Clipped WINGs
From Anonymous
(Sorry, Mr. Rense, I don't need email or phone harrassment
from Vic and Lisa or their disciples.)
Dear Jeff -
I read Mr. Wiggins' comment in which he made the point that these two agents provocateurs, "Victor" and Lisa, used elaborate, deceptive emails when they first appeared (overnight) as the new "patriot saviors" of America.
I was able to find one of them -- and Wiggins was RIGHT. This one is probably the second or third as it is not the one which cajoles Mr. Rense and Ms. Rayelan Alan into joining their "WING" project.
This email is every bit as transparent as that earlier one and I thought your readers would enjoy seeing what Mr. Wiggins was talking about.
It's all here -- read it for yourself...
1. They call for ALL alternative news sites to move to a *single* server!! Throw one switch and - poof - the alternative media is gone. And it got even funnier...
2. They want to locate that single server of servers on THEIR LAND!
3. They talk about their first "inflow" of money for the "project." Who is funding them? Who is *really* funding them?
One the major parts of their (internet op) is their claim that "internet news should be free" -- very nice if you have funding but it is a whole different story for the independents who are often funding their research and sites on a shoestring or less.
Here now, Mr. Rense, is one of the very first mass emails sent out by the Vic and Lisa internet psy op...
Subject: The Revolution will be Televised
Date: 31 Jul 2002
From: "Victor Thorn"
My name is Victor Thorn, and along with Lisa Guliani, co-editor of Babel Magazine, we would like to introduce ourselves and discuss a revolutionary idea we have in regard to the Internet. (To view our political pieces, log onto:
As I'm sure you know; there are scores of online news services that provide excellent alternatives to the corporate-controlled mainstream media. The only problem is; all of these sites and newsletters exist as separate entities and are not part of a larger, cohesive whole. In other words, the main reason why the multinational corporations keep a stranglehold on the information flow is that they're organized into a system, with affiliates branching-out across the country (and world). By maintaining this network, entities such as AOL Time-Warner and others of their ilk can keep controlling TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, and Internet news. (The three largest Internet news sources are:,, and - all corporate owned.)
That is why we are coming to you today. What we are proposing is the establishment of an Internet media source that brings together all of these various news services and sites. By creating an organized structure, it will allow us to ultimately compete with the likes of CBS, Time Magazine, the Washington Post, syndicated radio, and AOL.
Although this letter is introductory in nature and won't delve into specifics at the moment (for more details, read "The Revolution Will Be Televised" at the end of this e-mail),we will say that if all of these online news services remain fractured as they are, absolutely nothing will change in the world. It will be 'business as usual' for those who call the shots and condition us via the media.
But you are in a prime position to alter this situation by becoming a part of this alternative news source, which we are tentatively calling WING (World Independent News Group). How can you play a part? Well, this fall we are going to gather together in State College, Pa. (home of Penn State University) members from all of these various news services and look at ways to combine our forces so that we can LEGITIMATELY compete with the mainstream media. Although we won't get into many details at this time, we can say that the primary focus of this endeavor is to establish a computer Server that will act as the hub of this network. We already have the land (donated), and will soon be receiving our first inflow of funding. In other words, we are serious about this endeavor, and are barreling forward with our plans.
We are only asking three things of you at this moment. First, drop us a line and give us your ideas on this proposal.
Second, let us know if you would be interested in attending the above-mentioned meeting this fall. We are contacting over 300 different news groups and website operators in this initial mailer, and will continue to add more names in the upcoming weeks. Lastly, we would be grateful if you could disseminate this information to your readers so that we can gauge their reaction. If this endeavor is going to be successful, their support is crucial. Then we will schedule a definitive meeting date sometime in October or November that will bring us all together in a conference room to start laying the foundation for this plan. We have already approached a number of people in charge of online news services, and they have been very receptive to the possibilities and excited about what the future holds.
(**This was the earlier mass email mentioning Mr. Rense and Ms. Alan.**)
Everyone always says, "Somebody should do something to change the way things are." Well, we're doing something! The primary focus of this endeavor is to take action, and you have a chance right now to become part of something that could not only change history, but also loosen the iron-grip that the multinational Controllers have over the minds of everyday Americans. If we don't come together and get organized, we envision dire results for the destiny of this country. Stated differently, if we don't act soon, it will be too late. It's up to US to change the course we're on. As award-winning journalist David E. Hendrix wrote in the newly-released anthology, Into the Buzzsaw, "When the watchdog is asleep, it has become the weapon of the enemy." It is now time to wake up the watchdog!
