Signs Of The Next Attack?

By Ted Twietmeyer
It would appear we are nearing the next big event. No references will be given for this article, except for
1. The website above has photos of US Army tanks and other military vehicles on the streets of NYC (on
2. Recent events this week have come to my attention regarding the test-shutdown of certain regions of the internet, for several hours at a time. Of course, it's also possible that technical failures can cause some of the problems listed below. One must consider this is also a possibility.
Below are some indications you might have noticed:
* Dialing an 800# and hearing absolutely nothing - not even ringing.
* Find that email transmissions blocked for one or both directions
* Discovering that emails are getting "lost." This may be content-connected.
* Having your DSL or cable modem suddenly lose the carrier. You may or may not have had to call
to restore your service.
3. My experience is that you will experience more than one of the above at the same time. For example, an 800 number you might use to access voice over IP goes completely dead when you dial it, and also lose your DSL service.
Now what would be the point of doing this? The answer is really quite simple. Since martial law will undoubtedly include picking up troublemakers, all communication will be suspended throughout the country while the camp roundups are underway. After this is over, every will suddenly "come back to life" again after the red and blue list roundups are largely completed. Such a communications shutdown will isolate people and prevent them from warning others.
The ONLY warning of the next attack may be the shutdown of communications systems first. Including the internet.
Then you'll find there are far more tanks, helicopters and armored vehicles in the US than you could imagined possible.
And most likely, most ot them will be white.
4. Other signs? Black helicopters have hovered over our home TWICE last week, 3 days apart and hovering about 30 minutes each time. Not on a sight-seeing tour. And we live 30 miles from the nearest airport and out in the country. We'll get photos of them next time.
Martial law mobilization may have already begun.
Bush will remain in the whitehouse, know the rest. Elections will be suspended indefinitely.



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