus a per head fee?) who conducted raids in dead-of-the-night dragnets, despite the fact that most of those they killed or captured had nothing to do with anything criminal. This looks like a money thing, having zip to do with terrorists or crime, just a numbers racket to increase profits. Out of every 3,000 or so seized, only one or two were ever detained. When the Department of Justice announced recently, it's high profile arrest of over 10,000 of "America's Most Wanted," in a matter of days, one had to wonder how we came to have 10,000 serious criminals roaming the land, when we already have so many people in our overflowing prisons? Blame the policies of the New Crusaders, based on biblical renderings of what is right and what is wrong - US law be damned!
This choice of reasons for arrest and trial was one of the reasons for Patriot Act One, & Two: but they were never about terror; they were about controlling your money, your freedoms and your life! Now they've decided to just cut-to-the-chase and revert to a favorite, of previous fascist empires: the hated "national ID!" In this case it's plastic, but in reality, the card is a regulatory device that shackles each person, according to how the government sees compliance or resistance in any individual. Apparently the concept of "Justice Delayed IS Justice Denied" has gone the way of penny candy!
They did it this way, because if they treated Americans like they've treated Iraqi's they would be challenged by an armed and dangerous population: and this government would lose that contest. So - thanks to the cleverness of our newly employed communists: when a "suspicious person" presents his or her card, for gasoline, or tickets, or groceries - the clerk can decide, according to the instructions found at the swipe of the card, whether or not to honor the sale or service. No fuss, and each person can be contained and separated out without a public outcry. Big Brother seems to prefer this approach, at least when dealing with sheep that might actually notice an all out war against them.
How did we become so compliant, and why are we so "religious" of late? This began back in the 1950's ironically, when we were deep into the Cold War, against "Godless" communism. Some enterprising capitalists, and born-againers decided that we needed to put "In God We Trust" upon our currency to show the world the true nature of the contest between the powers during that war.
Apparently this was enough to convince those who limit their political interests to the headlines: that this nation was founded on "Christian principles." They are wrong of course, because the USA was founded on principles that are much older than Christianity - the United States of America was founded by eighteenth century Diests who believed in independent political and religious thought: and in a way of life unfettered by most of government or by any particular religious convictions. That's the kind of nation they wanted to create, (actually it did not turn our that way) yet what they designed had nothing to do with the NEW Christian ideology of this administration, or of its supporters. So today we are looking at a nation of New Crusaders who want to add Internal Religious Warfare to the Class Warfare that we are already fighting. If this situation persists, there may soon be backlash that many may not have foreseen
All of this is disgusting in the extreme to those who believed that because they were Americans, they could actually live and think for themselves, with minimal interference from corporate criminals or from religious bigots: those equal opportunity haters of all who dare to differ from their sacrosanct point-of-view. Without this gargantuan lie at the center of political life today - the takeover of this country would have been far more difficult. However - Freedom has been captured now - and after two weeks the public still refuses to see that anything at all has changed! This story has yet to be covered by "the Media" Goerbels would be so proud! Apparently what has been forgotten in all of this - is that freedom must be fought for, in each new generation - and the last few versions of this society here have refused to pay the outright costs of freedom: The real costs that require us to "risk everything" just to keep our freedoms!
It used to be that we prided ourselves upon our System of Justice, or at least upon lip service to "fairness," even if it did sometimes take decades to achieve. But we've moved well beyond the basics now. Today it comes down to "is there any justice in this country?" Attorney General Gonzales is the man who designed our treatment programs for detainees in the eternal Bush-War Upon the World - programs that violate all norms of human expectation, in a world that has taken hundreds of years to develop some basic rules for the conduct of war and the treatment of those captured in wars. Alberto Gonzales is the servant of torture and brutality, who gives not one damn about the citizens of this country today. The public has a chance to protest the current policies that he and this administration have designed to prevent fair and impartial trials here, with clear and open access for those unfairly or wrongly convicted of whatever has been alleged. There will be a March on Washington to demand some real changes in the Department of Justice, If the abuse shown above angers you then contact or for further information on the March in Washington D.C.



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