So, please read the following article which lays the groundwork for what we plan on doing (contained at the end of this e-mail), then drop us a line and give us your ideas and suggestions. We very much look forward to hearing from you, and also seeing you at our combined media network meeting this fall. Until next time, best wishes, keep up the good work, and we'll talk to you again in a few weeks.
Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani
(Clever bait and come on. Now, here's the hook -- with a few observations from me)
By Victor Thorn
NOTE: This article first appeared in on July 16, 2002
It was prompted by the following question - "Victor, what's going on? Is there a new book in the works?"
Actually, there are a few new developments I'd like to mention. First, you're correct in that I do have a new book in the works, which I will mention in a later interview. But before doing so, I'd like to ask everyone a question. What is the primary difference between those who rule the world and all the rest of us? The answer (other than that they're inherently evil to the core) is that they're organized, and we're not. This single distinction allows them to keep perpetuating and strengthening their positions of power while we remain fractured and seemingly helpless.
(* Of course, according to Vic, their control has nothing at all to do with centuries of total dominance, chosen bloodlines, and countless trillions of dollars and currency scams, topped off with total control of the mass media and entertainment industries -- not to mention the finest, most ruthless social engineering and mass mind control technology the world has ever known. It's just the simple fact they are "organized." Right. Barf bags, anyone?)
There are a lot of other things to address in this interview, but to me, the aspect of organization is without doubt the most vital and pressing. How so? Well, most, if not all, of us reading these words right now realize that something is drastically wrong in the world that threatens our quality of life and the very life-blood of our nation. We've read all the articles and news reports, so education isn't what's lacking: action is!
In other words, we can sit around tapping and reading all day long and it isn't going to change a damn thing.
(* Right! So, let's all just stop "tapping" out emails and articles and researching -- "it isn't going to change a damn thing")
The Controllers actually like the idea that we're all 'pacified' by sitting in front of our computer screens. When you think about it, what differentiates a person who's learning about how corrupt the Federal Reserve System is from someone being brainwashed by an endless loop of CNN (Conditioning Not News) telecasts if neither of them does anything to change their situation? Nothing does.
(* Amaaazing head games.)
To overthrow the Controllers, we need to start thinking like they do, and a good starting point is the idea of 'information.' Y'see, many people will say, "How could there possibly be a conspiracy when there's so much information available on the Internet, short-wave radio, and from alternative booksellers and newspapers such as the American Free Press?" But here's the catch. What does it matter if we're aware of every single plot advanced by the Controllers, yet do nothing about it? Allow me to put it in this context. Imagine that John Smith and Sally Jones knew (as did the Controllers) beforehand that jet-liners were going to crash into the World Trade Center towers, yet they failed to act upon it. Of what ultimate benefit is this information? None.
(* Yessir -- no one is really doing much of anything to spread "information." One would think from this there aren't many alternative news organizations at all.)
It's the same with many of us. We can read twenty articles per day that expose every truth in the world, but it's time to move beyond the exchange of information. We now need to become organized like the Controllers are. And how do we carry-out such an undertaking? The answer is not as complicated as you might think.
(*The net is seething with excellent alternative news and information sites -- apparently Vic is having IP connection problems.)
First, we need to establish a news service that rivals the mainstream media outlets in this country such as CBS, Time Magazine, and the Washington Post. The reason those in control are able to manipulate us now is that their media sources constantly 'condition' us to fight against each other instead of focusing our attention on them - the real enemy. It's the same old tactic over and over again - divide and conquer. That's why nearly every story in the media promotes the following themes - race, gender, class, party or religion. It's black vs. white, women vs. men, rich vs. poor, Democrats vs. Republicans, gay vs. straight, and Christian vs. Muslim (or a host of other combinations).
(*This is getting better and better! Hey, how about a new news agency named by Vic and starring Vic and Lisa? Time and CBS would be shaking in their corporate boots in no time.)
Take a good look at your daily paper or evening news broadcast sometime and you'll see it either overtly, or through a series of subtle manipulation techniques. But if we could break free of this conditioning process and initiate an online news service that focuses on what the Controllers are doing, we'd already be one step closer to loosening our shackles.
(* That's a helluva great idea: start an "online news service that focuses on what the controllers are doing". Gee, and I could have sworn I've seen dozens of nets news services doing just that.)
And when you think about it, we've established the premise already with all the online news services.
(* Damn -- he fooled me! He was just joshin' around after all!)
I get more REAL news from these sources than I ever could from CNN or Newsweek. The problem, though, is that all of these excellent online sources are FRACTURED and not a cohesive whole. What we need to do is bring them all together so that there is one source which is widely available to the general public.
(* Hmmm, so THAT's what is wrong with Rumor Mill News, Infowars,, WhatReallyHappened and dozens of others -- they're "fractured". Damn, and they all looked so healthy just yesterday!)
Look at it this way. Where do people go online when they want to buy a book? Almost invariably it's to That should be our goal, too - to make this site so synonymous with alternative news that it becomes akin to what Amazon did for online book purchasing (except we won't be indebted up to our eyeballs)! And if you remember correctly, it didn't take much longer than one-year for Amazon to go from unknown status to a household name. That's the power of the Internet that we need to tap into.
The primary benefit of this news-form is its speed, cost, and ease of delivery. I know of one Internet news service (Paul Walker's RMN News) that regularly scoops the New York Times, while the savings of this method of delivery are obvious.
Rather than dealing with printing and logistics (which can be enormous depending on circulation), the Internet has an immediacy that, once fixed-costs are covered, are essentially stable regardless of how many people read or watch it.
(* Well now, let me get this right: "the internet has an immediacy." Damn, I never knew that! Ol' Vic is just a wellspring of insight.)
With this foundation laid, the next step to insure that this information is readily available to the public is the establishment of our own Internet Provider (or Server). Considering how much control and hassle certain online groups exert upon their members, plus the corporate ownership of Internet service providers like AOL, Yahoo, and MSN, we need to tap into the vast Internet "backbone" and create our own server that is independent of the Controller's web. The necessity of establishing an exclusive server will become crystal clear as the popularity of our news site grows.
(* Please pass me another barf bag.)
Stated differently, once we pose a legitimate threat to the mainstream media and surpass them, the powers-that-be will want to alleviate their competition.
(* Glory be -- Vic and Lisa are gonna lead us into "surpassing" the mainstream media!)
If we're at the mercy of a server with no allegiance to our goals, what prevents them from allowing an "outside entity" from tampering with, invading, hacking into, or ultimately disabling our software or lines of service? But with an autonomous centralized server, we can become masters of our own destiny, free to broadcast the truth as opposed to the litany of lies that comprise the mainstream.
(* Boy oh boy! Vic and Lisa are going to let all the alternative media be on their super duper safe server which will prevent "outside entities" from "tampering with, invading, hacking into, or ultimately disabling our software or lines of service." Wow -- it's internet nirvana!)
When you think of the possibilities of this endeavor (such as streaming video, lightning-fast updates, and live broadcasts), it makes the future seem much more promising, doesn't it?
Once Americans on a large-scale are exposed to what's really going on in their country, they'll NEVER return to the conditioning, deception, and disinformation being peddled by the mainstream on a daily basis.
(* Urp squared)
Plus, by owning our own pipeline into the Internet, it will be much more difficult for the elite to exert their control over what we produce.
(*Maalox, please)
When viewed in these terms, I can honestly say that there's not much more that scares the living bejeezus out of the Controllers than losing their domination over our minds. And in the end, why should we allow them to subject us to this media-created propaganda? It's ridiculous.
(* That Vic -- when he "honestly" says something, I'm all ears.)
Finally, once the American people are freed from their 'conditioning stranglehold,' we can begin entering candidates into the political process, especially that of the highest office of them all - the Presidency. At the present time, the thought of someone outside the two main parties entering the Oval Office seems far-fetched, if not downright impossible. And why is that? Because we're not organized. The Democrats and Republicans (and to a lesser degree Libertarians, Greens, etc.) have an immense network established where they can readily get their candidates on the ballot without much effort.
(* Just follow Vic and we'll have the White House in no time.)
But rather than sitting around bitching about the seeming injustice of this situation, why don't we take destiny into our own hands? But the established regime won't listen to all of our voices of dissent if they don't have to. Why should they? They created the System, and it works to their benefit, not ours. What we need to do is make every disgruntled person in this country (and there are plenty of them) aware of the scam-job being perpetuated on them, then start turning things around and running the show like it should be run. With cohesive organization, we'll soon be able to start whooping their asses at the ballot boxes. Of course we'll have to make sure that the elitists don't pull any of their "Votescam" tricks on us, but once the word is out, I'm sure they won't be able to keep operating under their 'business as usual' banner much longer.
(* I had to sit down for this one: "Of course we'll have to make sure that the elitists don't pull any of their "Votescam" tricks on us," Yep, Vic and Lisa are going to tell us how to "make sure" those Diebold "elitists" don't rig any elections! Just follow Vic and Lisa and we'll "whoop their asses!")
In all, what I'm talking about is a REVOLUTION in this country's "information control." As it stands now, the vast majority of what we call 'news' originates from the same sources that have seized control of our federal government. The mainstream media is nothing more than a conditioning tool used to make the people 'think properly' (i.e. as passive pieces to a puzzle that, when put together, form a picture that benefits the Controllers while keeping the masses 'in their place').
So, I'm here to ask you a question - are you content with being kept 'in your place?' Are you satisfied with the overt deception and brainwashing that passes as 'news' in this country? Do you welcome another Presidential election between two non-candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties that are 'selected' by a cabal of New York City money-men rather than by the people? Are you willing to allow the government to keep stealing your money via illegal taxation?
(* Pardon me, gotta run for more barf bags.)
(Look at it this way. What if you had $8,000 sitting in your dresser drawer and somebody came into your house during the middle of the night and took it. What would most of you do? Freak out! I know people that would instantly grab their gun and start patrolling the city until they caught the crook, then fill 'em full of lead.
(*Vic should have stuck to writing fourth rate fiction. Come to think of it, he has.)
But these same people willingly forfeit that same $8,000 every year to the IRS without getting hardly anything in return on their 'investment.' Worse, the next year there's another $8,000 stolen, plus $8,000 the next year and the next. Ten years later, there's $80,000 pissed away.)
(* Like I've "pissed away" ten minutes strolling through this pile of psy-op dung.)
It all boils down to this, folks. If we don't act NOW and establish our own media source, server, and political party and candidates, I guarantee we won't ever have another opportunity.
(* DAMN -- sounds downright serious! If Vic guarantees it, we're in deep doodoo! And to avoid that grief, all we have to do is step right up and sign on with the Vic and Lisa's traveling, taxpayer-funded, internet dog and pony show.)
Think about it - what if America is subjected to another catastrophic 'terrorist' attack, an economic collapse, or the Chinese gaining the Controllers favor and replacing us as the next King of the Hill? We'll end up being just like Russia - a second-rate has-been superpower. Plus, to keep dissent under wraps, those in charge will continue to squash our rights, put cameras on every street corner, and implant us with microchips. Say hello to the New World Order, a World Tax, and goodbye to all we've come to cherish in this country.
(* Yup -- mix in the most hackneyed, rundown "patriot" drool as we move to the big finish...)
If that's what you want, here's what you should keep doing - NOTHING! Just keep reading articles and interviews, posting messages on Internet bulletin boards, and firing off angry e-mails about how none of us have control over our own destiny. But if you're hungry to see change, it's time to act now. I'm talking about a REVOLUTION - the real thing.
(* There's that word again -- Vic sure likes that word "Revolution" -- looks rebel good on Homeland Security citizen profiles. I can feel it approaching -- Vic's big PATRIOT climax!!!)
But this isn't a revolution to overthrow the United States Government, but instead to rid it of the slimy Controllers that pull our strings from behind the scenes. (Our form of government is the best ever-conceived; the problem arose when it was usurped by the money-elite.) In addition, this revolution doesn't have to be a bloody, dead-bodies-in-the-street affair. Rather, it's US - 99% of the populace - against them - the Controllers - a handful of cowardly international bankers that call the shots behind a veil of illusion. And best of all, this undertaking is NOT a huge, insurmountable task. All we need to do is make the American people fully aware of what's taking place in this country, then abolish the Federal Reserve, return the creation of money back to Congress, and take control of our financial destiny. If the Controllers can't get their fingers on our money, they've lost their ability to manipulate us any longer. It's that simple. This is what the ultimate goal of our plan should be - to take America back again! By spreading the word via our newly-formed unified Internet news service, the masses will quickly realize to what extent a scam has been played upon them. The Controllers will be exposed, and Congress will be FORCED to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. With tens of millions of angry voices screaming for change, our "elected" officials will either be compelled to govern with OUR best interests in mind, or else get bumped by the wayside.
(*Whew! -- and now comes the punch line...)
I'd like to end this article with an overview of what I feel must be our initial steps. First, I'm going to contact every person who operates an online news service that is oriented toward exposing the truth. In this correspondence I'll lay out these ideas and how it will not only benefit the American people, but also their news service as well. By combining forces at this early stage, they will become an integral part of our NEW media outlet - "affiliate members" with links on the homepage to their site or service. The traffic flow through this unified site will be enormous; thus a link to their site guarantees even more traffic their way.
(* Yessiree, let's hitch right up to Vic and Lisa's rocket to stardom -- er, freedom.)
Then, I'd like to organize a meeting this fall here in State College, Pa. for not only all those members of the various news services, but also anyone who's reading this article right now and is interested in playing a part in taking back our nation. Unlike the Bilderbergs and others of their ilk who meet in secrecy and refuse to allow us into their boardrooms, our doors will be open to everyone!
To show you how serious I am about this endeavor, I'm willing to donate the land where we now live as the foundation for the Server/network that we ought to build in the near future. With this obstacle out of the way, we merely have to raise enough capital to get this project off the ground.
(* Slick! And all wrapped up in a 509c with guess who on the board of directors.)
Folks, we can make this idea a reality. Why can't we? What's stopping us? Nothing, except a conditioned-attitude that says, "Things cannot change." Well, I'm here to say that yes, indeed, WE can make things better, and that we should by no means settle for a status quo that no longer benefits us. By building our own server and Internet media service, we'll reach millions of people on a daily basis and tell them the truth about what's going on. This is the real revolution - one of Information Control. Once we loosen their reins and allow the American public to see how the wool has been pulled over their eyes, I guarantee you things will start to change in this country.
(* Mamma Mia -- wool is being pulled, alright.)
Before closing, I'll simply ask one thing of you - drop me a line at: and give me your ideas on the above overview. I welcome every word you have to say, and will begin compiling your suggestions and ideas for our meeting this fall. And remember - we can get those bastards out of our country. If every person who said they'd like to see a change in this nation actually believed in themselves and others to act upon it, we'd be unstoppable! And that's what I intend to do - make us an unstoppable force that none of the Controllers will be able to hold back. Believe in yourself, and believe in the new American Dream. We can do it.
(* Yes -- just sign right up -- be first to get your name on Vic and Lisa's fly paper Controller 'ass-whoopin' Revolution list!
Well, as Mr. Wiggins amply pointed out, these two are sneaky, snakey pros. If that earlier email mentioning Mr. Rense and Rayelan of Rumor Mills shows up, please send it in to Mr. Rense, I'm sure he'll attach it to this humble critique.
From Judy
Dear Jeff,
I really enjoyed the article "clipped wings". And I don't blame the author for remaining anon.
Bruce Martin
Nailed! Between the A. Wiggins commentary and this new piece - in their own words! - people would have to be unconscious not to see what's going on with these bird brains!
From Avi Schwartz
Dear Mr. Rense,
After reading the article called Clipped Wings, I got extremely curious. At first I doubted you and thought that maybe the people from WING TV had some valid points.
On Friday I watched their show. It reminded me of cable access. It stank. To make matters worse, they did a really low video at the end. What have they got against homosexuals? I happen to be Gay and I resent their using homosexuality as an insult to you.
They had a guest on who they said was a great writer. The poor guy could hardly talk.
Mr. Rense, I will no longer be watching that show. My prediction is that it will be off the air in six months or less.
Avi Schwartz




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